Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements 2018

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If you’re looking for a pre workout supplement with a proven track record, then you’ve come to the right place. For our rankings, we steer clear from all the hype and blown-up fishing stories and focus on exactly what matters: results.

About our reviews:

For the last 5 years, the staff at Best Workout Supplements Blog have been the most respected reference for ranking the best pre workouts.

Why? Because unlike other so called “review sites”, we actually are true athletes that try and compare every single product that enters the market.

All those other sites you see are simply “best sellers lists” based on which company spent the most money on advertising. Not an indication of quality at all!

With our open commenting systems (at the bottom), you can rest assured that we know which pre workouts you ought to be taking.

On this page we feature the 10 all-around best pre workout supplements for increasing energy, power, endurance, and performance as a whole.

Judgement is based off verified user reviews, our staff’s acquired preference, and clear-cut science.

What we look for:

  • Clinical Dosages
  • Well-rounded Stimulants
  • Good Value / Servings
  • Hitting the mark on claims

What we don’t support:

  • Hyped, Over-Promoted Products
  • Illegal Ingredients
  • Unethical Stimulant Dosages

In our experience, the dangerous stuff IS NOT the good stuff.

Bottom line: the goal of this ranking is to rock your socks, blow your mind, and take your workouts to an eccentric next level.

Starting with #10, here are the overall top rated pre workout supplements on the market!

The Best Pre Workouts for Men [2018 Update]

#10 Muscletech Neurocore

New Neurocore beastmode pre workoutFeatures for Muscletech Anarchy

  • Incredibly Inexpensive
  • Tiny Dose at 6 grams
  • Medium range energy
  • Beginner’s energy shot
  • Contains Yohimbe (pro/con)
  • Not Ideal for those looking to “upgrade”

If you enjoy a fast energy shot before the gym that’s as easy to take as it is inexpensive – Muscletech Neurocore may fit the bill for you. This 6 gram per serving pre workout is a micro-dosed energy shot that contains a mixture of different stimulants and focus enhancers.

In Neurocore you will find: 160 mg caffeine, 75 mg l-theanine, and 20 mg Yohimbe. There are other ingredients, but we feel that these are the only ones that will make an impact on your workout.

Our Review:
“This supplement is a great option if you are new to pre workout supplements and want a moderate energy boost but nothing too crazy or extreme. This isn’t a pump, strength, or endurance formulated pre workout. View our full Muscletech Neurocore review here.”

#9 Betancourt B-NOX Androrush (Previously Bullnox)

BullnoxFeatures for Betancourt B-Nox Androrush

  • Supposed Testosterone Activation
  • Creatine for Increased Strength
  • Moderate Vascular Pump
  • Proprietary Blend
  • 12 Grams of Carbohydrates

Recently, Bullnox was reformulated and became the new Betancourt B-NOX, which essentially has only half of the active ingredients in it that Bullnox had. With this formula change, comes our demotion of B-NOX from #2 to #9.

We expect them to bring back the original formulation in the future.

Our Review:
Bullnox Androrush pre workout is more than just a supplement, it’s an experience. Taking Bullnox is a surefire ultimate hulk-mode inducer without the gamma radiation. This pre workout functions by delivering a multi-creatine power alongside stimulants, a modest pump matrix, and natural testosterone ignition.”

#8 ProSupps Dr. Jekyll

ProSupps pre workoutFeatures for ProSupps Dr. Jekyll:

  • High stimulant pre workout supplement
  • Off the chain energy
  • Absolute wild ride
  • Not meant for beginners

It has taken us nearly a year to admit it, but Mr. Hyde is a beast pre workout. Now days we see men and women alike taking this super energy pre workout and absolutely tearing up the gym.

This is honestly one of the strongest stimulant pre workouts on this list and will not be for everyone. But, if you crave the energy wave, then this has ‘take me’ written all over it.

With Mr. Hyde, you get nearly 550 milligrams of stimulants, a solid 2.5 gram dose of beta-alanine, fast acting creatine HCl, and a light pump matrix. Put 40 servings in a tub and have it cost under $30…. Bam! We have a value. For the stimulant lover, this is a great choice.

Our Review:
“While reviewing Prosupps Dr. Jekyll, we had mixed experiences. On days we felt good, Dr. Jekyll took energy levels through the roof and we destroyed workouts. However on a few days, Jekyll just didn’t feel quite right on the stomach. This pwo is reserved for guys that want pure, heavy stims and do not mind artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners.”

