Primeval Labs Pre Workouts

Mega PRE vs Mega PRE Black

Mega Pre vs Mega PRE Black is a battle of stimulant versus non-stimulant. Read below to see if either of these pre workouts are your style of workout boost.

While reviewing pre workouts, most supplements fall into a middle category of mediocrity containing just enough to make them ‘not bad’, but rarely enough to make them great.

While reviewing Mega PRE and Mega PRE Black, it was clear that Primeval Labs focuses on an all-or-nothing manner. Both Mega PRE pre workouts executed large ingredient dosages, and really stepped up to the plate to compete.

This is interesting, in comparison to Primeval Lab’s subsidiary Untamed labs, which provides the unfortunately mediocre ape juice amino acid mix and ape shit pre workout.

For starters, how exactly did Mega PRE and Mega PRE Black feel?

Mega PRE: Experience

For a caffeine free pre workout Primeval Lab’s Mega PRE brings a lot to the table when taken at the 2 scoop serving size. Loads of l-citrulline and l-norvaline pave the way for nitric oxide pumps. A huge dosage of glycerol powder inflates muscles with tight fullness. And a full gram of choline bitartrate accompanied by toothed clubmoss ignites a clean mental focus to power anyone through road blocks.

Sounds like quite the sleezy pitch, but if you can afford to spend $40 per 20 servings… That’s the case.

Mega PRE is a quality pump loaded stim-free pre workout that is really only missing beta-alanine, BCAAs, and the possibility of creatine. From the acute performance side, you really aren’t going to notice these ingredients missing on say a 3 days on, 4 days off lift schedule.

Bottom line: Mega PRE provides an effective caffeine-free pre workout experience that blows away overhyped products like STEEL PUMPED-AF… While costing less! There are a few other competitive stim-free pre workouts on the market, but they aren’t likely to taste as good as Mega PRE.

Mega PRE Black: Experience

The Black version of Mega PRE attempts to bring forward the same great pumps from the original, while supercharging the stimulant matrix to please even the biggest caffeine head.

Overall, they nailed it for the most stimulant-loving users… However, if you are unable to handle the nearly 400 mg of caffeine, like the majority of PWO users… Then you are left hanging by not being able to get the full l-citrulline dosage from 2 scoops.

In that situation, you may be better off mixing 1 scoop of Mega PRE with 1 scoop of Mega PRE Black to find your happy balance.

But for the stimulant junkies, Mega PRE Black does a fantastic job of elevating the energy insanity, while not including questionable ingredients like DMHA. For that, we’re a fan.

Bottom Line: For those seeking the craziest stimulants they can find, Mega PRE Black is a reasonable option. We like that it is highly effective while not containing any ingredients like DMHA. Though, for the average pre workout user, this is overkill and not useful at the full 2 scoop serving size.

Primeval Labs Mega Pre Formulas

In both Primeval Labs Mega PRE formulas, there is no ‘brand new hype secret sauce’ ingredient. Rather, there are several staple points that have been validated both scientifically and anecdotally. Here is our quick explanation for what’s in the tub.

Mega Pre Formula:

  • L-citrulline 3/6 grams: the gold standard for increasing nitric oxide levels before exercise. The only way to improve upon this is to use l-citrulline malate, which also boosts muscular energy.
  • Betaine 1.5/3 grams: a powerful cell volumizer and lean muscle builder.
  • Glycerol 1.0/2 grams: an even more powerful cell volumizer for muscle fullness that feels like pump (1)(2).
  • Choline 500mg/1 gram: arguably one of the best focus aids. Super effective, supper efficacious.
  • L-norvaline 150/300 milligrams: promotes the pump by regulating nitric oxide on the backend.
  • Vasodrive 127/254 milligrams: may improve nitric oxide. There isn’t a lot of information available regarding this ingredient (3)…
  • Huperzine-A 50/100 micrograms: promotes focus by regulating choline on the backend.
Bottom line: Mega PRE contains solid dosages of key pump and muscle fullness ingredients, setting the stage for a good caffeine-free workout.

Mega Pre Black Formula:

  • L-citrulline is the same as Mega PRE.
  • Betaine is the same.
  • L-norvaline is the same.
  • Huperzine-A is the same.
  • An increased 1.0/2 choline split
  • Dynamine 162.5/325 milligrams – NEW: often referred to as the feel-it-now version of theacrine. Dynamine is made by Compound Solutions (4).
  • Caffeine anhydrous 162.5/325 milligrams- NEW: the most common pre workout stimulant, similar to the caffeine boost present in your coffee.
  • ElevATP 75/150 milligrams – NEW: may increase cellular ATP and strength over time.
  • Infinergy Dicaffeine malate 34/68 milligrams – NEW: slow-release caffeine, can last up to 8 hours.
  • N-methyltyramine HCL 25/50 milligrams -NEW: increases energy and focus.
  • Hordinine HCL 25/50 milligrams – NEW: increases energy and focus, most notable when paired with synephrine.
  • Beta-alanine 1.6/3.2 grams – NEW: improves muscle endurance and reduces lactic acid build-up when taken consistently, daily, over time.
Bottom line: Mega PRE Black expands upon its stim-free base to supercharge even the heaviest consumer of caffeine. Approach with caution if you are not a regular caffeine user.

Comparison to other Primeval Labs Pre Workouts

Mega PRE and Mega PRE Black aren’t the only pre workout supplements made by Primeval Labs. Here is a brief summary of their other products.

Apeshit Untamed – a calmed version of Mega PRE Black.

Gorilla Pumps – a significantly calmed version of Mega PRE.

STIM-RUSH V3 – Same niche as Mega PRE Black, with lesser non-stim ingredients.

Ape Juice Amped – Amino acids with some caffeine.

Bottom line: in our opinion, the Mega PRE line contains the most effective pre workouts made by Primeval Labs and its subsidiary companies. The others fall into that ‘mediocre’ window of doom.

Final Verdict on Mega Pre and Mega Pre Black

Both Mega PRE and Mega PRE Black set the stage for epic lifts. If you are a zero-caffeine type of dude, the standard Mega PRE will have you feeling muscularly full and focused. If you are an absolute stim-junkie, then Mega PRE Black will take you back to rage valley. However if you are somewhere in the middle – then you may need to experiment with a single scoop of each, combined, to get that middle-energy experience while not missing out on the key non-stim ingredients.

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