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Finaflex Stimul8 Review

Finaflex now makes 4 crazy versions of Stimul8. Find out which is best here.

Stimul8 is without a doubt, the type of pre workout sensation that the BWSB hasn’t felt for a long time. This is a good thing and a bad thing all wrapped up into one crazy, crazy workout.

If we had to predict a list of future pre workouts to be banned, this would probably take the #1 spot. But, until then, we’re sure that stimulant loving bodybuilders are going to get their kicks from this true heavy stimulant pre workout.

Here we review the original Stimul8 followed by comparisons to Stimul8 Pumped, Muscle, and Loaded.

Stimul8 Pre Workout

Original Stimul8

After taking Stimul8, it’s clear to us that saying this pre workout is heavy on the stimulants is an understatement. This is probably, one of the most caffeinated pre workouts I’ve personally ever tried.


To begin, Stimul8 mixed very easily in water, coming with a serving size of under 6 grams. It tasted fine, we had the Tropical Storm flavor. With such a small formula, taste is never going to be a problem.

Initial Feels

After drinking, Stimul8 began to show its effects within the first 15 minutes. This translated into a head rush of energy that kept growing and growing.

By the time we got to the gym, it was about 30 minutes post supplementation and we were all feeling it. The sensation goes far beyond the typical strong stimulant focus, and honestly felt like it was crossing over into some kind of drug domain.

Lifting on Finaflex’s Stimul8 was intense

There wasn’t pump, but there was an overwhelming source of power from the stimulants. Essentially, an overwhelming stimulant power of the likes to compete with the previously banned Craze pre workout.

During my back day lift, I killed it. The other guys doing chest killed it. Everyone went hard, and everyone sweated buckets till the bitter end.

After lifting, the stimulant effects of Stimul8 lasted for about 4 additional hours, followed by a massive crash. But, considering the work that was done in the gym, it was all worth it.

Who is Stimul8 Pre Workout For?

This is not a pre workout for everyone. This is a very unique pre workout that is only meant for people that are crazy about their stimulants. If you are a 1MR fan and want more, this is an option. But if you have never taken a pre workout before, don’t you dare touch this stuff.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Stimul8

For a long time, we’ve talked about the split between pre workout supplements. Going in one direction, we have the highly effective yet rare clinically dosed true muscle building pre workouts. And, on the other side we have the high stimulant pre workouts that feel great to take, but ultimately don’t produce the same results.

To us personally, Stimul8 is on the high stimulant end, and it is one of the best at doing that.

This means, the caffeine tolerant bodybuilder is going to have a great workout experience. But, outside the gym gains may suffer since the formula isn’t all-encompassing.

Considerations for Finaflex Stimul8

On Stimul8, there are two specific warnings worth talking about.

  1. First, is directly on top where it tells you not to exceed half a scoop for your first couple times taking it. This is because the stimulant matrix is so strong. In fact, it is too strong for the average healthy person.
  2. Second, is the warning on the back which states not to take for more than 60 days consecutively. This is once again because of the heavy stimulant load, and its ability to interfere with your natural adrenaline production over time.
So, for even the most stimulant-tolerant person – you don’t want to take this stuff for too long. But guaranteed, you’re going to enjoy it while you do.

Comparing Stimul8 to Pumped, Muscle, and Loaded

Stimul8 Pumped

Ingredients in Stimul8 PumpedBack when we reviewed FinaFlex’s Stimul8 pre workout, we didn’t acknowledge it for its pump… Instead, it was the absolutely crazy stimulant experience that caught all the fame and glory.

So, when we saw that FinaFlex has released a stimulant free ‘Stimul8 pumped powder’… Well, we got real curious.

Now the question is, can Stimul8’s Pumped stand on its own without the caffeine hyper-rush?

In our opinion, they haven’t taken it that far.

But if you’re looking to spike your current pre workout for an extra veiny boost, or just want to take ANYTHING YOU CAN before one of those dreaded non-caffeine cycle lifts – then you’re in luck with Stimul8 Pumped.

Stimul8 Pumped Quick Review: Stimul8 Pumped is a decent pre workout addition, and an acceptable pump-promoting non-pre workout day addition. The Agmatine will give you a mental boost, as well as a veiny pump with the rest of the ingredients. However, it isn’t a game changer and is actually sparse compared to competing products.

Stimul8 Pumped Ingredients

The whole Stimul8 Pumped formula amounts to about 1 gram of actives as you can see.

Within that one gram, we have:

  • Nitrosigine – A patented form of L-Arginine bonded to silica, both acting synergistically to absorb better, as well as boost pump each on their own.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – A metabolite of arginine which acts as a stimulant as well as is believed to increase nitric oxide.
  • ElevATP – a patented blend of basically fossilized plants and apple extract (not fossilized). You can learn more about ElevATP from Futureceuticals here.

None of the recommended clinical dosages are likely hit for any of these ingredients.

For instance:

  • Nitrosigine’s recommended dosage is: 750 to 1,500 mg.
  • Agmatine’s recommended dosage is: 750 to 1,500 mg.
  • And ElevATP’s recommended dosage is: 150 mg.

Add it all up, and we have a baseline of 1,650 mg… Basically how Stimul8 Pumped should be dosed for a $30 flavorless product.

Overall, we had much higher hopes for Finaflex Stimul8 Pumped. Especially considering many of the extremely positive reviews out there (on the storefronts selling it…). We simply were not experiencing whatever they experienced though. To each his own.

Stimul8 Muscle

Finaflex Stimul8 Muscle ReviewStimul8 Muscle is basically the same as the original Stimul8, but with added creatine monohydrate and peak ATP.

It’s important to point out, that the peak ATP and creatine are included with beta-alanine – all 3 ingredients totaling 3,450 mg.

Therefor it’s near impossible that a single clinical ingredient is hit.

We hereby recommend sticking with standard Stimul8 instead of Stimul8 Muscle.

Stimul8 Loaded

Finaflex LoadedSo, Stimul8 Pumped and Muscle are pretty disappointing – what about Loaded?

Well, Loaded is quite similar to Stimul8 Muscle with the deletion of creatine and the addition of some MCT powder.

Besides that, most things stay the same.

We would recommend Stimul8 Loaded if you are following the keto diet. If not, best to save some cash and just get your stimulant rollercoaster from standard Stimul8.

Concluding Finaflex’s line of pre workouts

As you can see, Finaflex makes quite caffeine eccentric pre workout supplements. With each of their products aside from pump, the stimulant power is the main attraction and other ingredients are minimal at best.
Which should you choose? Well that’s ultimately up to you, are you willing to pay the same price for less servings of a more ‘specialized but not really’ form?


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