#7 Musclepharm Assault Black

Musclepharm assaultFeatures for Musclepharm Assault Black

  • More hardcore version of original Assault
  • 300 mg caffeine per serving without l-theanine
  • 1.5 grams creatine HCL
  • Relatively affordable, similar to Wreckage

Musclepharm Assault has a long history of being a pretty awesome pre workout. However, around the same time that Cory Greggory left the company, things haven’t quite been the same.

Since then, Assaults formula has taken a rapid and steep cut. One that pretty much debilitated the standard “assault pre workout”.

In response to crashing sales, they’ve released Assault Black which brings a little more power back to the Musclepharm pre workout.

Our Review:
“We compared both the new Assault and Assault Black and found that Assault Black is an upgrade to the newer, learner Assault reformulation. Assault Black will give you a powerful boost of energy that is aggressive and stronger than your average mainstream pre. If you have a high stim-tolerance, you’ll like this. However, overall Assault and Assault Black are not fully comprehensive products, both in experience and ingredient formula.”

#6 Gaspari SuperPump Max classic pre workout

Gaspari pre workout supplementFeatures for Gaspari SuperPump

  • One of the first pre workouts
  • Unfortunately, fully proprietary formula
  • Contains creatine monohydrate
  • Available in most retail locations

As one of the original pre workout brands, Gaspari started a movement when they made SuperPump Max. Years later to the present, Rich Gaspari still has a cult-like following that loyally sticks by the brand.

Inside SuperPump Max there’s a long list of ingredients per every 16 gram serving. However, this is one of those ‘proprietary’ pre workouts. This means, that we don’t actually know the exact ingredient amounts per serving.

But, what is worth mentioning is you are getting a stimulant mixture of caffeine and Glucuronolactone which is very effective in the energy department. Additionally, based on effects – the rest of the formula isn’t too bad either.

Our Review:
“Taking SuperPump again takes us back to the old days, when pre workouts were brand new and exciting! SuperPump is still to this day a good pre workout, so if you miss it, go ahead and indulge yourself.”

#5 Cellucor C4 Original and its variants

Cellucor C4Features for Cellucor C4 Line:

  • 5 unique under-dosed pre workout variants
  • We still want them to bring back Extreme Chrome Series
  • We will troll them until they do this and make it right
  • You definitely should too
  • C4 Original is the best out of the variations: price, energy, etc.

To this date, the BWSB staff are pretty upset at Cellucor for removing synephrine from the original C4 Extreme Chrome that we all loved back in 2012.

Now, Cellucor gives us 5 pre workouts to choose from… However after taking them all, we really wish they would just go back to their roots already instead of saying ‘this is the one’ 5 times in a disappointment riddled row!

Our review:
“In our full Cellucor C4 comparison, we explained that each C4 model is good for the purpose of energy creation. However, pump and endurance just isn’t there. This really doesn’t faze us though, because we’ve always loved C4 for its convenience and cheap price tag! Now however, the price has gone up and the formula got less effective.”

#4 PES Prolific – Great tasting Quick Hit

PES before workout supplementFeatures for PES Prolific:

  • Solid 6 grams citrulline
  • Beta-alanine free (no tingles)
  • Solid pumps but not as good as #1-3
  • Only 20 servings but reasonably priced

The biggest change to our rankings for 2018 is the addition of PES Prolific pre workout.

It isn’t the most heavily dosed pre workout out there, But it is quite effective and tastes really good.

One thing about PES Prolific, is that it is a two-scoop formula. This means, that if you want, you can easily take just one scoop on light days (or as a coffee alternative), and then hop back on two scoops for heavy days.

Overall, this is a solid product that likely beats everything else in your local GNC store.

Our Review:
Prolific is a solid pre workout made by the long-lasting and respectable PES nutrition (performance enhancing supplements). In our review, we enjoyed our time taking Prolific, and can see it being popular among a wide variety of athletes.”

#3 Legion Pulse – Large citrulline malate dose pre workout

Pulse best preFeatures for Pulse

  • Massive 8 gram citrulline malate dosage
  • Strong pumps in the gym
  • Fastest acting energy complex
  • Made by Mike Mathews
  • Only 21 servings per container

Without a doubt, Legion Pulse is one of the most deserving, made it from bottom-to-top pre workouts on this list.

