Affiliate Disclosure

In accordance with federal law, openly discloses our relationship with any companies or manufacturers of the sports supplements and products that exist in the content of this site. Although we do our best to disclose clear and accurate non-bias information, we do receive minute percentile commissions for referring visitors of our site to any affiliate third party. Furthermore, we have no control over any claims made by affiliates or nutraceutical companies about their supplements and in no way do we represent any entity existing in the content of this site. If you have any problems or concerns with supplements featured, please contact the manufacturer directly. Always remember to evaluate products via multiple sources and evaluate ingredient interactions before purchasing any supplement. We wish you the best in your strength training career.

We are affiliates with:

  • Amazon Associates
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  • Stacked Brands

These relationships do not bias our opinions. Rather, they are simply tools that monetize our rankings. What that means is, we make our rankings FIRST, and then we look for the best stores to purchase from. If they have an affiliate program, we join LAST.

How to remove or avoid affiliate tracking:

If you do not wish for us to earn a commission, avoiding the tracking cookie is easy. For products that we discuss and feature, we always disclose the full brand and product name. So, you can easily search in a new window to find the product accurately and directly.

Likewise, you can hover your mouse over the link on our site to see the origin URL. Then, type in the root URL and go from there.

If you already clicked on an affiliate link, on any website, you can bypass all possible tracking by either: 1.) switching computers / phones, or 2.) using a different browser.

Why is this site monetized?

As you know, supplements aren’t cheap. On top of that, we have a reputation for not being afraid of scathing bad supplements… So, getting free stuff is out of the picture. Combine that with high-traffic and high-speed website hosting (approx $3,000 per year), and well, its simply too much to out-of-pocket selflessly.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can visit our contact us page.