Review of Steel pre workouts


Here is our complete review for Steel Supplements pre workouts AMPED, CHARGED, and PUMPED – made popular by Dan Bilzerian, Jason Huh and Robert Frank.

If you use any form of social media, then you’ve likely been exposed to a variety of different products made by Steel Supplements. It’s not just a case of standard ad-placements either, that we’re naturally used to giving the blind eye to. Instead, Steel Supplements are presented by big names like Dan Bilzerian (Instagram: @DanBilzerian) and Robert Frank (Instagram: @RobertFrank615) directly in video.

Whoa, must be good right? With such high-class recommendations, you’ve got to wonder what the deal is with these supplements.

What particularly caught our eye, was their pre workout AMPED-AF. Though while ordering, we quickly realized that Steel also makes CHARGED-AF and PUMPED-AF… So you know we did it right and ordered all 3 to review, compare and contrast for you.

Steel Supplements Quick Review

AMPED-AF Quick Review: This is the ultra-high stimulant pre workout option out of the 3. You can still stack PUMPED-AF with this, but it’s already at peak caffeine and nootropic capacity.

We liked: Unique blend of hardcore stimulants that other brands won’t take the chance on.

CHARGED-AF Quick Review: Being the first Steel pre workout, CHARGED-AF can be considered a milder high-stimulant experience in comparison to AMPED-AF.

We liked: While very caffeinated, this version is friendlier on the body than AMPED-AF.

PUMPED-AF Quick Review: This is the stimulant-free version that is intended to be stacked with either AMPED-AF or CHARGED-AF. It can also be taken solo.

We liked: An easy way to super-charge other Steel pre workouts and get a legit pump out of them.

Overall Considerations for all 3 pre workouts: Despite being half-decent pre workouts, the exuberant price-tag is not validated by what you get here. Yes, some very influential people are partnered with this brand, but that premium-look doesn’t mean premium formulations. Basically, if you are tight on cash, think twice. If you’re big money balling and just want to get it, to get it, then dive in.

AMPED-AF Full Review – The Super Stimulant

AMPED-AF is the ‘front-line’ pre workout made by Steel Supplements. While it contains the same base-formula as Steel CHARGED-AF, the stimulants in AMPED-AF are significantly greater.

What that means is with AMPED-AF you’re going to get a limit-pushing energy experience. One that a lot of people won’t even be able to handle at a full scoop… However for the stimulant tested few, this will keep you going until you inevitably need to give your adrenals a rest.

The Ingredients in AMPED-AF:

L-citrulline 4 grams

L-citrulline is one of the most widely used ingredients to promote nitric oxide production. For straight l-citrulline, 4 grams is a reasonable dosage, though 6 is preferred for best results.

Beta-alanine 3.2 grams

Beta-alanine improves workout endurance by delaying muscular fatigue caused by rising acidity. This ingredient is best administered daily.

Betaine anhydrous 2.5 grams

Betaine is known as an osmolyte, meaning it loves water and helps to attract water into cells. This in turn promotes peak performance, recovery, and may stimulate greater growth.

Energy and Focus Blend 1.43 grams

  • N-Acetyl-l-tyrosine: used to boost neurotransmitters in the brain (1).
  • Caffeine anhydrous: the most common pre workout ingredient, raises energy just like a cup of coffee.
  • Senegalia berlandieri: Some consider this herb to be a ‘natural amphetamine’, we’re not sure how long this ingredient will be legal (2).
  • Hordenine: a unique source of tyramine often used in energy and weight loss products (3)
  • N-methyl tyramine: may aide in the regulation of blood pressure, likely added to offset stimulants (4).
  • Theophylline: this is a bronchodilator, we’re again not sure how long it will be legal (5).
  • Isopropyl-nor-synephrine: we love synephrine on BWSB, it’s semi-similar to ephedra without nearly as much risk.
  • One3 blend: this is an interesting blend of arecoline hydrobromide and cymbidium goeringii and higinamine likely made to duplicate the effects of DMAA. There are many warnings about arecoline, and we’re not fans (6).
  • Yohimbine hcl: commonly used in pre workouts, yohimbine increases metabolic rate but also can have unpleasant side effects.
  • Huperzine A: a pleasant nootropic ingredient, typically plays nice with others.
Bottom Line on AMPED-AF: If you are looking for an insane-grade pre workout, AMPED-AF fits the bill. Honestly, this stuff would probably be safer if they were able to just stick with DMAA… The extent they’ve had to go to in order to get a similar feel may be pushing it.