When we tried Pulse, we loved it! But, we had to wait a little over a year to tabulate all the feedback from you guys who hadn’t quite caught on to Legion yet.

Well, now it holds its proud rank of 3rd best pre workout!

Our Review:
“Legion Pulse was a pleasure to review, and we definitely got a lot out of it. It’s a full-body experience, and while it’s a little raw on the caffeine, it really gets you going.”

Check Out Legion Pulse on Amazon

#2 JYM Supplements Pre-Jym – The Original Clinical Pre Workout

Stoppani Pre-JymFeatures for Jym Pre-Jym

  • 2nd most recommended top pre workout
  • High energy with good endurance
  • Fully disclosed active ingredients list
  • Developed by Jim Stoppani (Good credit)
  • 20 Servings per container (30 serving editions on some stores)
  • Best pre workout you’ll find at GNC stores

Pre-Jym is the original large-scoop clinically dosed pre workout supplement. Back when it first came out, it was all the rave, with absolutely no competition. However that was 4 years ago.

Now, the pre workout market has continued to evolve and improve by bringing us products like BULK. The main difference being, BULK has an improved stimulant matrix, more beta-alanine, and an overall cleaner product.

Our Review:
“While reviewing Jym Pre-Jym, we were heavily impressed with how this pre workout energizes not just the mind, but the body as well. The citrulline malate works fantastic to promote high levels of performance that can dominate any workout routine.”

Check Out Pre-Jym Here and Learn More

#1 PreSeries BULK – Performance Bulking Pre Workout

Top rated pre workoutFeatures for PreSeries BULK

  • Top Rated for 2018
  • Intense and long-lasting Clean-Energy Matrix
  • Massive Pump Matrix (6 g Citrulline Malate, Betaine, More)
  • Unmatched Endurance (4 g BCAA, 4 g Beta-Alanine, More)
  • 30 Fully dosed servings per container (clinically formulated, not bro-formulated)
  • Fully Disclosed Formula with zero artificial sweeteners or dyes

If you are like us, then you go to the gym to build muscle and get strong. You lift heavy, eat tons of protein, and clearly design your schedule in order to get the most gym time out of it.

Bottom line, you’re serious.

And if you’re serious, then you need a pre workout that’s equally as serious… That pre workout is BULK.

But lets get one thing straight:

This isn’t a mainstream pre workout. It isn’t designed to taste like “cotton candy”, “gummy worms”, or all that other garbage your kid sister loves.


BULK is meticulously designed to give you that mind-blowing, euphoric workout experience.

All while delivering nutrients that aid your gains!

Each serving literally contains nearly 20 grams of active ingredients, and there are 30 full servings per bag!

In terms of value and getting your money’s worth, no other pre workout can compete.

Our Review:
“In our Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK review, we reported incredible clean energy, huge pumps, and added strength. The most impressive part was how eager to lift this pre workout made us feel. It kicked all lazy-feelings to the side and promoted putting on muscle.”

View PreSeries Bulk Here and Learn More

Best Pre Workouts Ranking Update Log (Our Track Record)

Update 8/08/2018

Since DMAA isn’t coming back, we’ve removed APS Mesomorph completely. With DMAA it was good, but without it, there isn’t any hope! Mesomorph was replaced by PES Prolific, which has been a very hot topic on our review panel this year.
Additionally, Nutrex AMPED hasn’t been able to hold its rank. Legion Pulse by Mike Mathews has taken the pre workout industry by storm and is comfortably holding down the #3 ranking fort.
For the remainder of the year, we expect big-formulas to continue to dominate. We’re eagerly looking for new novel pre workout ingredients to bring well-awaited new gains to our gyms!

Update 11/29/2017 for 2018 pre workout recommendations

Nutrex’s Outlift has been replaced with the new and improved Outlift AMPED, APS Mesomorph has been added due to popular demand, and Musclepharm Assault has been replaced with the newer Assault Black version. Besides this, there are very few new pre workout releases for 2018.

Updated 3/15/2017

We recently gave Betancourt B-NOX a hefty demotion due to its reformulation which to us personally – compromises the products effect. With that change, all pre workouts #9 and up have received a one position boost for 2017. Also, Transparent Labs BULK remains at the top of the pre workout game, coming in as the most effective pre workout to date.

