Habits for Raising Testosterone and Building Muscle

6 Habits for Getting Higher Testosterone Levels

Yes, test booster supplements are great. But what if you didn’t need to spend that cash? Well, you don’t have to! Follow these tips from our expert writers and naturally increase your testosterone without supplementation.

As men we face an intimidating uphill battle as we try to maximize our testosterone to improve performance and ultimately lifestyle. This age of machine-made food and distracting tech has set the perfect trap for naïve men. You can feel good now by watching this, or feel full and satisfied fast by ordering that; everyone else is doing it… But hopefully in the back of your head you remember that all of this doesn’t stray far from the adage: “the only free cheese is in a mousetrap”.

So what exactly do you need to do to break away? Well, doing your own thing is a good start. Here are some tips on how you can do your own thing in ways that will maximize your testosterone levels. Tips that will bring you better performance, clarity, determination, and an overall improved lifestyle with very little effort.

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So you know, we are not doctors. But we have spent a lot of time researching this topic for our own personal bodybuilding and alpha-male nature. With that being said, be sure to do your own due diligence as your body is your own. Just don’t, don’t keep doing what everyone else is doing.

6 Habits for Higher Testosterone

Habits for Raising Test Levels

Testosterone Maximizing Habit #1: Stance like a Man All the Time

Get this, your stance effects your mood, appearance of power, and yes your physical testosterone plus cortisol levels. See, as humans we have countless adaptations based on characteristics that have helped us to survive. Of them, a biologically engraved psychological hierarchy system exists where when someone demonstrates power via open, tall, confident postures – your brain thinks that in order for you to survive you need to avoid confrontation and be the beta male. Clearly, this internal process is no longer relevant to current times so why not make the mental initiative to take advantage of it…

Here are the facts:

As discussed in Psychological Science back in 2005, expansive postures were found to stimulate the endocrine shift towards higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol (cortisol is the ‘stress’ hormone). More interestingly, it was found that non-expansive postures like cowering or being enclosed actually resulted in the inverse – testosterone levels dipped and cortisol levels rose. Not good. You can view an easy to read evaluation of posture here on Scientific American or more impressively via this TED talk session.

#2 Raise Testosterone by Holding in Your Chi

Hate it or embrace it, the following influences everyone’s testosterone heavier than you would assume. We’re talking ejaculation; self-meditated or as nature intended. Do it too frequently, and bro you are living below the status quo on testosterone production. At least compared to where you could be. At the other end of the spectrum, completely withholding may be just as damaging. There IS a healthy in-between.

Straight facts on this testosterone boosting habit:

After ejaculation there are 6 days of low-testosterone aftermath. This may be caused by a neurological stimulation, or by lack of minerals… It’s not entirely clear. But what is known is that testosterone dips for 6 days after the grand release and then on the 7th day spikes to above average levels. You can read about this study in greater detail here. Our grand takeaway goes something like this… Do not go long periods of time ‘releasing’ in short time frames. Rather, control your body and go roughly 14 days between. This habit will improve your testosterone for better gym gains all the while improving your interpersonal relationships with women (research that yourself).

#3 Be a Creature of Light or Predator of the Ocean

Eating plenty of fresh fish and getting time in the sun are both highly effective ways to up your vitamin D intake. What’s the primary benefit of upping your D that we are concerned with? Testosterone of course. There are countless studies that blatantly state the FACT that inadequate vitamin D will hinder your test production all-the-while getting plenty of D will give you a sweet boost in the big T.

What’s our twist on this story you’ve already heard. Well, our twist is where the D is coming from. We say, get it from your food or get it from Ra. Time and time again this will be more effective and you will also get countless other benefits in the process.

Competition Helps Raise Testosterone

#4 Competition Increases your T Levels (Challenge Hypothesis)

Think about every time you’ve gone head to head against other males. Beforehand, you wanted to win; but during the actual activity you want to dominate. Something comes upon you and the game is changed in your brain. Winning becomes everything. Well, it turns out there is a significant testosterone response when you are competing with other males. A testosterone response that with the right mental focus you can augment and use to your advantage in nearly any interaction. You can read about the challenge hypothesis here. What do we recommend? Take things serious and attack your goals like a boss. Do whatever you need to do to get in that mindset. It’s that mindset that raises your test levels and promotes you naturally using habit #1 hard.

#5 Eat to Support Manliness

Eating a proper mans diet is absolutely essential for keeping your test levels nice and high. If you’ve got nothing, don’t know what that means, or want to see what you’ve got then we recommend you check out our core foods for building muscle. These core foods focus on protein, nutrients, healthy fats, and low glycemic digestion. Replace some of that processed freezer crap with a few of these staple points and your testosterone levels and physical status will make a change for the better.

#6 Alcohol Face-Palms Testosterone, Stop Drinking It

This will hit hard for a lot of guys, and you can hate on this if you want – but alcohol is a testosterone killer. If you’ve come to this page with the mentality that your test levels are too low, or simply that you want to boost its way up; then let go of the drink. As you can see in this Science article, regular drinking turns your liver into a testosterone degrading machine.

Tips for Raising Testosterone LevelsFor us, drinking and entering that altered state of mind is not worth the cost it charges to our primary state. You can make that call for yourself, it’s your life after all.

This brings our 6 habits for raising testosterone levels to an end. In all, if you can adopt a few of these habits you will be stronger for it. But, in all, we hope you at least enjoyed these tips and followed our cited sources to learn a bit more on all these habits and how they affect your test levels and mentality. Enjoy the rest of the site if you’re into bodybuilding, exercising, and becoming a stronger person in general. You can hit us up below with any questions or additions to this.

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