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Staunch Nation Koala Freak Review

We really liked Staunch Nation’s Koala Freak pre workout. Its one of the largest formula pre workouts on the market, and, its a super-stim!

Koala Freak. Staunch Nation wasn’t playing games when they made this stuff. One look at the label, and you will know – this pre workout means business.

But, what else would you expect? After all, this is the signature product by Staunch – which is led by this centennial’s Arnold – Calum Von Moger.

So, let’s dive into Koala Freak and dish out this pre workouts full review. Then, later on you can check out our reviews for the other Staunch Nation Supplements.

Koala Freak Ingredient Breakdown / Label

Ridiculous Pump Matrix

Besides the stimulants, the most notable part of Staunch Koala Freak is its large and effective pump matrix. This 8,750 mg complex leads with 6 grams of citrulline malate, which as you know is the clinical dose. From there, the citrulline is complimented with 1,500 mg of Arginine AKG (Alpha Ketoglutarate), a heaping 1,000 mg Agmatine Sulfate, and 125 mg L-Norvaline.

Freak Energy and Focus Matrix

You can’t have freak in your product’s name without a hardcore stimulant matrix, which I exactly what Koala Freak has. Leading the rush in the energy koala-tail we’ve got 360 mg of caffeine anhydrous complimented by 1:1 L-Theanine. The significance of L-Theanine, is that it smooths over the caffeine and allows you to direct your attention without jittering out and having heart palpitations!

Next up in continuation of the energy and focus blend, we’ve got an incredibly hefty 1,000 mg of choline bitartrate. Typically, pre workouts contain about 200 mg of even that… Staunch 5X’s that figure with their ‘more of everything’ mentality for the Koala Freak.

But that’s not it, in addition – Koala Freak’s got 100 mg higenamine, 50 mg hordenine, and 300 mcg Huperzine A. If this total blend doesn’t have your attention… Just take a scoop of Koala Frea and you’re going to have focus and attention for hours!

Strength and Performance Complex

Kicking off the strength and performance complex is a 4,000 mg true clinical beta-alanine dose! Koala Freak is one of the few pre workouts that actually contain this scientifically backed dosage. Next, you’ll find 2,000 mg of beta-pure betaine anhydrous. In addition to helping your pumps go even further, betaine is a proven muscle builder that also boosts endurance via cellular hydration.

And lastly in the strength and performance complex is 450 mg of PEAK ATP. Peak ATP is made by TSI USA and boasts a long list of performance benefits, including increases in: strength, endurance, lean muscle, and muscle density. Pretty legit.

Koala Freak in its natural habitat – The Gym

So, all the ingredients indicate that this should be one crazy, intense, and freakily awesome pre workout. But is it? Here was my personal experience in the gym (team summary at the end)!

DAY 1 – Koala Beginner

Leading up to the first day of taking Koala Freak I was skeptical. After all, I personally like to avoid the heavy stimulants, and, 360 mg of caffeine is to me, heavy. But, I took it regardless, and after 10 minutes the energy and beta-alanine tingles began to kick in.

Upon getting to the gym, I was hyper-focused. For the next two hours, I had undying energy alongside a really good pump. Like, the type of great pump that you usually can’t get after taking more than 250 mg of caffeine. But low and behold, the pump was real!

After the gym, crash was minimal. The energy stuck with me, and after drinking plenty of water I carried out the day as normal (just sore).

DAY 7 – Koala Novice

By day 7, I had become pretty accustomed to the Koala Freak experience. I will admit, that I took 2 days off the gym completely for recovery, and then 1 day with Zero-Stim since I could only make the gym late at night that day.

So, this is technically the 4th time taking Koala Freak. But man, it was still awesome.

Day 14 – Certified Koala Freak

Fourteen days in, and the Koala Freak is still working amazingly. I’ve found, that if I’m lifting after 7 pm, its best to opt for the Zero-Stim so that I’m not awake all night. But any time before then and it’s totally on. I do plan on continuing to take this stuff, and I felt like the pump gets stronger and stronger day by day.

TEAM Summary

We had 3 tubs of Koala Freak, which enabled 6 of us to go 14 days enjoying this Staunch Nation pre workout with a few Zero-Stim breaks in-between. Everybody loved it, but there is definitely a few trends that bring forward the following recommendations:

  1. Be hydrated – Koala Freak will give you so much pump, that blood will be taken from your head and sent to your muscles which causes light-headedness. This is totally avoided by drinking plenty of water.
  2. Don’t’ take it after say, 7 pm. You’ll be up all night. Use Original or Zero-Stim instead at those times.
  3. All 3 flavors were awesome. You can’t go wrong between them.
  4. If you are unsure about if you really need this much caffeine, PRE Original is still a fantastic product. Koala Freak is for those guys LOOKING for a REALLY STRONG pre workout.

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Final Verdict on Staunch Koala Freak

We tested and reviewed Koala Freak and loved it. Definitely anticipate some great ranking action for this quality pre. However, we’ll wait until you guys speak up about how YOU liked it first. So, drop us lines below and let us know your experience + what you think about Staunch Nation.

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