Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements for Men 2017

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This is the Official List of the Best Pre Workout Supplements

If you’re looking for a pre workout supplement with a proven track record, then you’ve come to the right place. For our rankings, we steer clear from all the hype and blown-up fishing stories and focus on exactly what matters: results. The pre workouts that make it to our top 10 pre workout supplements list have proven themselves time and time again by delivering better workouts, and overall better results. We have reviewed countless weight lifters just like you in order to compile the absolute best supplement top 10 list there is.

About our Authors:
The authors at this site are passionate about fitness, and improving their physical strength and power. We have firsthand experience with all of these products. In addition, we have gotten hundreds of reviews per workout supplement. If you do not agree with any of our rankings, feel free to comment below. A large part of our ranking system relies on the opinions and experiences of weight trainers like you. In addition, like all products pre workout supplements are always undergoing re-formulation and modification. Therefore, what is working well today may not be the case tomorrow. Due to that, its helpful for us, and every single one of our readers for you to leave your latest results and experiences with the pre workout you are currently taking. Lastly, if you like what we are doing here, like our top 10 pre workout supplements with the Facebook or Google + button. We appreciate the respect.

Top pre workout supplements worthy of respect in gyms across the world. These pre workouts got where they are because of what’s inside them and what they do; not from buying every page in a fitness magazine. Stop tolerating half-ass formulations of the month; get on board with the official top 10 pre workout supplements list for bodybuilders and athletes.

Starting with #10

The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Men

#10 Muscletech Anarchy

If you enjoy a fast energy shot before the gym that’s as easy to take as it is inexpensive – Muscletech Anarchy may fit the bill for you. This 5 gram per serving pre workout is a micro-dosed energy shot that contains a mixture of different stimulants and focus enhancers.

In Anarchy you will find: 190 mg caffeine, 100 mg choline bitartrate, and 20 mg yohimbe. There are other ingredients, but we feel that these are the only ones that will make an impact on your workout.

This supplement is a great option if you are new to pre workout supplements and want a moderate energy boost but nothing too crazy or extreme. Additionally, this isn’t a pump, strength, or endurance formulated pre workout. For that type of pre workout, continue on the list!

Arnold Iron Pump

Features for Muscletech Anarchy

  • Incredibly Inexpensive
  • Tiny Dose at 5 grams
  • Medium range energy
  • Beginner’s energy shot
  • Contains Yohimbe (pro/con)
  • Not Ideal for those looking to “upgrade”
  • View our Anarchy Review

#9 Betancourt B-NOX Pre Workout Powder (previously bullnox)

Here is our review of Bullnox before its reformulation…

Bullnox Androrush pre workout is more than just a supplement, it’s an experience. Taking Bullnox is a surefire ultimate hulk-mode inducer without the gamma radiation. This pre workout functions by delivering a multi-creatine power alongside stimulants, a modest pump matrix, and natural testosterone ignition.

What that means is – when you take Bullnox Androrush, your inner masculine characteristics are going to come out. You’re going to become more aggressive, more determined, stronger, and have greater muscle gains. This pre workout supplement ranks second on the top 10 pre workout supplements list, Simply because it doesn’t fully deliver on the pump.

At least that’s how it used to be.

Recently, Bullnox was reformulated and became the new Betancourt B-NOX, which essentially has only half of the active ingredients in it that Bullnox had. With this formula change, comes our demotion of B-NOX from #2 to #9. You can read about all the changes in our B-NOX Review

Betancourt Bullnox Androrush

Features for Betancourt Bullnox Pre Workout

  • Supposed Testosterone Activation
  • Creatine for Increased Strength
  • Moderate Vascular Pump
  • Proprietary Blend
  • 12 Grams of Carbohydrates
  • Caffeine Energy and Focus
  • Recently Demoted from #2 to #9

The Demotion of B-NOX hits us pretty hard here at BWSB. After all, we pretty much put the spotlight on Bullnox back in 2013 and made it the popular pre workout it become. Now, we are forced to punish the monster we created for it becoming spoiled and weak.

