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10 Best Stimulant Free Pre Workouts (zero caffeine)

Don’t enjoy caffeine? Like to lift at night and sleep after? No problem.

The pre-workout supplement game is a vast, vast playing field. When you start looking for a stimulant free or caffeine free pre workout– the selection immediately becomes bleak with what appears to be only one or two options.

Stimulant free pre workouts do exist, and we’ve reviewed them all.

Out of the 500+ pre-workout supplements on the global market, there are about 50 stimulant free options. And of those 50, we would say, that only about 10 are worth the money.

These 10, are the true stimulant free pre workouts that bring together zero caffeine with pre workout…

Meaning: that even though there are no stimulants present in the product, it’s still going to function as a pre workout and enhance your performance.

Exactly what you expect of a non-stimulant pre workout.

Like you know, many pre-workouts without caffeine fall short when tested. This is because many of those pre workouts are inspired by their stimulant containing predecessors which essentially have a stimulant backbone and nothing else.


Without the caffeine > its functionality is gone.

Obviously, this isn’t good enough. Especially after you take that caffeine out. So, we made this ranking of our top reviews for our followers and inner circle.

What are our stimulant free/caffeine free pre workout ranking factors?

  1. In order to get onto the list there must be an abundance of positive user reviews. So much so, that effects are undeniable.
  2. To rank even higher our review staff must submit notable positive feedback on the stimulant free pre-workout under review. This eliminates any brainwashing caused by heavy advertising and comment/email spam (comments/emails left by individuals being paid by brands to influence you).
  3. To rank the highest, the previous two points must be met along with a pre workout formula that accurately backs up its claims to help you build muscle, burn fat, and get one heck of a workout.

This is the absolute trinity for filtering out the best stimulant pre workout among all the impersonators.

Bottom Line – The stimulant free pre workouts that make it onto this list are the best of the best. Just like how we made our ranking of the official pre workouts for 2021 (contains stimulants), this stimulant free version here is created with the highest standards in mind. So that when you go to the gym and take your non-stimulant pre-workout for the first time, you won’t be disappointed.

pre workouts without caffeine

Top 10 Stimulant Free Pre Workouts (Caffeine Free)

We’re going to countdown from #10 all the way to our #1 favorite non-stimulant pre workout. It’s important to mention that we can be a bit harsh on some of our pre workout reviews. This is because we’ve tried so many, that, we have a ‘fine sense’ of what is special and what isn’t. Whereas, someone who is new to pre workouts wouldn’t notice a difference until further down their own career.

#10 RSP Nutrition Pump Boost

Pump BoostFor our first stimulant free pre workout, we have Pump Boost by RSP Nutrition. This supplement is primarily focused on increasing pumps, as the name suggests, which for a lot of guys is all they want!

Though, it really doesn’t extend beyond pump to increase endurance, natural energy, or sheer strength like some other more premium stimulant free pre workouts can.

Overall, Pump Boost is a good introductory supplement if you’re looking to avoid caffeine. However it IS possible to find more effectively dosed straight pump products (this one may be better suited at two scoops).

#9 Magnum Nutraceuticals: OPUS

Opus Pre-workout

Opus by Magnum Nutraceuticals is a double hitter being both caffeine and creatine free. What makes Opus special is its unique instantized formula, full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. To those who train without anything, the first time you take OPUS will offer sensations that can be a big surprise.

While Opus is completely caffeine free, there is a ‘feel it now’ rush of focus and clarity roughly 5 minutes after taking Opus. This is mostly due to the b-vitamins and instantized BCAAs present. Cost per serving is a major pro, coming in at under a dollar per use.

Important Notes from OPUS caffeine free pre workout reviews:

  • Mix with plenty of water for best taste
  • Do not shake aggressively in shaker cup, will fizz and bubble out
  • Better than not taking a pre-workout
  • Reformulated in 2016, now not as good

#8 Pump-HD

Pump-HD non-stimulant

When BPI first made Pump-HD years ago, it contained significant stimulants in it. Now, after a reformulation – the new PUMP-HD is a non-stim pre-workout boasting vasodilation as the name suggests.

The formula for Pump-HD is small, but for those that are sensitive to ingredients, a great pump is possible. For the rest of us, taking 2 servings of Pump-HD would be worth considering to get a real pump on.

Besides the pump matrix, there are some natural focus enhancers as well as creatine Pcr.

