Myprotein Impact Whey Review

MyProtein Whey ReviewWe recently received a supplement shipment from Myprotein, one of the largest and most reputable sports nutrition stores in Western Europe and recently immerging into the United States. This storefront contains a wide range of their own specially designed supplements, and of those we had the privilege of trying their:

  • Protein – Impact Whey (you are here)
  • Carbs Blend – Instant Oats
  • Pre Workout – MyPre
  • Protein Bars – Chox

Right here we’re going to review their Impact Whey protein, which is the strongest weapon in their arsenal based on quality, quantity, taste, and price. In the United States market specifically, it’s rare to find protein supplementation like this without breaking the bank; and we don’t take that lightly. So sit tight and let us explain everything we’ve learned while taking this primo protein.

Our Hands-On Impact Whey Protein Review

We tried both unflavored and the new English Toffee Impact Whey flavors and they were both on point. The English Toffee had great taste compared to all whey concentrates as a whole with it being very creamy, easily dissolving, and satisfying.

If taste is an issue for you, we can just about guarantee that Impact Whey is well above the industry average. Going a bit further, this protein is available in a total of 11 flavors which should be sufficient to anyone’s needs. From there, it only gets better as we dive into in our opinion – the specs that really matter!

Our Best to Date Protein Bang for your Buck

Impact Whey Protein SupplementHere is where Impact Whey makes a real “impact”… Value. We really do not like bringing up price points when we review supplements, especially not this early into the review. However, this is extremely relevant for all bodybuilders and athletes except for the super-rich or sponsored.

Impact whey comes in two primary quantities, 5.5 pounds and 11 pounds. This allots to a massive 100 servings at 5.5 pounds and approximately 200 at the latter. Typically, this can get pricey. But that’s not the case here. Instead, the average price for 5.5 pounds of Impact Whey is around $55 and $88 for 11 pounds. This equates to roughly 50 cents per every 22 gram serving of protein which blows away the industry average of $1.84 and up.

Protein form, source, and processing

Impact Whey contains whey protein concentrate that is non-denatured and contains only natural flavoring (except for unflavored). By net weight, Impact whey is 88% pure whey protein concentrate. The fact that there are no additives as well as limited flavorings is important for a few reasons.

First off, additives as a whole.

Impact Whey ReviewA lot of protein manufactures like to boast things like “with 5 grams of BCAAs added”. This looks great from the outside, however, as we were enlightened by an article written by Jim Stoppani – “many protein manufactures use added BCAAs to manipulate the test used to measure protein content as a whole”. This is based on the nitrogen index that’s used to detect protein concentration. When BCAAs are added, supplement companies can choose amino acids with greater nitrogen content which tricks the test into approximating a larger overall content. So, while the back of a protein jug may say 25 grams of protein and 5 grams of BCAA, in reality you may only be receiving 16 grams of protein with 5 grams of BCAA. With impact protein, you don’t have to worry about that.

No artificial flavorings, “sweet alternatives”, or artificial dyes.

Lately, we’ve been studying our food dyes. Specifically, how nasty they can be! Did you know that Craft Mac & Cheese is banned in numerous countries because the yellow coloring known as “Yellow 5” has been linked to autism and cancer? Well, it’s crazy how many products include it; from your protein to your shampoo. Luckily, Impact Whey is clean to the core without any dyes and artificial flavors.

Carb Content

Depending on your goals and start point, you’re going to want to know the carb content in your protein. Impact Whey contains zero carbs in their unflavored version and approximately 1 gram in flavored versions. For those looking to shred and lose weight while maintaining and building that lean muscle; this is perfect. For the rest of us, trying to build that mean mass – you can pair Impact Whey up with a carbohydrate source such as Carb Oats (that’s what we did, also a killer way to up your creatine absorption if you add it all together).

Building Muscle with Impact Whey Protein

We know that at the end of the day, your primary concern is – am I going to grow or am I going to cut fat? Basically, is this going to do its job as a quality source of protein for my body? From us to you, yes, it should do the job it’s allotted.

When I personally review a new protein, I have a simple way of determining how good it is. That is, I take 40-60 grams of naturally occurring protein out of my diet, and then replace it with the protein source I am reviewing. This way, my body is the ‘sensor’ that judges if this is hit or miss. For Impact Whey, it was a definite hit. Over the last 2 weeks of supplementing with this protein, I have not faltered. If anything, I have increased my rate of lean muscle growth while shredding away at fat (which isn’t even a goal going into winter).

Background for this Review

This review was performed by Peter, the head admin for Best Workout Supplements Blog. My body type is 6’1 and currently 190 pounds with a very low fat percentage. During this review (and all the time), I stick by a simple yet strict diet. I do not drink sodas, do not eat processed foods, and avoid carbs late at night. I primarily take in meats, organic vegetables, and complex carbs during the day; and highly recommend this to anyone else. While reviewing Impact Whey in particular I was taking a serving after working out as well as in-between meals when I felt it was necessary. After workouts I was also taking Myprotein’s carb Mix with my own creatine added to it. Considering the price point, this is the best protein I have personally tried to date and I hope you enjoy it.

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