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9 Strongest Pre Workout Supplements

High stimulant pre workouts are a COMPLETELY different experience in comparison to regular pre workouts. These super-stim versions create a pseudo-reality where any weight can be lifted, and any PR broken. Enjoy our ranking of the best high stimulant (super-stim) pre workout supplements.
Going into the new season, we’ve had a great deal of requests asking – “what is hands down the strongest pre workout I can get”. Through further conversation, we always find out that these guys have taken pre workouts A, Y, and Z; but just don’t get enough energy, or the kind of energy they need.

This isn’t everyone’s stance, and it’s important to point out that these super-stimulant lovers are a rare breed. After all, the majority of bodybuilders consistently get the best workouts of their lives with moderately caffeinated pre workout supplements.

But that’s not why we are here. As our research has found, caffeine does affect some people less intensely, which can cause pre workout supplements to not do much of anything unless they have high caffeine content. We wrote about this in our article assessing how long pre workout will last.

So for you stimulant lovers, this is for you.

Final Warning! If you have never taken a pre workout before, the following strong stimulant pre workouts are not for you! These supplements are primarily for guys that know what pre workouts offer, and know what they are looking for! This page, as well as the Official Best Pre Workouts List are meant for serious and experienced weight trainers.
High Caffeine Pre Workouts
Remember, every 100 mg of caffeine in your pre workout is equivalent to 1 cup of coffee or 1 and 1/4 cans of red bull!

So, you guys asked and of course we listened. Below we have put together a list of supplements that we consider to be the strongest pre workout supplements in the game. Naturally, we know how to put together a great workout supplements ranking.

9 Strongest Pre Workout Supplements Available

There are people that need some energy before they go to the gym, and then there are people that need ENERGY. The following pre workouts are specially formulated (with absurd amounts of caffeine) for people that don’t get enough out of standard pre workout stimulants. These pre workouts are the most energy packed pre workouts you can find.

#1 KOALA FREAK – Most Well-Rounded Strong Pre Workout

Staunch Koala Freak

By far, our favorite high-stimulant pre workout has got to go out to Koala Freak by Staunch Nation. This stuff does what very few other pre workouts will… It combines large-dose clinical based ingredients with large-dose stimulants! Typically, a product is only one, or the other.

Koala Freak contains a hefty 360 mg dose of caffeine, along with accessory stimulants like higenamine, thermodiamine, and the vitamin choline.

In addition to the stimulants, Koala Freak packs a powerful 6,000 mg Citrulline Malate power-dose, topped off with beta-alanine, agmatine sulfate, and everything nice!

#2 FINAFLEX’s STIMUL8 – Craziest Strong Pre WorkoutStimul8 PWO

Stimulate is by far, one of the craziest pre workout experiences we’ve ever had. This stuff, goes far beyond the effects of standard pre workouts and achieves that… How do you say it with class? Meth-like power and focus!

While we reviewed FinaFlex Stimul8, we had some absolutely raging gym sessions. However, all those stimulants did tend to take a toll and result in late day fatigue + trouble sleeping. The thing about Stimul8 that bothers us, is that it’s a prop formula. So, we have zero clue as to the amounts of ingredients.

Stimulant wise, to say the least… There is a ton in there. No joke, this pre workout isn’t for those under 21. You can read our full FinaFlex Stimul8 review here.

#3 Pharma Freak Super Freak – 500 mg Caffeine with Ginseng and CholineStrongest caffeine pre workout

By all standards, Super Freak by Pharma Freak is the strongest pre workout supplement in terms of single serving stimulants.

There is no (legal) contender, at all. We’ve taken Super Freak, but never the full serving size. For us, half the full serving has been plenty. After all, not everyone wants or needs 500 mg of caffeine.

While you take a crazy strong pre workout like Super Freak, be sure to plan out your ‘come down’ from caffeine. We cannot express how utterly important it is to take breaks from caffeine when your used to strong pre workouts like this one and all those above. When its our turn to take a month off caffeine, we turn to a pre workout like PreSeries Stim-Free which is our top ranking pre workout on the stimulant free pre workouts ranking.

#4 Pro Supps Mr. Hyde – 419 mg Caffeine with other StimulantsProSupps Pre Workout

We think of Mr. Hyde as the powerhouse big brother of Dr. Jekyll. Nearly every component of Dr. Jekyll is increased in dosage in Mr. Hyde with the addition of a few differences. The stimulant power in this pre workout is pretty ridiculous, given the fact that the caffeine content alone is 419 mg.

We’ve seen some bodybuilders do some crazy stuff as well, like mix Dr. Jekyll with Mr. Hyde, combining the stimulant powers. However, we do not recommend that and do not think it is safe. We did a complete supplement comparison of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which you can view.

#5 RSP Nutrition DYNO – 400 mg Caffeine with Higenamine

RSP Dyno is certainly one of the strongest pre workouts out currently. Packed with 400 mg caffeine with a little beta alanine, agmate sulfate, and citrulline on the side – Dyno is definitely stimulant focused. This is not by any means a pre workout for the feeble hearted. More so, the pre workouts ranked to come are even more extreme.

If C4 does nothing to you and prejym is good but not quite there for you in the stim department – Dyno may please you. In a nutshell, its pure powerful energy with a pump matrix that under most circumstances is noticeable over the caffeine pump inhibition. To reiterate, strictly for the stimulant lover.

