BPI Pump-HD Review

Pump HD Review

The popular pre workout Pump HD has completely changed. This supplement by BPI used to be a heavy stimulant and pump powerhouse. Now, its straight stimulant free pump! This is a completely new take on Pump HD, and a pretty drastic change… But, we think it’s a move in the right direction and BPI can certainly use a non-caffeinated product in their arsenal!

Note: It appears that BPI has discontinued Pump HD, we are unable to find it on storefronts and their website alike. Here are the current BPI pre workouts: BPI Best Pre Workout and BPI 1MR.

Towards the bottom of this Review is our former review of the previous stimulant Pump HD

Our Review of the New BPI Stim-Free Pump HD Pre Workout

We’ve taken the new Pump HD by BPI a few times, and each time came to the same conclusion. This pre workout is a fantastic stimulant free option for cardio goers! If you’re running, or doing cross-fit with the intention of having a good time, this pre workout is great. However, strength wise it’s not quite what we are used to.

While taking Pump HD during weight training sessions, the pump was there. But, not in the typical way. The pump from Pump HD was very present, but it just wasn’t a powerful pump. Meaning, we could see it, but we couldn’t feel it in the muscle growing kind of way. It’s really hard to explain, but it did look very good at least…

This is a very, very new stim-free pre workout. With that being said, we have not yet had the chance to add it to our best pre workouts without caffeine. However, we have some great options over there. For the rest of you, who like stimulants – you can find the best all-in-one pre workouts over on our top 10 pre workouts via the link on our sidebar to the right!

Old Stimulant Pump HD Review

BPI PUMP HD TOPThe team and I had a blast reviewing the all new pre workout Pump-HD. Since BPI first came around, they have been making supplements that do exactly what their names say; and with complete disregard to manners. Think about it. 1MR, standing for “one more rep” is a powerhouse pre workout, and does just that. The dieting supplement Roxylean turned out to be one of the strongest and best fat burners in its class. And now, here we have Pump HD. What do you think is going to happen? Before we get into our workouts, here’s some info.

The pre workout Pump-HD is a powerhouse supplement ever representing BPI Sports dedication to producing the most extreme sports products. The staff at best workout supplements blog went wild upon trying Pump-HD on the holy grail of all workout days – chest day. Never before did they both feel and see such extreme pump, which lasted hours after the workout had completed.

All in all, they came to this conclusion regarding BPI’s Pump-HD pre workout:

Pump HD is for the experienced bodybuilder who is more than used to taking pre workout supplements. Alternatively, if you are new to taking pre workouts, then this product will hands down be far too strong for you. But, if you are used to taking pre workouts like assault, nano vapor, and even bullnox – then Pump-HD will be a great change of pace that we believe you will enjoy. Aggressive strength, dominant focus, Pump that will last hours after your workout; this stuff is the real deal.

What is in Pump HD Pre Workout (caffeine, BCAAs, etc.)

Pump HD does not contain a large variety of ingredients like other pre workouts like Assault. Instead, Pump HD contains massive dosages of the active ingredients giving this pre workout incredible pump and stimulant energy.

Pump HD Stimulant Complex

The stimulant complex in Pump HD is extremely strong. With that being said, under no circumstances should more than 1 serving of pump HD ever be taken. In pump HD, there is roughly 300 mg of caffeine in addition to L-carnitine, L-Tyrosine, and other fat metabolizers that synergistically ramp up the energy producing effects of this product. Because of the strong energy produced by this product, not everyone will be able to handle it; furthermore half-dosing is a reasonable option.

Can Pump HD be taken with a fat burner?

Pump HD can be taken with a stimulant free fat burner, but we do not recommend taking Pump HD with a high energy fat burner. This is due to the high stimulant complex already present, which would be ‘too much’ alongside a fat burner containing similar ingredients.

Pump HD vasodilation complex

BPI has been a fan of using glycerol in their supplements as an effective pump producer. But in Pump HD, they go a step further and incorporate the “Pump-HD Matrix” which contains concentrates from blueberry, pine bark, and red wine. To seal the massive pump deal, you will also find 2 mg of manganese along with L-carnitine resulting in one of the most comprehensive pump based pre workouts of 2014.

Note each serving of pump-hd also contains a gram of Leucine to support muscle growth. This is a workout supplement best practice, though unfortunately other supplements have begun cutting it out to save money.

Best workout days for taking Pump HD

Chest day, shoulder day, and arm day are all ideal workouts for Pump HD. The pump sensation this pre workout produces is the strongest we have ever felt, perfect for breaking through personal records and building serious muscle.

What time of day is best for Pump HD

Due to the strong energy complex in this pre workout, you should reserve supplementation to morning and mid-afternoon workouts. Like other pre workouts, the best time to take Pump HD is roughly 30 minutes before your workout begins. You will feel beta-alanine tingles from this pre workout, but that’s a good thing and means you are ready to go!

How does Pump HD Taste?

Pump HD is definitely one of the better tasting pre workouts. Pump HD is similar to cool-aid and tastes sweet as apposed sour or artificial. The serving size for Pump HD is pretty big, so you will need to mix it well, but every time we have used it; the texture and taste has been great.

Is it good for cardio sessions?

We haven’t gotten very many reviews regarding Pump HD supplementation while running, but due to the high stimulants I would recommend against it. If you’re the type  of person that likes to run a few miles before lifting weights, consider taking your pre workout after your run instead of before.

All in all for this pre workout

Overall all our reviewers and myself personally have had great experiences with Pump HD. Every time I took it, I could feel the difference and substantially improved my workouts through increased strength and endurance. I will note that a few times I felt sick towards the end of my workout because this stuff allowed me to push myself far beyond my normal routine. But that’s something that makes me happy – knowing I went as hard as humanly possible.

The Quick takeaway: Pump-HD is not for a beginner unless you are taking half a serving at a time. This is one of the top pump pre workouts available. The stimulant levels in this pre workout are pretty high, so don’t take it late at night unless you want to stay up and party. And lastly, this pre workout is great for guys wanting to build lean muscle or get ripped while building.

If you have any questions, comments, or experiences with Pump HD we encourage you to leave a comment below. It’s no problem for us to talk about these supplements with you. Not to mention, many other guys may be wondering your same exact question, and by asking you are helping everybody.

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