#8 Ronnie Coleman “Yeah Buddy” Pre Workout

Ranking in at #8 is the stimulant lovers treat Yeah Buddy by the one and only Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. In Yeah Buddy, you will find a cocktail of stimulants that all add up to one massively energetic experience!

Where Anarchy was medium on the energy scale, Yeah Buddy pre workout is far above in the intense range.

Though like Anarchy, we didn’t experience any pump or real endurance effects from this pre workout… Just straight forward strong stimulant energy, excitement, and power. This is kind of like the grown-up version of Anarchy.

Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy Pre Workout

Features for Yeah Buddy Pre Workout

  • Massive stimulant blend
  • Small 8 g serving size
  • Great tasting pre workout
  • Relatively New Addition
  • Contains Yohimbine HCL
  • Part of Ronnie Coleman Sig Series

#7 Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout Supplement

It has taken us nearly a year to admit it, but Mr. Hyde is a beast pre workout. Now days we see men and women alike taking this super energy pre workout and absolutely tearing up the gym. This is honestly one of the strongest stimulant pre workouts on this list and will not be for everyone. But, if you crave the energy wave, then this has ‘take me’ written all over it.

With Mr. Hyde, you get nearly 550 milligrams of stimulants, a solid 2.5 gram dose of beta-alanine, fast acting creatine HCl, and a light pump matrix. Put 40 servings in a tub and have it cost under $30…. Bam! We have a value. For the stimulant lover, this is a great choice. But if you want all the benefits a pre workout has to offer, continue down to the top 3 choices.

ProSupps Pre Workout

Features for Pro Supps Mr. Hyde

  • Off the Chain Energy
  • Creatine HCl Power
  • Long lasting power
  • An Absolute Wild Ride!
  • Strictly a Stimulant Pre Workout
  • Not Beginner Approved
  • View ProSupps HYDE vs Jekyll

The Best Pre Workouts

Best Pre Supplements

Remember, these 10 pre workout supplements are selected out of hundreds! Just because one has not been rated as the #1 supplement, does not mean it can’t give you an amazing workout. All of the pwo’s featured on this page are worthy of respect. Take it all one step farther and make sure that your diet before working out is solid too! We like what the guys at have to say about workout food before exercise.

#6 Cellucor C4 Extreme

Cellucor C4 is one of the best pre workout supplements out there today, don’t let its #6 place downgrade it in your mind. If you need a pre workout that you can take every single day, and still get powerful results; C4 is for you. With C4 extreme, you get strong focus, energy, beta-alanine tingles, creatine nitrate instant power, and L-arginine vasodilation.

We know countless guys that tried Cellucor C4 years back, and are still taking it to this day. A large portion of the supplements industry is still behind the ball in achieving the absorption ability of Cellucor’s nitrate based delivery system. This is why Cellucor is able to deliver competitive effects with modest dosage. All and all, C4 extreme is a well rounded, solid product.

Note: C4 has been reformulated in 2015. With this reformulation also came the creation of 4 more variants of C4: Mass, Ripped, 50X, and Neuro. We reviewed all of these, and without any doubts, the original and Neuro are the best C4s available.

Ripped, 50X, and Mass all fall short by not delivering on their promises. The shred matrix in ripped in weak, all Mass has is extra sugar, and 50X just isn’t necessary. However, C4 Neuro is a pre workout that gets the job done mentally in the gym. Of Course, the pre workouts ranked higher on this list deliver great focus plus things like pump and endurance…

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Drink

Cellucor C4 Quality Pre Workout

  • Small serving, hits fast
  • Modest Nitric Oxide Pump
  • Immediate Stimulant Power
  • Beta-alanine Endurance
  • Respected by Many
  • Strong 2015 Reformulation
  • Read all our C4 Reviews here

The Top 5 Pre Workout Supplements for Men

Now entering the very best pre workouts available. These are the pre supplements that give bodybuilders the power they need to get huge. Have you taken any of these? If so, tell us about your experience in a comment below.

#5 SuperPump MAX Classic Pre Workout

As one of the original pre workout brands, Gaspari started a movement when they made SuperPump Max. Years later to the present, Rich Gaspari still has a cult-like following that loyally sticks by the brand.

