Caffeine Content in Pre Workouts

How Much Caffeine is in Pre Workout Supplements

Before buying a new pre workout, do you typically check the ingredients? You should, and caffeine content is reason #1.

Ever wonder how much caffeine is in that pre workout drink that makes you go absolute twitchy-eye crazy?

Chances are you would be surprised to know what stimulant magic is taking place in every serving size.

What’s the deal with caffeine anyways?

Well, in an overly simplified (biochemist head-down in shame) nutshell – caffeine amps up your body by preventing energy producing signals from being naturally degraded. Therefore, these energy signals and products just keep piling up allowing you to go-go-go. And of course the most noted effects of this are increased energy, metabolism, and mental clarity.

However over time, your body gets used to this and builds a tolerance.

This causes many supplement brands to do the easy and dumb thing – just add more caffeine!

Next thing you know, you’re basically a caffeine addict. Good for their business, aye?

So how much caffeine is in YOUR pre-workout?

Let’s dive into this topic together and find out exactly how much caffeine is present in the current pre workouts available.

Once you finish, check out the best pre workouts for your next favorite pre workout!

Here is our list of pre workout caffeine contents

It’s not complete, but we will do our best to keep adding caffeine amounts on a regular basis.

Pre Workout Brand Caffeine per Serving Additional Stimulants
PreSeries BULK Transparent Labs 180 mg Synephrine, Hordinine
PreSeries LEAN Transparent Labs 180 mg Synephrine, Hordinine
Dyno RSP Nutrition 400 mg N/A
C4 Extreme Cellucor 135 mg Synephrine
Assault Musclepharm 135 mg n/a
MR. HYDE Pro Supps 419 mg Pikatropin, Yohimbe, Hordenine, N-Methyl Tyramine
Xpand 2X Dymatize 125 mg N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone
Hyper FX BSN 200 mg Choline, Panax Notoginseng
The Curse Cobra Labs 145 mg N/A
1MR Vortex BPI Sports Approx. 200 mg Yohimbe
Pre-Jym Jym 300 mg N/A
Platinum PRE Optimum 200 mg N/A
Jack3d Advanced USP Labs 100 mg Yohimbe
Legend Cutler Nutrition Approx. 200 mg N/A
Neurocore Muscletech 120 mg Yohimbe, DMAE
1MR Powder BPI Sports Approx. 300 mg N/A
Cardio Igniter Top Secret Nutrition 150 mg Vimpocetine
Nitraflex GAT 325 mg Cant Tell
VOLT Neon Sports Less than 180 mg NADH
ErgoBlast ErgoGenix Approx. 300 mg N/A
Pump HD BPI Sports Approx. 400 mg Yohimbe
C4 Extreme Cellucor 135 mg Synephrine
Animal Pump Universal Nutrition Less than 400 mg Evodiamine, Vimpocetine, theobromine
Jacked Micro USP Labs Less than 300 mg Norcoline, 3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic Acid
Razor 8 All Max Nutrition 300 mg Higenamine HCl, Hordenine HCl, Yohimbine HCl
Scream Bodybuilding Platinum Series 300 mg Glucuronolactone
Juggernaut HP Infinite Labs 150 mg N/A
Pump Igniter Top Secret Nutrition 300 mg Choline
Riot Bodybuilding Foundation Series 125 mg N/A
Shotgun 5X VPX Sports Less than 200 mg Hordenine HCl
EVP Plus Evogen 150 mg B-Phenethylamine HCl
Dr. Jekyll Pro Supps 100 mg Pikatropin
Mayhem Mutant Over 300 mg N/A
Nuclear X Met RX 200 mg N/A
Super Charge Extreme 4.0 Labrada 225 mg N/A
PWR Isatori Less than 300 mg N/A
Game Day MAN Less Than 200 mg N/A
N.O Zero Extreme Cellucor 150 mg Synephrine, Vimpocetine, Oxovanadium, Methyltyramine
Alarm Ultra Image Sports Approx 300 mg Yohimbe
Friction VPX 375mg Choline, Yohimbe
.50 Caliber Grenade 150 mg Synephrine, Yohimbe, Glucuronolactone
Extreme Shock ANSI 70 mg N/A
Super Drive Gaspari 250 mg DMAE, Higenamine
Pre Surge AEN 225 mg Yohimbe
Super Freak Pharma Freak Approximately 500 mg N/A
Psycho SciVation 100 mg N/A
G Fuel Gamma Labs 150 mg ATP
4D Pump Image Sports Approx. 300 mg Yohimbe, Bakuchi, Dan shen
Pre-Workout Booster Xyience 60 mg N/A
Pre-Workout Elite Series OWN PWR (Amazon) 300 mg Neurofactor, NALT, Theacrine

Common Caffeine Additions

Vimpocetine – CNS stimulant common in focus supplements and for the treatment of age related memory loss. Substantially increases focus and alertness.

Synephrine – Stimulant compound similar to caffeine. Effective Thermogenic.

Choline – Natural B-vitamin that’s great for memory, focus, and energy.

Caffeine is off the chain these days, right? This offers us a great opportunity for power and muscle gain, but also many inherent risks if we don’t properly self-moderate these super supplements. Personally, pushing 400 mgs of caffeine is out of my threshold to handle.

How Caffeine Works

A lot of these supplements also contain corollary stimulants like Synephrine. When combined with caffeine, the energy effect can be multiplied. There you have it! Feel free to comment on what we found or add to the list.

Is there anything that reduces the effects of high caffeine?

The ingredient l-theanine can be used to calm the heart-rate increases caused by caffeine intake. This smooths the experience, and makes caffeine more functional. You can take l-theanine with basically any caffeine dosage, but the 2:1 ratio is recommended.

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