Quantum T Test Booster Review

M Theory Quantum T Review: AM/PM Test Stack

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to take two test boosters at the same time for insane gains… Well, M Theory supplies you with both an AM and PM test boosting blend for maximum testosterone support!

When it comes to reviewing natural test boosters, we at BWSB have very little mercy. If you scroll around our site, you will see that we review a few test boosters, but not a whole lot compared to the troves of pre workout supplements, BCAAs, and proteins.

Why is it like this? Do we not like natural test boosters? Actually, we freaking love natural test boosters. When executed correctly, they can make up for small diet mistakes, improve mood, aggression, masculinity, and oh yeah – get some epic gains in the gym!

The real reason why you don’t see very many testosterone booster reviews on BWSB is because most of the products we try are garbage, and we don’t want to waste our time writing about them, nor defending our opinion against the angry supplement brands we would be dissing.

But despite how most of the test boosters out there are total garbage…

The M-Theory Quantum T [AM/PM Stack] Is the Best we’ve Ever Had

Quantum T by M Theory is a two part test booster. First, you have your Quantum T AM which you take once daily in the morning (two pills). Then, you have your Quantum T PM which you take before going to sleep (two pills).

The results? Better sleep, higher testosterone, and more vitality!
Whats in Quantum T Test Booster

M-Theory Quantum T AM Ingredients

Vitamin D3 [7,500 IU]

Vitamin D3 is one of the most commonly over looked vitamins that are essential to not only testosterone production, but performance as a whole.

We are massive Vitamin D3 supplementation advocates, just take a look at our Best Vitamin D3 Supplements guide. The research in favor of vitamin D3 supplementation is overwhelming and current! To the point that certain studies have witnessed changes in performance seasonally in reference to time in the sun!

Boron [6 mg]

Boron, is much less known – but nearly equal in importance to testosterone production. While we haven’t made a guide yet for boron, research suggests that daily boron supplementation can raise testosterone (28%) and reduce estrogen levels (38%) in men. That’s pretty huge. You can check out that study here.

KSM-66 Ashwaganda Extract [600 mg]

When you compare all of the herbs available on the market for raising testosterone, Ashwaganda is probably the best. Of that, KSM 66 is the highest quality Ashwaganda extract available, period.

In addition to stimulating natural testosterone production, Ashwaganda also: reduces stress, improves performance, reduces fatigue, and improves mental clarity. You can learn more about KSM 66 on their website.

Fenugreek 4:1 [300 mg]

Fenugreek is an extremely common testosterone boosting herb. Typically, you will only find 100 to 200 mg of fenugreek in a product, but Quantum T contains a strongly dosed 300 mg 4:1 extract!

Fenugreek both normalizes hormones as well as acts to raise testosterone levels from low levels into a higher, healthy range.

Forslean Forskolin [150 mg]

Forskolin is a common ingredient made popular by fat burning products. However, time and time again in clinical studies evaluating forskolins effect of fat metabolism – researchers noticed a change in testosterone production. That change was an increase!

For that, we recognize forskolin as a notable testosterone boosting ingredient.

DIM [200 mg]

DIM is a pretty cool compound found in broccoli. What it does, is moderate the way your body deals with estrogen. Current research suggests that DIM reduces conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen, as well as reduces the production of bad estrogen in favor of good estrogen (yes there are two types). You can learn more about DIM supplement benefits here.

Bioperine [5 mg]

Bioperine is included to improve uptake of the other ingredients. This is why 99% of legit supplements contain it.

M-Theory Quantum T PM Ingredients

Magnesium AAC [350 mg]

Magnesium is an essential mineral that has been found to support testosterone production along with countless cellular functions. Despite this, the majority of athletes are deficient in magnesium. Taking magnesium before bed can also promote deeper sleep by relaxing muscles.

Zinc AAC [30 mg]

Zinc is another important mineral for testosterone production as well as maintaining a strong immune system. We encourage you to read about the many benefits of combining Zinc and Magnesium together in our best ZMA supplements guide.

Mucuna Pruriens 98% L-Dopa [300 mg]

Macuna Pruriens is an awesome ingredient to take at night for promoting better rest, more testosterone, and more growth hormone!

