Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde – Pre Workout Review

Both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pre workout supplements are legends made by Pro Supps. Here, we dive into all the details surrounding these two pre workouts.
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At the beginning of 2013, the staff here at Best Workout Supplements Blog hadn’t even heard about Pro Supps. Now, in 2017, things have completely changed.

Forged with results, word of mouth, and intelligent promotion; Pro Supps is making its way into the supplements industry. Among Pro Supps massive arsenal of workout supplements are their two featured pre workouts: Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll. We will evaluate both of these pre workout supplements here and decide which of them the superior product is.

Better yet, we’re going to break down the differences between the reformulated Mr. Hyde, Mr. Hyde Cuts, and “HYDE”.

Jekyll and Hyde Pre Workout Ingredient Comparison

Pre workout hype always has a way of creating a false tide of opinion, whether it be for better or worse. Therefore, we will begin with a direct label to label pre workout comparison between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.Pre Workout Review Dr Jekyll vs Mr Hyde

Legend: Green Lines mean the same ingredient and dosage, Red Lines mean one product has a larger dosage, and no line means that this ingredient is unique to the product.

As you can see, Pro Supps preserves specific pre workout ingredient values between both products. Those being: a strong dose of Beta Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, Choline Bitartrate, and GABA.

Aside from the similarities, Dr. Jekyll respectively contains extremely specific muscle pump additions to separate it from its ‘brother’ Mr. Hyde which focuses on very aggressive mind-over-matter stimulants.

Comparing Mr. Hyde Vs. Mr. Hyde Cuts Vs. HYDE

Mr. Hyde Pre Workouts

To best show you the differences, we’ve prepared the labels of each of these in one row, with differences marked. Below the image, we have a key and will talk about similarities as well as unique qualities between the Hyde pre workouts.

Which Hyde Pre Workout is best

Legend: In the center we have Mr. Hyde. This is the main template. From there, items highlighted in red are unique to each other product. Items in yellow have different dosages than center Mr. Hyde, and the items in blue are unique to Mr. Hyde. Besides that, all other ingredients are identical to Mr. Hyde in the center.

Mr. Hyde Vs HYDE

As you can see, Mr. Hyde and HYDE pre workout variations are extremely similar. All that they change are a few stimulants. With that being said, someone could easily bounce back and forth between Mr. Hyde and HYDE to get slightly different, but still really powerful workout experiences.

Mr. HYDE Vs. Mr. Hyde Cuts

We really don’t like Mr. Hyde Cuts. Because, for this variation they reduced the stimulants, added some fat burners with questionable results at such low dosages, and, added a diuretic – Dandelion Root. This is going to dehydrate you while you lift.

Which Hyde Variation is Better?

Between the Hydes, we would stick with the original Mr. Hyde unless we want to mix things up, then, migrate to HYDE.

Which Pro Supps Pre Workout Is Better?

When we first began evaluating both of these pre workouts, we set out to elevate one above the other as superior. However, in this case which is better is truly a case of preference. That preference being, do you strive for pump (Dr. Jekyll), or do you demand super stimulant energy (Mr. Hyde)?

Note: we have heard word on the street that some bodybuilders will mix a serving of both of these pre workouts together, combining both the pump matrix and stimulant matrix. We do not endorse or recommend doing so, primarily because of the overwhelming amount of stimulants contained in each of these products. Take home message – If you are going to do it, consider mixing a serving of Dr. Jekyll with a half serving of Mr. Hyde.


Now you know which Pro Supps pre workout is best for you. We appreciate you choosing our supplement reviews over all others. Before you go be sure to check out our other supplement reviews and rankings, also like us on Facebook!

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