Inside SuperPump Max there’s a long list of ingredients per every 16 gram serving. However, this is one of those ‘proprietary’ pre workouts. This means, that we don’t actually know the exact ingredient amounts per serving.

But, what is worth mentioning is you are getting a stimulant mixture of caffeine and Glucuronolactone which is very effective in the energy department. Additionally, based on effects – the rest of the formula isn’t too bad either.

Clearly, it’s not one of our top recommended pre workouts – but based on its effects and long standing legacy, it deserves recognition on this list!

Superpump max pre workout

SuperPump Max Notes and Features

  • One of the first pre workouts
  • Caffeine and Glucuronolactone
  • Contains 3 g carbs per serving
  • Proprietary Formula
  • Worth Trying Once
  • Gaspari Nutrition’s Legacy

You made it to the Top 4 Best Pre Workouts

Finally, let us make our true introduction. This is a bodybuilding website run by a bunch of guys that really love working out. Our gym bags are beat up and torn from hitting the gym 6 days a week for as long as we can remember. Our staff ranges in age from 20 to 37 years old and our goal is to spread the word to our fellow brothers about the best pre workout supplements.

Here is where things get real on this page.

So here we go, bodybuilder to bodybuilder – here are the top 4 pre workouts that put us into beast mode like no other, or as our older and wiser staff members’ simply say- here’s what I take. If you like what you see, we’ve connected to additional information through the image link. If you like what you see and want to leave us a comment, or if you have a question or concern – drop us a line at the bottom. Also, do us a solid and share this page on Facebook. We can use the exposure.

#4 Musclepharm Assault – The 4th Best Pre Workout

Musclepharm Assault is respected by bodybuilders, athletes, and fighters alike. Existing before the new Wreckage, this is a comprehensive pre workout supplement that is designed to elevate your performance during your workout. This product will make you stronger and better, you just may need extra recovery time after it wears off. Consider it a more-rounded pre workout designed for heavy workouts without the D-aspartic acid or elevated l-citrulline. Assault is ideal for anyone looking to get serious about their strength training and results. If you’re the type of guy that lifts with his bros, get all hyped up, and are determined to be the strongest in your group; Assault is your supplement to take. Overall, Musclepharm Assault is a respectable pre workout supplement for years to come.

Want to know who all knows about Assault? Bloody everybody, and we really hate Musclepharm for that. When a pre workouts really special, you don’t want everyone taking it, you want it to be reserved for the guys that truly appreciate a good pre. Nevertheless, we still take assault on the regular because it works. period. There’s no way for us to explain assault for you, other than by saying ‘its all there’. Though if you’re bleeding and stabbing for us to isolate this pre workout from the rest, we’ve come to this conclusion. Musclepharm Assault is the best back-day pre workout you can take. It doesn’t overly focus on pump, and doesn’t keep you out of tune with proper form and motion. Instead, this stuff just makes you solid, strong, and good to go for an effing long time. Don’t let that description lead you to think that this isn’t a balls hard pre workout though, or else you’d be mistaken. Assault is with honors one of the strongest pre workouts out there.

Assault Pre Workout Booster

Musclepharm Assault Strong Pre Workout

  • Nitrate Delivery Pathway
  • Powerful Amino Acids
  • Nitric Oxide Pump
  • Aggressive Creatine Power
  • Hydration and Endurance
  • Strong Stimulant Energy
  • View Assault Review

#3 Nutrex Outlift- All-In-One PWO

Outlift is a hardy clinical dose inspired pre workout made by the brand Nutrex. We really like that each serving of Outlift contains 8 grams citrulline malate and 6 grams BCAAs in the proper 2:1:1.

Digging deeper, your even getting a good beta-alanine dosage at 3.2 grams per serving… not bad!

But, this pre workout has its shortfalls. For instance, the energy complex in Outlift is 350 mg of straight caffeine. While this is a good energy maker, its not the well-rounded type of go-hard energy that we’ve come to expect from common day pre workouts.

Digging deeper, this pre workout also contains 3 grams of creatine monohydrate plus 576 mg of sodium (24% DV). Mixing a large dose of caffeine with creatine monohydrate and a surprisingly large sodium dose is a bit strange to us.