I first experimented with Macuna Pruriens 10 years ago with USP Labs growth hormone product “Powerful”. Needless to say, I loved the stuff! Quantum T PM has more Macuna Pruriens than Powerful, for practically the same price. This is my new go-to source for Macuna (also known as velvet bean extract).

Bioperine [5 mg]

For absorption, you know this!

Melatonin [1 mg]

Melatonin is made naturally by your body and helps to regulate sleep. Quantum T PM contains a small 1 mg dosage of Melatonin which is the perfect amount for promoting a deeper, more restful sleep, all while not throwing your own melatonin production off course like Fade Out may do (containing way too much melatonin).

M Theory Quantum T Results – Why it’s the Best

Raising testosterone is by far the hardest thing to do naturally if you are already rooted in unhealthy habits. It is even harder, when you lay all that responsibility on a supplement (considering most of the testosterone supplements out there are garbage)!

Luckily, Quantum T promotes testosterone production from the back-end, as well as straight on!

Even if your diet sucks, raising your D3, Magnesium, and Zinc is going to promote more test. Likewise, getting a deeper sleep from the PM blend is going to lead to more testosterone and less stress/estrogen.

From there, ashwaganda can do its adaptogen thing and stimulate all around test production while reducing stress responses.

Clearly put, Quantum T is designed to actually raise your T.

How to get the best results with Quantum T

It’s great to improve your testosterone levels and become better, but what if you want to become the best you can become? To get serious results, Quantum T can really help, but we also have some recommendations.

These are recommendations that we’ve been making since the inception of this website, before we found reliable test boosters.

View the full articles here (they are older, but still decent):

To summarize, if you want to make the most of your Quantum T cycle and gain some extra pounds as well as maintain it all after you stop taking it… Your lifestyle is going to need to be on point.

We’re talking:

  • 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Cut out processed food
  • Eat 1-2 grams of protein per pound body weight daily
  • Strength Train with Aggression
  • Get Competitive and make zero exceptions or excuses

If you can follow these basic principles, you can naturally improve your results. Slam on top of that a product like Quantum T, and you are going to raise your test levels and improve your performance, period. Even if your lifestyle isn’t perfect.

Our Experience with Quantum T AM and PM Test Booster

Before taking Quantum T, the staff really hadn’t played around with test boosters for over 4 months. We’ve been working a lot, but missing sleep and compromising diet in order to get extra time in the gym.

Once we started taking Quantum T, things started picking up.

Day one, really didn’t notice any differences as you would expect. But that night, taking Quantum PM had its perks. The next morning, I woke up feeling exceptionally revived even though I only squeezed in 6 hours of sleep. With that extra sleep, the day went much more smoothly, and that’s how the next 7 days proceeded.

After the first 7 days, things got better.

I could feel, and the staff also noted, that general stress was at an all-time low, and masculine energy to carry out tasks was elevated. Likewise, gym sessions were getting longer and more intense, even though we were taking a break from pre workouts!

Jumping ahead to 14 days in, our physiques are now more defined, and power in the gym has improved. The best way to describe the whole sensation of taking Quantum T, is that we’re not stifled by being tired, zero mental exhaustion, things are just… Good. Likewise, aggression and confidence is high!

Day 30 brought with it the end of Bottle 1 for both AM and PM Quantum T mixes. At this point, we all realized that none of us wanted to stop taking this test booster. This is a contrast to other test boosting products we’ve taken, were by day 30 very little has been noticed.

However with Quantum T, sleep is no longer a problem, energy is up, stress is down, and our bodies are showing it through aesthetics, size, strength, and lean mass!

During the course of this review period, all staff members have made gains in either building strength or muscle (depending on goal and diet).

We did notice that those of us eating better and focusing more on proper sleep did get better results. But around the table, even staff members with sucky diets and lifestyles (club on the weekends) managed to squeeze some gains out over these 30 days that honestly, they never should have gotten.

We’re going to continue taking Quantum T for the next 60 days concluding a full 90 day cycle. We look forward to updating this article around 3/26/2017 to give you the full scoop. But as of now, this is the most effective natural product we have EVER taken for raising testosterone. So much so that it easily takes the #1 spot on our best testosterone boosters.

Likewise, Quantum T is easy to get ahold of with free Amazon Prime shipping! If you want to find a legit natural test booster, take advantage of our experience… This is the one.

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