PreSeries BULK Review

PreSeries BULK Pre Workout Review

BULK is the new mass gaining pre workout made by Transparent Labs as a part of their new PreSeries pre workout line. Without a doubt, this is the best pre workout supplement we have ever used, with benefits that apply to both inside and outside of the gym.

While taking BULK on an ongoing basis, our entire team gained more lean mass and strength than any other pre workout supplement has ever helped us attain. This effect can be directly attributed to several reasons categorized between; key ingredients that BULK contains that other pre workouts do not, as well as additives other pre workouts contain that BULK avoids.

Below, we’re going to totally break down every aspect of what makes this the most solid pre workout supplement on the market today as well as what you should expect to experience.

PreSeries Bulk Review: Our Experience

Before taking this supplement, we had a feeling that it was going to be good. The ingredients (and their dosages) effectively speak for themselves. So, when the day came that BULK arrived in the mail – we were pumped.

First off, it was surprising to see how large the BULK pre workout container is! It’s about 3-4 times bigger than your average boring pre workout, yet its price is in the same ball park.

Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout

When we opened up the bag, we found a fine white powder that upon being served into water mixed up nearly instantaneously. The flavor we got was blue raspberry, but there was no coloration in our drink. This is because there are no artificial dyes in any of the PreSeries products. We anticipated this, as well as the unrefined flavor to come.

Flavor note: BULK now comes in Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Sour Grape and our favorite – Strawberry Lemonade.

Our first taste of BULK was an experience in itself, its sweet and a little sour. Overall, its enjoyable in a hard to explain way. Upon taking BULK, you will quickly find that using the recommended 8 oz. is the best way to go. It leads us to wonder if BULK was partially flavored to make sure guys take their pre workout with the optimal amount of water to increase effectiveness… We will have to ask.

What we do know though, is that BULK uses natural flavoring and as a whole product avoids a ton of additives that other pre workouts are riddled with. Additives that trick your taste buds into thinking it tastes good, all-the-while ultimately hurting gains.

PreSeries BULK in the GYM: Awesome Mass Gaining PWO

While heading to the gym after taking BULK, the team all began feeling this pre workout kick in. First came the beta-alanine tingles, and then came the razor-sharp focus complimented with a feeling of ‘body energy’ after about 15 minutes. By the time we got to the gym, it was on.

Lifting on BULK for us was crazy awesome, and for most people will be a whole new experience. When you take BULK, your mind and body is going to wake up. Not in a jittery, ‘this is good now but will end soon and hard’ kind of way. But more in an ‘I’m in the zone!’ kind of way.

We had overflowing energy to lift, and we lifted hard; but we also had a mental alertness and acuity that allowed us to be more present in the gym than normal. The best way to explain it, is that you’re going to feel more in control.

Note – this mental boost suck with us for a good 3-4 hours after our lift ended. Great for getting the to-dos done.

More than Energy Though…

That feel-good energy was just a small fraction of what BULK had to offer. Where most pre workouts call it a day and start looking for pretty dyes and flavors to top off their formula with, Transparent Labs kept pushing forward.

Forward to the point of a true endurance matrix. We’re talking 4 g beta-alanine, 4 g BCAA, 6 g L-Citrulline Malate… That’s 14 grams of ingredients right there! Putting that into perspective, a pre workout like C4 only has a total formula of 6.5 grams with their artificial flavors and dyes included.

To someone who is used to what mainstream pre workouts have been offering, these dosages may seem crazy… Even reckless. But what mainstream supplement companies don’t tell you is that the large dosages that Transparent Labs uses – are the same dosages published in medical literature that have been found to offer the maximum benefit in real clinical studies. Which, after all is what you want, right?

To put it simple, the endurance from PreSeries BULK was off the chain. We lifted hard and we lifted long while using this pre workout. The pump was there, strength was there, and the endurance was never ending. Our muscles burnt out after this time, but getting those last reps in drop sets was much more doable than under any other conditions.

PreSeries BULK outside of the GYM

Working out, Bodybuilding, and Dieting is all purpose based. We do it as a way of getting to where we want to be. This doesn’t change the fact that a lot of guys love to lift. After all, appreciating the process is something that can be attributed to any great success. But, this vision is something that far too many pre workouts lose sight of.

Transparent Labs on the other hand appears to vigilantly focus on that aspect. This is, after all a pre workout deliberately named BULK. Why would they name it that, if it wasn’t going to help you gain mass? Well, don’t worry – it helped us gain like no pre workout has ever before.

Gaining lean mass, recovering quicker, and even supporting some unintentional body re-composition (gaining muscle while burning fat) – PreSeries Bulk helped a lot. We split the credit for this equality between the solid endurance matrix in BULK and the large serving of betaine!

Something you pretty much never see in pre workouts, betaine is a metabolite of leucine. In clinical studies, betaine supplementation has been found to be nearly 10X more effective than straight leucine at preserving lean muscle. That means, you keep what you build.

Throughout our first month of PreSeries BULK use, each member of our team packed on an average of 2-4 pounds of lean, dense mass. This can be compared to an average growth of 1 pound per month at BEST throughout the rest of the year. We are definitely looking forward to next month taking PreSeries products.

Conclusion on PreSeries BULK by Transparent Labs

As a whole, this was the best pre workout experience BWSB has ever experienced. Pair that with impressive gains outside the gym and it’s a no brainer. There were a few additional things we liked about this product, like natural flavorings and zero artificial dyes. This resulted in a non-colored pre workout that doesn’t taste perfect; but it’s well worth it considering all the research linking the same artificial additives in other pre workouts to serious health risks.

For the time being, PreSeries products by Transparent Labs are going to be our go-to pre workouts of choice. We are gaining more, rocking out in the gym, feeling better, and enjoying a product healthier than the current competition. You can find BULK, the ultimate bulking pre workout at


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