Overall we really like this pre workout for its large citrulline malate, BCAA, and beta-alanine dosages which represent a trend in the right direction. Going further, these clinically dosed ingredients will deliver results over the long term. But, certain aspects of this pre workout are not executed to their full potential like our top ranking pre workouts on this list as well as ORIGIN PRE.

Nutrex Outlift Powerhouse Pre Workout

Unique Specs for Nutrex Outlift Pre Workout

  • 8 Grams Citrulline Malate
  • 6 Grams BCAA at 2:1:1 Ratio
  • Long Lasting Pump
  • Comparable to VPX BANG Master Blaster
  • Read our full Outlift Review

#2 JYM- Pre Jym Pre Workout

Pre Jym is the latest of the best pre workout supplements developed by the respected Jim Stoppani. With an impressive resume, Jim Stoppani is a successful bodybuilder and PhD. His personal approach to bodybuilding is science-based and focuses on pure ingredients. This has translated into Pre Jym by the utilization of no fillers, no proprietary doses (exact amounts of everything are on the label), and no hype.

We’ve all taken pre-jym, and all things aside this pre workout is sentimental to us. Finally, a pre workout being made with a focus on clinical results and building real muscle, right? Ok, back to our purpose. The first thing we took down with pre-jym was the ‘hit’, ‘prime’, or what others like to call ‘activation’. We all averaged activation within 15-20 minutes of taking pre-jym, and concluded the same feelings of beta-alanine presence, the beginning of stimulant energy, and that good ‘old ‘creatine power’ feeling that parallels a pump sensation. fast-forward into the workout, pre-jym performed strong. Although pre-jym isn’t designated as a pump product, we all had a recognition worthy pump sensation. Though the main take home ‘feeling’ with pre-jym is the creatine power, and the energy complex that does a number at boosting endurance. Looking forward, we’ll continue to keep pre-jym in our go-to pre workout inventory.

Benefits of Stoppani’s new Pre JYM

  • All-In-One Formula
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Pure Ingredients
  • Clinically Inspired
  • #2 Recommended Pre Workout
And the best pre workout supplement of 2017 is,

#1 Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK – The Worlds Best Pre Workout

Many companies have tried, but only Transparent Labs has succeeded at creating a specialized pre workout that, not only enhances your workout experience (while in the gym), but also directly contributes to increased lean muscle following your workouts. After we tried PreSeries BULK, it was as if we took the benefits from all of our “top 5” pre workout supplements and mixed them together to create the best pre workout of all time.

While taking PreSeries BULK, you’re going to experience amazing mental focus and energy, all while lifting with pump-induced muscles. This is due to the massive (and clinically effective) dosage of Citrulline Malate (6 grams) for pump, which is non-hindered by an extremely powerful and clean stimulant blend that goes far beyond basic caffeine (pre-jym) and into ingredients that actually make your brain perform smarter.

Along with the pump and energy, PreSeries BULK also includes endurance benefits that are important to address as well. We couldn’t believe it… but PreSeries BULK has a massive 4 gram beta-alanine dosage alongside a full 4 gram BCAA 2:1:1 blend. This is a real-world clinically effective beta-alanine dosage that will make you go harder and longer than those weak 1-2 gram beta-alanine pre workouts.

That is why BULK offers a great experience, but why does Bulk offer serious gains that other pre workouts can’t offer? PreSeries BULK boosts your gains to the next level by taking those 4 grams of BCAAs and adding a whopping 2.5 grams of anabolic betaine, all alongside a testosterone support system that will benefit any man by providing boron, zinc, and vitamin D3. As you can see, we love this pre workout on paper, in the gym, and outside the gym with the benefits of true gains without the burnouts from over-caffeinated products.

Hands down – PreSeries BULK is the best pre workout supplement we’ve ever reviewed here at BestWorkoutSupplementBlog. We recommend trying it for a couple months and accurately tracking your progress, whether you’re bulking or cutting and using coupon “BULK10” for a 10% friends and family discount on all TL products.