Updated 9/29/2016

We’ve made a few important changes to the best pre workouts list that should hold true well into 2017. First and foremost, Arnold Iron Pump has been removed from the #10 spot since it is no longer manufactured after Musclepharm was busted for amino spiking and Arnold dropped them. Next, we completely removed pre workouts pre-gro and wreckage. Pre-gro had a horrible shelf-life and Wreckage just never lived up to the hype.

But that’s not all!

We originally had both C4 and C4 neuro on this list, but we decided to condense them into one ranking as a lot of new pre workouts have come out that deserved making the list. Of new pre workouts added, we have Muscletech Anarchy, Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy, and Nutrex Outlift! Its important to note also that Assault has lost rank since its recent and relatively secretive reformulation.

Looking into the future, we expect ORIGIN PRE to land itself in the top 1-3 best pre workouts range. Its an amazing supplement, but we’ve got to wait for your overwhelming favorable feedback before anything ranks that high so quickly. Also, we expect Bullnox to start falling, unfortunately. Its loosing steam, and too many good pre workouts are popping up to threaten its rank.

Updated 11/20/2015 for the start of 2016

For 2016, we’ve added the new c4 Neuro to the top 10 list. This replaced Ergo Blast which is similar, but not nearly as good. PreSeries Bulk still holds the number 1 rank strongly. Its the highest quality muscle building pre workout on the market.

Updated 6/24/2015

We’ve made a critical update by removing the outdated Juggernaut by Infinite Labs and adding in the game-changing PreSeries BULK by Transparent Labs. Our whole review team has gone crazy over this new pre workout as well as everyone we’ve talked to who has tried this supplement. Once you try it out, you will understand.

Updated 3/02/2015

For the new year we have made some adjustments to the top 10 pre workout supplements! This includes replacing the old C4 with the new generation C4 which has an updated stimulant complex. Also, we added the new Pre-Gro pre workout and demoted PUMP-HD. Pre-Jym was also promoted to the number 2 position. Both Pre-Jym and Pre-Gro are both results driven pre workouts that build real muscle. This is why they have overtaken the other micro dose and less effective pre workouts. Lastly, due to popular feedback – N.O Xplode has been removed from the top 10. Ever since it was reformulated the first time it has never been the same. Enjoy!

Updated 3/14/2014

The top 4 pre workout supplements ranking was re-arranged thanks to feedback from thousands of bodybuilders like you. Previously, the ranking from 4th to 1st was as follows: Pre-Jym, Assault, Bullnox, Pump-HD. Since then, the new Pre-Jym has risen in rank to the 3rd place, assault has risen to the 2nd place, Bullnox is back on top at #1 (thanks to a killer reformulation), and Pump-HD took a fall to #4. Pump-HD is still a ridiculous pre workout, however we found that it is simply too intense for a moderate portion of bodybuilders in regards to stimulants. If you have taken a lot of strong pre workouts, pump-hd would most likely be great for you; however for the greater portion of bodybuilders, the top 3 pre workouts are more effective in the gym.

Pre Workout Supplements taken into consideration

There was a great deal of competition for the top 10 pre workouts list, here are a few of the powders that didn’t make it this time but can still give you a great lift: Juggernaut HP, Muscletech’s Neurocore, MRI Black Powder, Hemo-Rage, BPI 1MR, Alarm by Image Sports, DS Craze, Muscletech Nano Vapor, Muscletech Shatter SX-7, Muscle Meds NO Bull, EXT GO, BSN NO Explode, and more.

Glance into the future: The next best pre workouts

Looking deeper into 2018, we anticipate the new pre workout Quake 10.0 to continue rising in popularity and possible make the top 10 pre workout. In addition, due to increasing feedback we see a strong possibility that PreSeries LEAN will join the ranks of PreSeries BULK. We are watching a few different pre workouts that have been making a splash lately, including Legion Pulse and 4-Gauge.

Overall, we expect 2018 to be a brilliant year for pre workout supplementation where not only do your workouts improve, but your gains grow faster.

Remember, if you need more than one scoop, you’re not taking one of the best pre workouts. With the right pre workout, your gains will be guaranteed. From here on out, its all up to do. Work hard and maximize your time in the gym. Eat as much as you can outside of the gym. We believe in you, tear it up and get huge.

If you discuss our rankings, cite it!


