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How to take Cellucor C4 and Other Pre Workouts

What is the best way to take your C4 pre workout? Here we lay it out.

See exactly when and how to take Cellucor C4 pre workout to get the best results possible. C4 is one of the most popular pre workouts available, experience what everyone else is talking about. If you would rather read our review for C4 as well as the C4 sub-models Ripped and Mass, look here – Cellucor C4 Review: Ripped, Mass, and Ultimate.

How to best take C4

When to take C4

Cellucor C4 like 99.9% of other pre workout supplements should be taken approximately 30 minutes before exercise. This is enough time for the majority of ingredients to begin saturating your muscle tissue. If you were to take your pre workout too far ahead of time, then the active ingredients may be used up by the time you hit the weights.

Additionally, you can begin lifting right after taking your pre workout – but you won’t have that burst of extra energy or power until a good 10-15 minutes in. Either way, it’s all about personal preference.

When you take C4 and other pre workouts, you will want to have an empty or near empty stomach. A small meal will not hurt you, but a large meal would ‘soak up’ your pre workout reducing its effects. More so, you would be slowed down by the digestion of that big meal while you are doing your thing.

How to Take/Mix C4

When you take your pre workout, you will want to take it with a respectable amount of water and mix it thoroughly. Exact amounts are not necessarily relevant, but you do not want to be dehydrated while you lift. The physical mixing can either be with a spoon, shaking a shaker cup, or just shaking a water bottle; all are very effective.

Now, a few guys that never excelled in chemistry suggest that you should not use very much water when taking your pre workout; or even none at all. This is bogus. Water is critical for pre workout uptake, and, considering your body is largely composed of water – why would it ever be considered an enemy? So, hydrate up.

What to expect from C4 During Workout

During your workout, you should expect a collaboration of benefits. The most prominent benefit is always increased energy. Unless you are taking a stimulant free pre workout, which C4 is not; 30 minutes into taking your pre workout energy will begin rushing hard through your body.

This is a glorious opportunity! Embrace the power and have a great workout that you may have not been able to conquer on your own.

How to take a pre workout

If you do not have a noticeable energy increase, some athletes have been known to increase serving size slowly to a maximum of 3 scoops. This is not advised for beginners. Additional benefits of C4 and similar pre workouts are increased strength, vascular pump, and increased endurance. There are specific ingredients that contribute independently to these perks, but energy alone has a way of benefiting all parties.

During your exercise, it’s going to be very important for you to stay hydrated. This is both to continue distributing the pre workout in your body and also to keep you hydrated in general since you are performing at a higher level (sweating more, greater muscle expansion).

IMPORTANT! If you are new to pre workouts, we need to have a talk… Sit down, it is important that this sinks in. C4 contains a very particular ingredient called beta-alanine. This ingredient helps to buffer your muscle tissues during times of exertion and allows you to gloriously push your limits further! However, there is a small catch, if you consider it as that.

Taking a gram or more of beta-alanine causes an itchy or tingly feeling on your skin. This is OK! Don’t fight it, embrace it! If you really want to get in great shape and build a ton of muscle, pre workouts are a great help. Therefore, the sooner you learn to like that tingly feeling like the rest of the guys in the gym that are building muscle, the better.

Can you take C4 for Running?

Many people take C4 for running. This is acceptable since the actual heart-pounding stimulants are relatively low in C4. Though, there are several pre workouts that simply have far too many stimulants for high intensity cardio because it is too aggressive on the heart.

If you plan on running yourself to the edge and establishing a pretty high heart-rate; it is often advised to use less than a serving of even C4. But, for the majority of people that are ‘casual runners’ then you should be good, but do your own due diligence first.

Can you take C4 for Cross-fit?

Unless you are madly out of shape and likely to have a heart-attack, Cellucor C4 extreme along with most other pre workout supplements are Cross-Fit ready. Go for it!

Can you take C4 for Bodybuilding?

When it comes to Cellucor C4 extreme and all other pre workout supplements, bodybuilding is the name of the game! That’s the whole reason these products immerged, and due to their awesome abilities their popularity has sky rocketed. So, as long as you are a healthy individual – C4 and like pre workouts are a great call for bodybuilding.

What to expect from C4 after workout

After your workout, things can go two ways depending on how your workouts go.

Either, you will be incredibly exhausted and dehydrated from a crazy workout where you went farther than ever; or, you will still have a surprising amount of energy when you otherwise wouldn’t. no matter the case, you should find yourself sorer than normal after your workout because C4 helped you to do more work than you normally would.

Some people get confused by the fact that they get sorer when they take a pre workout versus when they do not. Don’t. You’re sorer because the pre workout allowed you to do more of the work you needed to. Be thankful for it!

That concludes how to take Cellucor C4 Extreme along with corollary information. Below you will find details on slight adjustments we make from this standard outline for other pre workouts. Note, this is just what we have seen working well for a lot of guys, it may not be perfect for you.

Additionally, if you feel we are missing something important – we would seriously appreciate you leaving a comment below for consideration. Who knows, your suggestion may help hundreds of thousands of people moving forward!

Quick Notes for Other Pre Workouts

How to take Betancourt Bullnox Androrush

The protocol for Bullnox is the same as C4 above. Bullnox does contain more caffeine than C4, so it is less-advised to take a full serving before extensive cardio.

How to take Musclepharm Assault

Assault’s protocol is identical to C4 with the exception of caffeine content which is greater than both Bullnox and C4. Therefore, running after taking a full serving of assault may not be the best option for you. However, a solid serving will help you tear the gym apart.

How to take BPI Pump HD

Pump HD’s basic routine is similar to C4 extreme’s above. However, there is definitely too much caffeine in Pump HD (300 milligrams) for cardio with a full serving. More so, beginners may want to even take only half a serving when lifting in the gym or doing cross-fit because of the high stimulant content. This is an awesome pre workout, you just may not be ready for it yet.

Note – Pump HD was recently remade by BPI Sports. The new Pump HD is a stimulant free pre workout. With that being said, you don’t need to worry about the implications of all that caffeine. However, the boost will not be the same either. Be sure to check your label to see which version you have.

How to take Pre-Jym

Like Pump-HD, Pre-Jym also contains 300 milligrams of caffeine and may be too potent for extensive cardio for a lot of people; however, in the gym its fuel for heavy lifting and aggressive cross-fit.

We will continue to add more pre workouts to this list, but for the absolute majority – the C4 protocol is adequate. Once more, this is only what we have witnessed working for a lot of guys, it may not work for you. If you have any questions or comments drop us a line below.

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