Why PreSeries Bulk is the Best

  • The Most Effective Pre Workout to Date
  • Clinically Dosed with Proven Ingredients
  • Made for Building Lean Muscle Mass
  • Will Give You Massive Pumps!
  • 4 g Beta-Alanine for Endurance
  • Lasts for Hours Without Crash
  • One of 3 Specially Focused Pre Workouts
  • Use Code ‘BULK10’ to get 10% off BULK and all TL Products!

Learn More About PreSeries Bulk

Updated 3/15/2017

We recently gave Betancourt B-NOX a hefty demotion due to its reformulation which to us personally – compromises the products effect. With that change, all pre workouts #9 and up have received a one position boost for 2017. Also, Transparent Labs BULK remains at the top of the pre workout game, coming in as the most effective pre workout to date.

Updated 9/29/2016

We’ve made a few important changes to the best pre workouts list that should hold true well into 2017. First and foremost, Arnold Iron Pump has been removed from the #10 spot since it is no longer manufactured after musclepharm was busted for amino spiking and Arnold dropped them. Next, we completely removed pre workouts pre-gro and wreckage. Pre-gro had a horrible shelf-life and Wreckage just never lived up to the hype.

But that’s not all!

We originally had both C4 and C4 neuro on this list, but we decided to condense them into one ranking as a lot of new pre workouts have come out that deserved making the list. Of new pre workouts added, we have Muscletech Anarchy, Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy, and Nutrex Outlift! Its important to note also that Assault has lost rank since its recent and relatively secretive reformulation.

Looking into the future, we expect ORIGIN PRE to land itself in the top 1-3 best pre workouts range. Its an amazing supplement, but we’ve got to wait for your overwhelming favorable feedback before anything ranks that high so quickly. Also, we expect Bullnox to start falling, unfortunately. Its loosing steam, and too many good pre workouts are popping up to threaten its rank.

Updated 11/20/2015 for the start of 2016

For 2016, we’ve added the new c4 Neuro to the top 10 list. This replaced ErgoBlast which is similar, but not nearly as good. PreSeries Bulk still holds the number 1 rank strongly. Its the highest quality muscle building pre workout on the market.

Updated 6/24/2015

We’ve made a critical update by removing the outdated Juggernaut by Infinite Labs and adding in the game-changing PreSeries BULK by Transparent Labs. Our whole review team has gone crazy over this new pre workout as well as everyone we’ve talked to who has tried this supplement. Once you try it out, you will understand.

Updated 3/02/2015

For the new year we have made some adjustments to the top 10 pre workout supplements! This includes replacing the old C4 with the new generation C4 which has an updated stimulant complex. Also, we added the new Pre-Gro pre workout and demoted PUMP-HD. Pre-Jym was also promoted to the number 2 position. Both Pre-jym and Pre-Gro are both results driven pre workouts that build real muscle. This is why they have overtaken the other microdose and less effective pre workouts. Lastly, due to popular feedback – N.O Xplode has been removed from the top 10. Ever since it was reformulated the first time it has never been the same. Enjoy!

Updated 3/14/2014

The top 4 pre workout supplements ranking was re-arranged thanks to feedback from thousands of bodybuilders like you. Previously, the ranking from 4th to 1st was as follows: Pre-Jym, Assault, Bullnox, Pump-HD. Since then, the new pre-jym has risen in rank to the 3rd place, assault has risen to the 2nd place, Bullnox is back on top at #1 (thanks to a killer reformulation), and Pump-HD took a fall to #4. Pump-HD is still a ridiculous pre workout, however we found that it is simply too intense for a moderate portion of bodybuilders in regards to stimulants. If you have taken a lot of strong pre workouts, pump-hd would most likely be great for you; however for the greater portion of bodybuilders, the top 3 pre workouts are more effective in the gym.