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64 Comments on "Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements 2018"

  1. Best pre work out by far is mike Matthews legion pulse. Hands down!

  2. Best place to buy pre workout that accepts bitcoin?

  3. Dang! I work at GNC and lately we’ve had a lot of guys asking for BULK. I’m going to have to balls up and order it soon. Last week a customer returned Cellucor C4 Ultimate cause it couldn’t compare to this BULK pwo.

  4. I had no idea that Bullnox’s formula changed. Last tub was weak! With the ban on DMAA active again, I’m interested in a pre workout like pre-jym, just with less jitters and more clean energy. Suggestions?

    • Dan,
      BULK is the more popular option currently, due to the better(cleaner) energy complex compared to pre-jym. If you’re still coming down from DMAA and feel like you need super-stim then consider Koala Freak.
      Let us know how it goes!

  5. Anyone here usded Nano Vapor before? I’m about to buy a PWO but I need one that has no vitamin B, which leaves C4 out of the game for me unfortunately, been trying to decide between Nano Vapor and Pump HD, I mainly look to get more energy and strength during workouts and get bigger and shredded as fuark!!!

  6. I’ve always been a huge assault pwo fan, but the idea of a strong pump matrix is enticing. In pure comparison, what are the main during workout differences between Muscle Meds N.O Bull and BPI Pump HD? I’m really torn between them. Also, whats the consensus on every other day swapping stimulant pre workouts for stimulant free options? I have a friend taking opus as he restores his adrenals and am interested in proactive measures.

  7. Hey, I’m new to pre workout supplements, could you recommend one for me that I could use on a daily basis. Thanks in advance

    • For many guys, Cellucor C4 is a great option for every day supplementation before the gym. We would recommend taking a further look into C4 as your potential option!

  8. Hard gainer here. Ive been lifting for a few years with little bulk to show for it (okay strength gains though). I always thought PWOs were a load of bull and mostly just caffeine. Recently ive become enlightened as to how valuable PWOs can be and im wondering which would give me the biggest and most reliable long term mass gains? Thanks a lot guys, i appreciate what you’re doing here.

    • Hey Jacob,
      How do you feel about the energy associated with pre workouts? If you do not like stimulants, then the pre workouts on our stimulant free pre workouts page is a good place to start. If you do like stimulants, all the pre workouts on this page have been effective for a large group of people; for you I would recommend considering Assault or Bullnox! There are two mass building benefits to pre workouts: 1.) the extra energy and power that allows you to do more work in the gym; 2.) BCAA components. If you feel that you have #1 covered entirely on your own, then a good intra workout amino acid supplement high in Leucine would be a reasonable alternative. Hope this helps, keep lifting HEAVY!

      • Thanks for replying so quickly! I don’t mind caffeine, it’s just that I used to think that’s ALL PWO’s were and the rest was just some things they added to make people buy their product. Stupid of me, I know. Thanks again guys, I think I’ll give the Bullnox a try!

      • Also, sorry one last thing! Do you guys have any idea how much caffeine and creatine is in here? I supplement with creatine separately so I’d like to keep my dosage pretty consistent

        • Bullnox doesn’t disclose their exact amounts, though I would estimate between 100 and 200 milligrams of caffeine (roughly 1-2 cups of coffee). As for the creatine content, Bullnox contains 3 different forms of creatine. You may not feel the need to add additional creatine to your diet while taking this pre workout, that is something you will need to ‘feel out’. Let us know how it goes!

  9. I’ve never taken pwo and I want to start. I workout at home, mostly calisthenic routines. What would you recommend for more power/endurance?

  10. Hi guys i used to take Creature when i was lifting, now i have gone onto the Insanity workout program, i continue to use Creature as a post workout, however i am near to the end of the supplement. What would be a good post workout that does not have many calories and is caffeine free that would suit my program.



    • Hey Javed,
      Taking Creatine (creature) post workout has been linked to muscle gains. However, with your type of exercise you would benefit even more by taking either protein or amino acid supplements post workout. If you are not eating a post workout meal after insanity, whey isolate is the best low carb protein supplement. However, if you are eating a post workout meal which includes protein, then including an amino acid supplement high in Leucine such as Beast Nutrition’s Aminolytes can really ramp up your results! In addition, if being sore is holding you back or making you miss days, then consider adding in an inexpensive glutamine supplement to improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness.
      Best of Luck!

    • Anybody ever try Hyper FX made by BSN?

