Ape Shit Review

Ape Shit Untamed Review

Have you ever wondered what “ape shit’ feels like? Well apparently this pre workout can help you out, because it certainly doesn’t taste like shit. Read our full review here.

Across the web, the media buzz about Ape Shit pre workout is exceptionally positive. Our experience backed that to a degree, but not all the way.

Basically, Ape Shit works to increase energy – but it isn’t what we’d classify as a super pre workout.

Rather, Ape Shit is a new wave of average that’s reasonably stimulated but short on the critical ingredients that could make it goal-specific.

What is goal-specific for a pre workout?

Goal specific would be if a pre workout contains clinically dosed ingredients geared towards goals, aside from caffeine. For instance, Citrulline Malate and Betaine for performance/growth. Or, BCAAs for endurance.

Ape Shit doesn’t contain ingredients like these in realistic dosages, just a well-balanced energy matrix with a touch of pump.

Quick Review: The energy formula in Ape Shit is spot on for the ‘feel good’ moderate caffeine pre workout user. For a yohimbine containing product, there aren’t any sweaty palms or negative side effects, which is a fat burning plus. Overall, Ape Shit is a great tasting C4 competitor.

Quick Strengths: Tastes awesome, low cost.

Quick Weaknesses: At two servings, leaves only 20 per container. No significant ingredients for increasing endurance, strength, or muscle gain.

How to take Untamed Labs Ape Shit: Take Ape Shit 15-20 minutes before workout. If taking two scoops, you can take 30 minutes before without risking burnout.

Ape Shit IngredientsRanking Factors

Energy Effects 8/10: Clean and Jitter Free

The energy complex in Ape Shit is simple, but extremely well rounded. The whole stimulant matrix is a proprietary formula that’s 400 mg at 1 scoop and 800 mg at 2.

Choline – The Ape Shit formula contains two forms of choline (choline bitartrate and citicholine) which improve energy and feel good focus. Since it’s the first ingredient in the formula, it is in the largest dosage.

Caffeine – You’ll find 3 different types of caffeine in this pre workout. The differences have to do with the duration of energy effects. Caffeine citrate hits the quickest and fades the quickest, caffeine anhydrous is a standard caffeine experience, and dicaffeine malate lasts significantly longer than standard.

Yohimbine HCL – Typically we don’t enjoy pre workouts that contain any form of Yohimbe due to side effects like sweaty hands and palipitations… However these side effects do not occur when yohimbe is properly dosed like in Ape Shit. For both single and double servings, we did not have any issues. Benefits to Yohimbe include energy and fat burning boosts.

Huperzine A – A fantastic focus improving ingredient, works well alongside choline and caffeine.

Strength Effects 7/10 All On You

During the review period, we really didn’t get any perception of enhanced strength from Ape Shit. Perhaps in their previous versions, strength was enhanced, but not with this one – at both 1 and 2 scoops.

Endurance Effects 7/10 Again All On You

The Ape Shit formula contains citrulline, betaine, taurine, and beta-alanine. At two scoops, these are decently dosed and will help with your endurance events. However at 1 scoop, there will not be an effect.

Crash / Aftermath Effects 9/10

Since the stimulant complex is well rounded, crash really isn’t an issue.

Taste 9/10

This pre workout tastes fantastic. Lots of sucralose, but tastes good.

Price / Value 8/10

If you’re only interested in taking 1 scoop servings, the value isn’t too bad. However, if you’re taking 2 scoops then I hope you get a good deal when you buy.

Similar Products:

PES Prolific is a prime comparison. Between the two, Prolific wins for price/value/effectiveness.

Review Conclusions 8/10 Reliable energy, not too strong

Overall, Ape Shit is a much tamer pre workout than we were expecting. Animalistic pre workout fury? Not quite. Really, the labeling is the only thing aggressive about this pre workout.

If you’re a stimulant junkie, then you’ll hate this pre workout. If you’re looking for serious pump and strength gains, you won’t like it. If you’re looking to significantly improve your endurance, nada. However if you just want a dose of clean energy to pump you up before you lift – then go Ape Shit.

Final Verdict on Ape Shit

Ape Shit is a viable creatine free pre workout option if you’re looking for a sleek energy source. Likewise, it makes a great gift due to its branding alone.

Ape Shit is ideal for both men and women, with both 1 and 2 scoop servings.

Though aside from its energy boost, it really can’t compete with more value-driven large formula pre workout supplements.

Note: You can squeeze out more energy and endurance from Ape Shit by combining it with untamed labs caffeinated amino acid supplement Ape Juice Amped (read review).

Have you tried Ape Shit or Ape Juice? Comment below and share your experience!

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