Workout Supplements Under Consideration

There was a great deal of competition for the top 10 pre workouts list, here are a few of the powders that didn’t make it this time but can still give you a great lift: Juggernaut HP, Muscletech’s Neurocore, MRI Black Powder, Hemo-Rage, BPI 1MR, Alarm by Image Sports

Pre Workout Supplements Below The Top 10 Best

MuscleTech Nano Vapor Strong Pre Workouts

Nano Vapor is an ultra muscle-building and fat-burning catalyst. Supplying ridiculous energy and focus, along with long lasting power and endurance; Nano Vapor is a pre workout selected for strong stimulant seekers. If you want to grow dense muscle, while staying as shredded as possible, Nano Vapor is the pre workout that will meet your needs.

Features for Muscletech’s Nano Vapor: Incredible Energy, Dominant Focus, Power Boost, Build Muscle While Burning Fat

Driven Sports CRAZE Pre Workout Supplement For Men

DS craze is a pre supplement for a select group of bodybuilders. What you get with Craze is focus, endurance, creatine power, and ridiculous energy. This workout drink is ideal for guys who prefer aggressive stimulants with creatine and a pump matrix for extra power. Overall, this is a great pre workout for guys lifting after a long day of work. Update: DS Craze is no longer available.

Features For DS Craze: Endurance and Power, No Beta-Alanine tingles, Good Focus, Stimulant Loaded

MuscleMeds N.O BULL Pre-Workout Powder

New to the market in 2013, MuscleMeds N.O BULL pre-workout supplies focus, power, and a new patented pump matrix guaranteed to make you swell up. Expect to hear good news about this new supplement at the gym over the next coming months. Bottom line- if awesome pump is your primary concern, N.O Bull is the pre-game for you.

Features for Musclemeds NO Bull: Strong Pump Matrix, Enhanced Recovery, Dominant Energy and Endurance, Nitric Oxide Enhanced Muscle Growth

USP LABS: Jack3d Micro

Jack3d Micro by USP labs is a not-so-well- known pre workout manufactured by the legendary makers of the original jack3d pre workout supplement. The new formula Jack3d brings to the table excellent stimulant focus and truly powerful pump. In addition, being made by USP Labs guarantees the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Features for Jack3d Micro Pre Workout: Strong Pump, No Beta Alanine Burning, CNS Stimulant Focus, USP Labs Quality, Micro Dose


Introduced recently, EXT’s GO pre workout is a prime example of pre workout supplement science heading in the right direction. What you get with EXT: huge mental focus, lots of energy, improved mood, and enhanced power. To sum it up, this is exactly what you want to take on back days.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t ever seem to get enough energy out of your pre workouts, or you simply want a change from the massive caffeine loading like what you find in 1MR; EXT GO is a great option for you to try out. If you have tried EXT in the past, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know how your workouts went!

New BSN N.O Xplode Pre Workout Supplement

The new formulation of N.O Xplode is exactly what BSN fans hoped for: a stronger version of the legendary N.O Explode. With the new N.O Explode, you get a pre workout booster loaded with creatine for power, amino acids and pump matrix for recovery and swell, along with just enough stimulant to rev you up. Go back 8 years, and the original formula of NO Explode was the absolute best pre workout available. We strongly believe, that to this day with the newest formulation BSN has remained one of the best supplement manufactures you can find. All and all, an excellent product that does phenomenally well with many bodybuilders. Also a leg day favorite.
Features for the new N.O Xplode: Powerful Multi-type Creatine, Upgraded Stimulant Focus, Arginine Pump, Strong Muscle Builder, Leg Day Ready

Glance into the future: The next best pre workouts

Looking deeper into 2016, we anticipate the new pre workout pre-jym to continue rising in rank for top 10 pre workouts and possibly knocking out the new B-NOX. In addition, due to increasing feedback we see a strong possibility that PreSeries LEAN will join the ranks of PreSeries BULK. We are watching a few different pre workouts that have been making a splash lately, including a specific duo from pro supps. Overall, we expect 2016 to be a brilliant year for pre workout supplementation where not only do your workouts improve, but your gains grow faster.
Remember, if you need more than one scoop, you’re not taking one of the best pre workouts. With the right pre workout, your gains will be guaranteed. From here on out, its all up to do. Work hard and maximize your time in the gym. Eat as much as you can outside of the gym. We believe in you, tear it up and get huge.

If you discuss our rankings, cite it!


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