Start Here – What’s on this Site and how to Navigate

Whether you’re a pro bodybuilder or just hitting the weights for your very first time, navigating this site isn’t going to be an easy task. After all, here on Best Workout Supplements Blog you will find over 160 articles and reviews.

So, to make this more manageable and logical – we’ve prepared this start here guide to direct you to exactly what you’re looking for. But first, here is some background information.

Why Should You Trust Our Reviews?

Well, you can’t trust anything you read on the internet. Plus, for legal liability this really isn’t advice, just ideas to think about. However, with all that aside. I can assure you that BWSB is prepared and moderated with the best intentions. Those intentions being, to actually help you achieve your fitness goals: Both through physical and mental preparation.

Who Writes for BWSB?

Currently BWSB is led by myself, call me Peter. I’m 27 and 190 pounds standing at 6’1. I personally prepare everything that goes on this site. Absolutely nothing gets posted without it going through an extensive fact-checking and user review clarifying process.

You can learn more about us here.

How does this go down?

Well, for starters I have a ridiculous rolodex of bodybuilder friends. Combine that with thousands of daily readers like you, and it quickly makes sense that if I want an opinion on a specific product, it will happen quickly and in large volume.

But there is more

Here on BWSB I don’t just review supplements, I work diligently to educate you about what you’re putting in your body. By doing so, I believe you are better outfitted to gain success with a product and/or realize if something is even right for you.

I’d like to think that after someone like you visits this site, you won’t be easily tricked by fancy advertising the next time you go into a supplement store. I’ll teach you what to look out for.

What Makes BWSB Different and Worth Your Time

BWSB was created to be a source of quality bodybuilding supplement and ingredient reviews that are as accurate and helpful as they are readable. When I first began getting into bodybuilding and fitness back in 2008, it sickened me how ridiculous all the mainstream review sites were!

Now, BWSB is one of the TOP workout supplement sites on the internet; and it isn’t by chance. It’s because BWSB provides real reviews, hits the key points, isn’t afraid to say real sh*t, and genuinely wants to see you succeed. Other sites just want to bombard you with advertisements, something we stopped in 2014.

Let’s Start The Guide

Below we have some of our largest information resources. Many of these pages further expand into more precise articles and reviews. You can use these resources easily navigate, or simply head to the top of the page and type any query into the search field.

Pre Workout Supplement Information

Of all the topics, pre workout supplementation is by far the most popular. This is because we are extremely familiar and educated when it comes to pre workouts. Not to brag, but we may be some of the most knowledgeable pre workout reviewers on the internet.

BWSB has reviewed countless pre workouts. From those reviews, we’ve prepared some top 10 lists for you. Many of these lists link products directly back to their stand-alone review.



Pro – Extreme

Creatine Supplement Information

We’ve taken a lot of different creatine supplements. From monohydrates to HCL, we know creatine inside and out. With this experience, we’ve prepared the go-to creatine supplement ranking.

Fat Burning Supplements and Information

We approach fat burning from a very diet oriented standpoint, however, we also recognize a few fat burning supplements due to their overwhelming value when properly applied.

Testosterone Supplementation and Information

Many of the values we teach alongside supplementation principles are aimed at supporting healthy hormonal levels. By that, we mean maximizing your natural testosterone production! Supplement wise, we’ve taken a lot of different test boosters. You can read our top 10 on the subject.

Special Ingredient Guides

Some ingredients involved in bodybuilding and dieting are worth talking about in detail. Here, we go deeply into some ingredients that have really caught our eye. This is pretty much where you benefit over the course of 2 minutes reading an entertaining, concise, and properly cited article prepared from 50+ hours of our research. (Speed knowledge gains).

Diet and Bodybuilding Lifestyle

This is pure, free, bodybuilding gold. Those daily habits that truly make you who you are. All supplements aside, this is what has the largest impact on your physical and mental being. I can’t express enough how important diet, sleep, and proper lifting is when introduced into a proper routine. Bodybuilding is a 24/7 sport, remember that.

There you have it guys and girls, a fantastic starting point for your pursuit of knowledge and gains. But, this isn’t all the information we have. Not even close. Check back regularly and we’ll keep you in the loop with great products to get, crappy products to avoid, and general ingredient knowledge!

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