Important Notes from Pump-HD Reviews

  • Used to contain stimulants, now is stim-free
  • 2 Servings May Be Better Suited
  • Contains 1 g of creatine per serving

#7 NO Xplode Stim-Free

NO Xplode Stim-free

NO Xplode has undergone numerous reformulations since its initial development. Likewise, it’s caffeine-free version has as well. As a whole, NO Xplode caffeine free is a decent pre-workout. It’s got a large formula and a whole lot of hype.

But, NO Xplode caffeine free falls a bit short in two ways: first, each ingredient is in extremely small quantities; second, there is DMAE in this formula which is technically a stimulant. That means it can keep you awake at night.

Considerations when taking NO Xplode Caffeine Free

  • Contains DMAE which is a stimulant
  • Has creatine and a vast formula
  • Tastes pretty good (artificially flavored)
  • Readily available in many stores

#6 MAN Pump Powder

Pump Powder

Pump Powder by MAN supplements is a new addition to this stimulant free pre workouts list. It’s a pretty simple formula containing 3 main ingredients… But they are dosed more appropriately than the previous mentioned pre workouts and deliver on the supplements promises.

Pump Powder is an awesome pump-inducer to keep in your gym bag for when you either want a stimulant free lift at night or when you want something to add on top of your pre-workout that doesn’t deliver enough pump.

Note – for larger guys, 2 scoops may be more appropriate to get an awesome pump out of this product.

Comments from MAN Pump Powder Reviews

  • Solid pumps at 1-2 Scoops
  • Strictly a Pump Pre Workout
  • Really awesome flavors (artificial)
  • About one dollar per serving

#5 Musclepharm VasoSport

VasoSport Stim-free

Musclepharm has been quite busy lately; Assault, Wreckage, and now the all new stimulant free VasoSport pre workout.

Compared to a lot of caffeine free PWO options out there, Vasosport is awesome. The formula contains citrulline malate, nitrosigine, agmatine sulfate, and taurine.

In combination, these ingredients offer a strong pump to give you a solid lift in the gym. The only downside to this pre-workout is that larger guys might need two scoops.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a micro-formula caffeine free pre workout for pump, VasoSport is a good choice.

Comments from Musclepharm VasoSport Reviews

  • Good tasting Small Formula Pre Workout
  • Contains 3 Grams Citrulline Malate
  • Contains 750 mg Nitrosigine and 750 mg Agmatine Sulfate
  • First Stim-Free PWO from Musclepharm

Top 5 Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Supplements

Did you know that we first started moderating this list in 2013? Back then, this was only a top 5 list as there were not enough stim-free options to make a complete top 10. By 2015, the list grew to 7, and now, there are enough quality non-stimulant pre workouts to have a full top 10 list.

Interesting Fact – Evogen EVP and OPUS are the only pre-workouts that have remained on this list since 2013.

#4 Evogen EVP

EVP pre workout

Evogen EVP is one of the original worthwhile non-stimulant pre-workout supplements. It had the biggest formula, was taken by a ton of fitness models pre-show, and it worked! Now, there are a lot more options out there, hence why EVP has de-ranked to #4. But, as a whole, EVP is better than most stimulant pre-workouts out there, still.

This review holds true today, but is now faced with competition as our top 4 choices have even better formulas and results.

Tips from EVP No Caffeine Pre-Workout Reviews:

  • Excellent Stimulant Free Pumps While Lifting
  • The Premier Pre-Workout for Contest Ready Bodybuilders
  • Well Constructed Formula for Working Out
  • Not to be confused with caffeinated EVP Plus

#3 Jacked Factory Pump Surge


Jacked Factory’s stim-free pre-workout has been on the market for a couple of years now, representing a new wave of pre workouts taking workouts to the next level – with added nootropics, and without caffeine.

JF’s Pumpsurge comes clinically dosed with Citrulline, Betaine, and Taurine. Along with powerful, proven nootropics: Alpha GPC & Huperzine A. In our opinion, the non-caffeinated Pumpsurge is the best stim-free value on the market.

We really love this pre-workout, especially at the price point. The pre-workout’s on our list beating Pumpsurge have a deeper ingredient profile, but also added cost. For an amazing pump pre workout that doesn’t break the bank, we couldn’t recommend Pumpsurge more.

Quick notes on Pumpsurge

  • Contains 5 Grams of L-Citrulline
  • Contains 2.5 Grams of Betaine
  • Contains Powerful Nootropics Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A for focus
  • Over 1,000 Reviews on Amazon

Order Pumpsurge on Amazon or here.

#2 NutraBio PRE Stim-Free

Stim-Free by NutraBio

NutraBio PRE (the stimulant free version) turned out to be quite a heavy hitter after we tried it, and our inner circle tried it.