  11. I have been using the stuff called super pump max but I think it is giving me acne.(I am getting acne on chest ever since and I started using it and I’ve never had acne there before and also my face is even more broken out) Are you familiar with the product? Do you know what might be causing the acne? What do you recommend instead? I am a skinny guy trying to put on weight but track is starting so I need something to take after my run right before I lift.

    • Hey Joe, Super Pump Max has been a great pre workout for countless years. In my opinion, I would attribute the acne more to your increase in athletic activity than Super Pump Itself. Since you are working out more, you are producing more testosterone which often triggers the acne. You can always stop taking super pump, or take less of it for some trial and error. If your under 18, pre workouts are not really recommended. But, if you are over 18, and you need something to take after your exhausted from running- consider a pre workout like assault as you can see above, or OPUS which is caffeine free but still gives you a boost and energy (you can view opus on the caffeine free pre workout list on the right column). I choose these two because they offer energy, but more importantly muscle building amino acids which you deplete after running.

      As for the acne, I have seen many guys improve their complexion by drinking a lot more water and reducing sugary drinks. Remember to do your best due diligence when making decisions and we wish you the best!!

  12. Hi,
    I want a supplement to be used daily for power/energy/strength/endurance,
    but at the same time it should not have bad side-effects on long term use.
    Please give me suggestions.

    • Cellucor C4 is one of the best pre workouts for long term daily use in our experience. Be sure to read the directions and follow your own due diligence!

      • Craze if you can get it is hands down the best pre workout money can buy i have tried various others but craze wins hands down

  13. I am taking Bullnox. I normally take it, wait 20-30 minutes and run 2 miles then lift. Is that ok that I do that or does that make the Bullnox less effective for my lifting? If it does make it less effective for my lifting then can I run after I lift?

    • Running before your lift is better than running afterwards from a building muscle perspective. Most people in your situation lean towards either taking their pre workout directly before lifting, or directly before running so that you finish your run just as Bullnox starts to take effect. With your current timing, be aware of your heart rate. Excessive cardio with a pre workout can really make your chest pound.
      I’m sure part of your question is due to you getting fatigued during your workout after running. Modifying the timing of your pre workout can help with that, but running less or reserving running for off-days can be just as effective for saving more energy for the weights.

  14. I’m not understanding the super-love for Bullnox. I’ve been using it for a month now, and I just don’t get a great pump from it. The one thing i’ll say is it Laaaaassssts. Incredibly long. It would be an awesome pwo if I wanted to lift for like, 6 hours. …I wish they would put Craze back on the market.

  15. Hi,
    I am glad I found this blog.
    I am new to the pre-workout supplements.
    I want a supplement to be used daily for power/energy/strength/endurance, but at the same time it should not have bad side-effects on long term use.
    Please give my suggestions.

  16. I have been supplementing for about 7 years but am pretty new to Pre-Workouts. I used MP Assault for a couple months and had great increases in strength (went from repping 225lbs 6X to 19X in 3 weeks) but I must be sensitive to the caffeine because I got crazy jittery and my face occasionally itched while using it, so i decided to try something new. I am currently using Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition, and while it seems to give me some energy it definitely doesn’t give me the boost or pump I got with Assault. So basically I am looking for a Pre with the intense boost and pump of Assault, but without the jitters. What are your recommendations good sir? I’ve been trying to research several of the products on your list but nobody seems to have your expertise, so I’d really appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much for your time.

    • MP Assault is a great pre workout, but the stimulants can be on the strong side sometimes! With the goal of pump and strength in mind while avoiding the stimulants, OPUS and EVP are good options. These fall into the category of stimulant free pre workouts, but deliver good pump and strength (and also tend to have intra-workout characteristics to support muscle growth).
      Something closer to MP Assault would be Juggernaut HP, its a relatively similar formula just with half the caffeine. I hope that these suggestions makes your search easier and more fruitful. In the meantime, taking 1/2 a serving of MP Assault may work well for you.

      And as for that itchy sensation! That’s most likely from the ingredient beta-alanine, which helps to buffer the blood and increase endurance in the gym. By taking your pre workout 30 minutes before exercising you can reduce some of that ‘sensation’, but knowing that its helping you, its also a good little motivator.