#6 VPX Sports Redline White Heat – 400 mg Caffeine with Theacrine and YohimbeRedline White Heat

VPX Sports made an absolute monster, a monster that they named Redline White Heat. This strong pre workout is included here just to inform you of its existence. We’ve never actually taken this pre workout in particular. Again, this is a pre workout we have not taken. Why you ask? Well, its pure stimulant experience without much else.

In this blend, your getting 400 mg caffeine, theocrine (like caffeine), and a whole ton of Yohimbe with a side of modified food starch. For some of you, this may be the next hot thing if you love that caffeine. But, for us its too far past the line. Proceed with caution.

#7 Musclepharm Wreckage – 350 mg CaffeineWreckage PWO

Wreckage is another one of those testosterone boosting pre workouts. By a different method of course. The way that Wreckage raises test levels is a little more obvious through the presence of 3 grams D-Aspartic Acid. Looking past that, Wreckage still packs a punch.

In addition to the test booster and massive 350 mg dose of caffeine – Wreckage is loaded with 4 grams of leucine (without complimentary BCAAs), 6 grams of l-citrulline malate, 2 grams of creatine hcl, a small 1.6 gram dose of beta-alanine; and a few other goodies. In all, this is a pretty large and powerful formula for those that can take all that caffeine! Clearly Wreckage is one of the strongest pre workouts currently available. You can see our full Wreckage review here.

#8 GAT Nitraflex – 325 mg CaffeinePre Workout with most caffeine

The pre workout Nitraflex by GAT combines pump, stimulants, and testosterone boosters all in to one product! Oh, and did we mention that the caffeine component is pushing upwards of 325 mg? Yeah, that’s about as much caffeine as you will find in 3 servings of the old school Jack3d. This dosage is also equivalent to about 4 whole red bulls.

Besides this massive influx of caffeine to your brain, Nitraflex does exhibit a unique experience for those who can handle it. There is pump, plenty of power, and even what we call ‘testosterone activation’. Which means, there are ingredients in Nitraflex that increase the amount of testosterone produced during strenuous exercise. We do not have the exact science down on that yet, but we’re looking into it. For now, all we can say is enjoy!

#9 BPI 1MR Vortex – 200 mg Caffeine per Scoop + Other Stims1MR Vortex Strong PWO

1MR Vortex is a totally new take on the pre workout 1MR. This is not a reformulation of 1MR! Instead, this is a brand new pre workout developed based on the heart and soul that is 1MR. For a full review, you can see our 1Mr vs 1Mr Vortex review here. But in a nutshell for Vortex, BPI took some of the absolute strongest ingredients possible and jam packed them into a micro 3 gram dose.

When we go to the gym and talk to guys about 1MR Vortex, they tell us stuff like this- “It was so strong I puked” – from the newbie, “It’s the strongest pre workout I’ve ever had”- from the guy that’s taken everything and is huge, “I took just half a serving and am tearing up my workout”- from the average 20 something. Hands down, this is a heavy hitter that normal guys can’t handle taking and a great start to the strongest pre workout list.

Strongest Stimulant Pre Workout Supplements

The strongest stimulant pre workouts often get their extra kick by containing a larger dose of stimulant ingredients as well as a variety or combination of stimulant ingredients. In standard pre workouts its common for there to be one maybe two ingredients that offer stimulant energy; however in the stronger stimulant pre workouts we discuss on this page, there are often more than two sources of energy and the dosage is much higher. Because of this, we recommend extreme caution when taking strong pre workout supplements and do not support taking more than the serving size.

Outdated Strong Pre Workouts


1MR is one of the flagship strong pre workouts of sports supplementation. We’ve personally taken 1MR, both the original and the new formula; and it is quite an experience. Hands down, no other pre workout has ever given me as much energy as 1MR. This is to the point, where now days I typically take less than a serving when I choose to take 1MR as my pre workout; that’s how strong this stuff is.

For comparison, I typically prefer a full serving of assault, or 1-2 servings of C4 or Jack3d, or a serving of Bullnox; but when it comes to 1MR, half a serving blows my socks off. With that being said, a lot of guys that say the pre workouts noted above are not strong enough often do very well with a full serving of 1MR. Though inversely, guys that have never taken a pre workout before and try taking a full serving of 1MR often have a bad, bad time at the gym because they can’t handle it!

Hemo Rage Pre Workout

Hemo Rage is a very unique pre workout. The stimulants in Hemo Rage not only increase workout intensity, energy, and power; but have a very strange euphoric effect. Its not uncommon for someone to take Hemo Rage, have a killer productive workout, and then feel motivated to be extremely social. We’re not sure why this happens, but it happens enough that its worth noting. Strange right?

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Do you think your pre workout is stronger than these? Did something new and killer come out recently that we don’t have listed? Let us know, or simply ask for some advice; we’re here to help out. Most often we’re helping out newbies that have aspirations to do great things, but time and time again we help get experienced bodybuilders back to the basics that build serious muscle. No matter what we experiment with, discuss, or ponder; at the end of the day we are all about building muscle the right way.

We consider ourselves the best because we consistently keep informed on the newest tech, integrate proven methods, and maintain the old surefire bodybuilding rules that guarantee superior gains in the gym. Be sure to check out the rest of our sports supplement and bodybuilding articles to get all you can out of your bodybuilding program and supplement regimen. Who knows, you just might learn that little bit of extra knowledge that changes everything for you!

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