The pump was great, thanks to a combination of 6 grams Citrulline Malate, 1 gram agmatine sulfate, and 750 mg nitrosigine.

As well, unlike most other pre workouts featured above, NutraBio PRE contains 3,200 mg beta-alanine and 3 grams creatine monohydrate.

While this is a stimulant free pre-workout, the choline complex and agmatine gives it a bit of a kick. Its enough to improve your focus in the gym, all while not interfering with your sleeping habits.

Notes From NutraBio PRE Stim-Free Reviews

#1 Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE

Best Stim-Free Pre Workout

NutraBio PRE is great, but its #2 for a reason. That reason is Transparent Labs STIM-FREE. Loaded with even more active ingredients, STIM-FREE is a monster formula developed for building more lean mass, obliterating fat, and improving workouts like no other stimulant free pre-workout can do.

Inside STIM-FREE, you will find clinically dosed ingredients that out-perform other micro-dosed supplements any day of the week. We’re talking a full 6 g serving of L-Citrulline, 3 g Creatine HCl, 6 g BCAA in the 2:1:1 ratio, 4 g Beta-Alanine, 4 g Betaine HCl, and some non-stimulant focus/energy enhancers to top it all off!

Why would you take anything else? We won’t, and neither will our top supplement reviewers who tried Transparent Labs STIM-FREE. Whether you’re a guy or girl, trying to build muscle or burn fat – STIM-FREE is the best option for avoiding caffeine in pre workouts.

What Makes STIM-FREE Our Top Choice

  • Clinically Dosed Stimulant Free Pre-Workout
  • Made with Natural Flavors and Zero Dyes
  • Delivers More Lean Muscle & Less Fat
  • The Best Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Available
  • 30 Servings Per Each Tub
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Best Stim Free Pre Workouts for Women

We’re currently building a complete list of the best caffeine free pre workouts for women. For now we can confidently recommend Cira Nutrition’s PUMP Pre workout. It features a brand new clinically-proven ingredient citra peak, and can safely be stacked with their pre workout.

Stim-Free PWOs Not Included On This List

We’ve tested a ton of supplements for this list. The following were considered but just didn’t fit the bill for our best caffeine free pre workouts list going into 2021.

Hit Supplements: Peak Perform (stim-free), Millennium Sports: Ragnorok (stim-free), GAT: PMP (stim-free), Neogenix: Bodyforge Ultra, Platinum Labs: Blackops.

Conclusion For This Stim-Free List

When we first started this list in 2013 there was just a collection of non-caffeine pre workouts out there. Due to that, pretty much all of them made it onto the list. Nowadays, the selection is greater allowing us to be a lot more picky with what is good and bad.

New Supplements on the way

We’ve seen a surge in stimulant free pre workouts as of late and expect it to rise. Its hard to ignore the caffeine free options when pre workouts like EVP and OPUS are available. We’ll keep up to date on all of the new competitors as they come, so check back with us for a quick and efficient overview.

Why Take Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Supplements

We know that most guys will have second thoughts about switching from a stimulant based pre-workout supplement to a stim-free pre-workout. That’s exactly why we put together a list of the very best stimulant-free supplements. Just like with the regular stimulant pre-workouts, there is good stuff, and then there is a whole lot of lousy stuff. It’s the same story on the caffeine free supplement spectrum. But, the supplements we have selected go above and beyond, EVP and OPUS alone are very strong competition for the very best stimulant pre-workouts.

Muscular Benefits of Going Caffeine Free

Caffeine has a very specific job in the body, that is- preserve a metabolic cascade that raises blood glucose levels. In simple theory, that is great news by the fact that high levels of blood glucose is the equivalent of muscle fuel everywhere.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the whole story. When your body triggers blood glucose to rise, primarily through the hormone glucagon being released- nearly every effort is made to raise glucose including pathways you do not want to mess with while bodybuilding.

For instance, upon the cascade calling for more blood sugar, your body activates the process of ‘gluconeogenesis’. This is the process of turning non-carbohydrates into carbohydrate, more specifically – amino acids into carbohydrates. While you’re lifting weights, the last thing you want is for your amino acids to be torn away for fuel!! We won’t get into the rest of the nitty-gritty, if you are truly interested you can comment below and ask, we’ll reply back within 24 hours.

These are just a few of the stand-out benefits of stimulant free pre-workout supplements. We haven’t even gotten into the complex bodily reactions that run far better in a caffeine free environment. Be glad that superior pre workouts are now available without harsh stimulants, we sure are. A solid caffeine free pre workout booster is the perfect addition to a muscle building stack, not to mention a test boosting supplement.

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