  17. Hey guys, nice PWO list. I can definitely see a few of my personal favorites on their like Assault, C4 and Nano Vapor. I’d have to agree with the comment above suggesting C4 to Jenna. C4 isn’t overly strong stimulant wise – and not too much creatine makes it a pretty excellent choice for someone just getting started with pre-workouts. I’ve tried about 5 flavors so far, and their all really good. Assault is certainly a bit more powerful – stimulant wise and also contains a full dose of Creatine with 1 scoop – more for someone who knows what they’re up to. I haven’t touched the new JYM one just yet, what do you guys think of it in terms of effectiveness?

  18. Wow! I am so happy I stumbled across this page after doing hours of PWO research! I’m a female who is looking to lose weight and tone up and it’s been hard to find info that isn’t a)conflicting or b) coming from a sponsored athlete who is obviously going to be biased. From the research i’ve done, I’ve found that I shouldn’t be taking a PWO with creatine in it as a female who’s trying to lose weight. Is this true? And would C4 be my best bet?

    Thanks guys!

    • Hey Jenna, C4 is a great choice for women! It does contain some creatine, but in the form of creatine N03 which does not promote ‘water-weight’ as apposed to if you were taking 5-10 grams of creatine monohydrate.
      All in all, we have seen many men and women boost their workouts with C4, just be sure to follow the manufacturers directions.

  19. The Athletic Club | October 29, 2013 at 11:51 pm | Reply

    Its always a good idea to take any supplements under the guidance of a fitness expert or a doctor.

  20. Pump HD has killer pump, eager to try the new arnld iron pump asap

  21. I tried the new Arnold Iron Pump and thought it was pretty good, Stoppani’s prejym is next on my list.

  22. Best pre workout supplement list I’ve seen so far. Like the personalism. There are many new pre workouts coming in 2014, I hope you guys are ready to let us know about the new stuff too. I’ll check back

    • We do our best to go above and beyond, no matter what it takes. Your very right about the amount of supplements coming out in 2014. Typically there is a huge infusion alongside new years resolution time. We expect to see reformulations, brand new supplement introductions, and immerging brands. It will be a lot of work, but we will sort through them all with our team and fans to find out which pre supplements are worth while!

  23. I have a hard time ranking my favorite pre workouts. It’s always a stalemate between Pump HD VS C4 VS Assault. So, I do a constant rotation. I typically go C4 for leg and arm days, Pump HD for chest day, and assault for back and shoulder days. This routine has worked great, and my results keep improving.

    I like what you guys do, keep it up!

  24. Is bpi pump HD good for guys who wants to lose weight??

    • Not the best for the cardio involved with a losing weight exercise routine, but for strictly weight lifting days its phenomenal. Glad you brought this up. C4 would be another great option for you, and on heavy cardio days, take 1/3 of a serving! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  25. A “good” pwo is different for everyone. To me, I’m all about the beta alanine burn n the feeling of a ridiculous pump n nitric oxide. The old jack3d was great, the new one is weak, pump-hd doesn’t cut it for me there’s not enough beta alanine n also doesn’t give me a crazy pump, mp assault is terrible unless u plan on putting it in a gallon jug cuz the scooper is a protein scooper. Horrible. Got nothing out of it. Pwo are heavy marketing n labeling by big $$ companies. My personal favorite is c4. Gets u burning, great pump, great energy, no crash, n just overall a great product with results that show. I want to try no bull but these are each about $40 its too pricey to sample each one. Nothing like a let down on a $40 pwo.

    • Thanks for the additional input Derek! I agree with you that Cellucor C4 is a quality product. By far, it has the highest quality bio-available Beta-alanine which really helps buffer muscles against rising lactic acid(note- its been proven to be very effective to take 1-2 grams of beta-alanine throughout the day to stay ‘loaded’, but we don’t do that quite yet). I understand your concern with Assault and I’m very impressed that you know the importance of adequate water intake for absorption. For the majority, assault is very effective, but it has such a high caffeine content, that- for some, they may be overloaded which can cause fatigue and bad results.
      EXT GO may be a good option for you, stimulant wise it has a great mind-muscle connection which original formula jack3d lovers are very in touch with.
      Again, thanks for your input.

  26. Very good list. I’ve tried 2 of them before which are C4 and jacked 3d. They are great. Both of them give me good pump to lift heavier. However, I didn’t try #1 PWO, BPI Sports PUMP-HD. What make it stand out?

    • Pump-HD is an experience. The power and endurance is intense, too intense for some (half serving is advised for starters). The focus is very dominant, similar to the focus of EXT GO, but then there is ridiculous pump that sticks around even hours after the workout.
      Too strong for everyday use, but a great asset to keep in the gym bag for ‘those days’.

