Evlution Nutrition Pre Workouts Reviewed


Learn from our experience in our full EVL ENGN and ENGN Shreds review.

At the time of this review, Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred is the ‘best-selling’ pre workout on Bodybuilding. If that isn’t enough, it is also the ‘most relevant’ pick for their pre workout category.

So if it is placed on top of a store… It must mean ENGN Shred is pure gold, right?

No, not really. But it is seasonally relevant.

Because let’s face it, we’re all looking to burn off some of our winter fat and ENGN Shred is the ‘fat burning’ version of the regular EVL ENGN pre workout.

So then how good is ENGN Shred, the original ENGN, and how do they compare?

We personally give them both a 7/10, but we’ll let you be the judge.

ENGN Vs ENGN Shred: What’s the difference?

Ingredients comparedThe easiest way to tell the differences between ENGN and ENGN Shred is to look right at the ingredient labels of each.

As you can see, there are 3 key differences between these pre workouts.

Both ENGN and ENGN Shred contain:

  • Mind-to-muscle matrix containing: betaine, choline, l-tyrosine, agmatine, Alpha GPC,huperzine, and caffeine.

Only EVL ENGN contains:

  • Infinergy caffeine
  • 2 gram creatine blend

Only EVL ENGN Shred contains:

  • 500 mg CLA
  • 500 mg L-carnitine
  • 100 mg forskolin
  • 25 mg Capsimax
  • 40 mg Yohimbe

What do the ingredients in Evlution Nutrition’s pre workouts do?

As you would expect, the regular ENGN formula offers more energy with the extra infinergy caffeine plus a modest creatine dosage.

If you really don’t care about burning fat, then the regular ENGN will suffice and offer a cleaner energy experience.

Though if you’d like to get some extra fat burning out of your per workout, ENGN Shred may interest you.

Out of the 4 fat burning ingredients added to ENGN Shred, CLA and L-carnitine are the most modest while forskolin, capsimax, and Yohimbe may do something.

Forskolin and Capsimax both increase thermogenesis in a non-stimulant way.

But Yohimbe acts somewhat like a stimulant, especially alongside caffeine, which can cause increased heart rate and odd side effects like sweating and cold hands.     

How does ENGN Shred compare to Cellucor’s C4 Ripped?

They’re quite similar, both containing the added: l-carnitine, Capsimax, and forskolin.

However C4 Ripped doesn’t contain any Yohimbe, which is actually an advantage for most.

From an experience perspective, C4 Ripped is superior to ENGN Shred. Though ENGN Shred is less expensive.

We’ve ranked all of Cellucor’s C4 pre workouts here if you’d like to learn more.

Where does Pump Mode fall into the mix?

Pump ModePump Mode is EVL Nutrition’s ‘pump product’ that can either be taken stand alone or alongside EVL ENGN.

Ideally, you’ll take Pump Mode every time you take EVL ENGN since there really isn’t a big pump matrix in ENGN.

Pump Mode is composed of:

  • Hydromax Glycerol at 1,500 mg
  • Betaine Nitrate at 1,000 mg

That’s it.

This product does not rank on our best stimulant free pre workouts or pump supplements… Nor will we be individually reviewing it.

While we’re at it, EVL BCAAs – Any Good?

You may recall that we reviewed all of Evlution Nutrition’s BCAA Supplements already:

  • BCAA 5000
  • BCAA Energy
  • And Amino-10

Overall they aren’t that bad. Though, the same minimalist approach is definitely taken across the board with their supplements.

Which version of EVL ENGN is right for you?

We prefer to stick with the standard EVL ENGN. For us, the energy was much more crisp and clean in comparison to ENGN Shred which gets thrown off with the Yohimbe.

Plus, the regular ENGN seems to last forever thanks to the Infinergy!

For reference, Evlution Nutrition’s ENGN Shred ranks #10 on the best pre workouts. We included it since it’s not that bad compared to other fat burning pre workouts, plus every store gives it such good press.

Granted, we believe the majority of reviews for EVL ENGN Shred are fake. For instance, there are thousands of reviews on some store sites, while the tag #ENGNSHRED on Instagram has barely 500 posts…

Final Verdict on Evolution Nutrition’s ENGN Pre Workouts

Overall, Evlution Nutrition brings forward two high energy pre workouts that will certainly put a boost in your step.

For the average person, they will be fantastic – since caffeine is always an enjoyable ‘upper’ in moderate doses.

However, for the more advanced bodybuilder or athlete who wishes to get more out of a pre workout supplement… EVL ENGN products will not be noteworthy options to take into the gym.

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Given our experience with EVL ENGN and ENGN Shred, we still can’t wrap our heads around all the high ratings this pre workout gets in supplement stores. Seriously, if you’ve taken either of these, let us know in the comments below how it went for you.

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