CHARGED-AF Full Review – The Original

CHARGED-AF is nearly identical to AMPED-AF. A few years back, the only difference between these two products was that AMPED-AF contained DMAA, and CHARGED-AF didn’t.

Now that DMAA is no longer legal, Steel Supplements had to get creative and hence the long list of ingredients in the stimulant blend as you saw above! While they were at it, they made a few additions as well.

CHARGED-AF doesn’t contain:

  • Sengalia berlandieri (sort of)
  • Hordenine
  • Theophylline
  • One3 blend (sort of)

CHARGED-AF uniquely contains:

  • Juglans regia extract: this herb naturally contains DMHA, the ‘alternative’ to DMAA. This is an odd addition to the CHARGED-AF blend, considering it was supposed to be the DMAA free alternative to AMPED-AF…

Odd-ball similarities:

  • While CHARGED-AF doesn’t contain the entire Sengalia herb, it does have the component n-phenyl dimethylamine.
  • While CHARGED-AF doesn’t contain the patented One3 blend, it does contain Cymbidium goeringii extact as ‘Orchilean’.
  • Both contain synephrine, just different forms.
Bottom line on CHARGED-AF: While CHARGED-AF isn’t going to be quite as insane as AMPED-AF, this is still going to be a wild pre workout experience. Do not expect this pre workout to compare at all to the energy you get from C4… It will crush and surpass it. Start with ¼ a serving.

PUMPED-AF Full Review – Non-caffeinated Version

Unlike AMPED-AF and CHARGED-AF, PUMPED-AF contains a completely unique formula that is stimulant-free. This is the pre workout that you will want to take on late nights, where you need to sleep after you workout. You can also consider stacking it with the other Steel Supplements pre workouts, though, that’s up to you.

The Ingredients in PUMPED-AF

  • Hydromax glycerol 2.5 grams: this is a fantastic pump promoter that works independently from nitric oxide.
  • Agmatine sulfate 1 gram: a potent nitric oxide increasing ingredient that doesn’t play nice with l-citrulline.
  • Beet root 1 gram: intended to raise nitric oxide via nitrogen.
  • Kre-alkalyn creatine 750 mg: A buffered form of creatine for increasing strength.
Bottom line on PUMPED-AF: If you are willing to pay $50 for a stimulant-free pre workout, then this Steel Supplements option will certainly give you a pump. Though, it’s really not priced competitively compared to other popular stim-free pre workout options.

The Background on Steel Supplements

From our perspective, Steel Supplements is more of a ‘cool’ brand than it is a ‘scientifically-formulated’ one. While their androgenic products appear to be as strong as can be legally sold, and AMPED-AF is as stimulant-loaded as possible – several other components are overlooked while entire products are massively over-priced.

It appears that Steel Supplements is owned by Jason Huh (Instagram: @JasonHugeHuh), and operated out of this warehouse located at 1742 Independence Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34234. A clothing brand, Coalition Monarchs (Instagram: @CoalitionMonarchs) is also operated out of this location, owned by Jason.

We really couldn’t find any other info on Steel Supplements, as their about us page is pretty bleak. But something that every potential customer should know, is that Steel Supplements doesn’t accept returns… And discloses this on every product page.

Final Verdict on Steel Supplements Pre Workout Line

If you really want to be taking the same pre workout as Dan Bilzerian or Robert Frank, then you’ve found it… But you’re going to be paying extra for the actual formula that you are receiving.

Are these supplements truly worth the price? Do these Instagram celebrities actually take the products, or only promote them? Hard to say.

But on a day-to-day basis, you won’t see us taking Steel Supplements pre workouts as there are simply higher-quality, less expensive options available in our opinion. Likewise, they are crazily high on the stimulants, like Blackstone Labs pre workout DUST X.

Does that mean we won’t occasionally buy Steel products just to have a crazy weekend lifting with friends from out of town? Come on, of course we will. Nothing like throwing a bottle of the same pre workout that Bilzerian takes at your friend!

So what was your experience and how do you feel about these pre workouts? Comment below.

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