  27. I like the list but am a pretty big fan of a few workout drinks not on the list. Cellucor M5 has been a good mass building pre workout, its my top choice when I can afford it, after that is purple wrath. There are alot of underground fitness drinks that are worth checkin out. Would be great to see a list with all the new powders on the market.


  28. Alright, thanks a bunch for all the help..:)

  29. Alright, thanks a bunch..:)
    I think i would try the C4 or MPharm Assault first then..:)
    Another thing, what is the key ingredient to look for when it comes to finding a good pre workout supplements?

    • Beta-alanine, creatine, and a pump matrix is important.

      Be cautious of caffeine content in pre-workouts, some products will push their levels up to 400mg which is not reasonable for long term use. C4 is around 100 mg, and assault is between 200-300mg.

      If you are pure weight training, Assault is recommended. But if you also run and do other forms of cardio, the lower caffeine content in C4 will help you maintain a controlled heart beat.

      As a rule of thumb ingredient wise- we really do not know the quality and bio-availability of pre workout ingredients until we try them and get a good feel. So, you cannot always judge a brand new pre workout by its ingredients label.

  30. Hi, I’m new to all this, so i have no idea what to look for when it comes to choosing a good pre-workout supplement.
    Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks..:)

    • Hey Leon, here is some easy advice if you are just beginning pre workout supplements.
      1.)begin using half a serving size unless you are very caffeine tolerant.
      2.)Are you trying to lose weight at the same time? Nanovapor, Bullnox, and even C4 stimulate fat burning.
      3.)Feeling tingles from pre workout supplements is normal (its a reaction from beta-alanine which buffers your internal pH levels, its a good thing).
      4.) If you cannot handle caffeine or stimulants, there are many caffeine free options (Dymatize Xpand caffeine free version, N.O Xplode caffeine free version, Opus.

      If you have any additional questions, this page is monitored daily and we will get back to you right away, thanks for visiting.

  31. Good list, I have many more lifts left reserved for musclepharm assault pwo. Nice to know what other supplements are good out there too. It’d be helpful to see what pre workouts came close to making the best pre list.
    Dunno if that is possible. Look forward to visiting back in a couple months when I’m looking for a new pre workout supplement to try. Adios

  32. James Madison | July 31, 2013 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    I’ve had great times at the gym with all of these! Down around the top 5 I see some real muscle building pre-workouts!

    Keep up the awesome flow of information, I’m gettin real tired of always educating the noobs. btw, I have not tried Pump-HD yet but the pre workout reviews I have read are all great.

  33. WHATT?!!? I haven’t heard of half of these! My favorite pre-workout has been musclepharm assault for like the longest time. Nothing else gives me that kind of energy. It’s the basic equivalent of like combining 1MR’s energy, with awesome pump, amino acids, and so much more. Musclepharm assault, hands down best pre supplement ever.

  34. Ext GO is hands down the best pre workout I have ever taken. The energy is powerful and I feel like a beast.

    • A lot of guys can relate to that Jarrid. ‘EXT GO’ has some very new ingredients that approach energy production from relatively new means. Whenever you take this stuff, your endorphins immediately surge with feel good, get the job done 150% energy. However, we do not recommend this PWO for every day use. Save it for the times of the week when you are working your worst body part or in NEED of a good solid gain. Cheers mate.

  35. There’s a lot of misconception about what makes a pre workout good. However, all of these that I have tried, do seam to fit very well in this lists order. Bullnox has always been on my preworkouts to try list. Normally I stick with good old hemo surge as my pwo of choice. But hey, why isn’t juggernaut on the list? thanks!

    • Juggernaut pwo is still under our consideration. The problem is, however, that not enough of our bodybuilders and athletes have tried it, therefor, we cannot put together an honest pre review. It would be bad business if we put out our personal review without a great deal of supporting feedback from a variety of body types and ethnic backgrounds. But hey, we like hemo surge too! sometimes the classics are a good change of pace, thanks for stopping by!

  36. I haven’t tried all of these, but it looks like a very solid list going by what I have tried! I norm stick to good old C4 extreme, and then crank things up a little with Bullnox Androrush or assault when I have more time to work in the gym.

    • Nice Sampson, that’s the tag team combo that a lot of successful bodybuilders go with. Keep up the great work and you will make it!

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