Mypre Supplement Review

MYPRE Review by BWSB

Power, Focus, Energy, and Muscle building components; these are the qualities we look for in any great pre workout supplement. A few match up to our criterion and impress, while the massive majority of pre workouts fall short as if they never understood their purpose from the get-go. Here, we’re going to explain where MYPRE by Myprotein falls into this mishmash; rest assured that it performed quite well.

How MyPRE Stacks Up – The Review

To start off this review, I began taking MYPRE in the mornings on an empty stomach with a generous portion of water (approx. ½ liters). I always try to down a significant portion of water with my pre workout to allow for it to pass over into my muscles. Additionally, from a performance perspective overhydrating is better than dehydration while bodybuilding. Some guys say that this ‘dilutes’ the pre workout, but those guys are just uneducated. Hydration is key for lifting weights, building muscle, and certainly having mental energy.

Heading to the Gym

MYPRE mixed very easily in water and had a very pleasant flavor; much more pleasant than other pre workouts that contain BCAAs (which normally produce a strange taste). I had the Blue Raspberry flavor which I recommend based on a food dye perspective (healthiest out of the selection of 6 flavors).

Immediately off the get go and on the way to the gym I felt the beta-alanine tingles kick in strong. This pre workout booster packs a beta-alanine punch sizing in at 1.5 grams per scoop. The energy onset was strong as well which isn’t surprising considering the 200 mg of caffeine per scoop paired up with a couple hundred milligrams of straight choline (b-vitamin for mental energy and focus).

The Workout Experience

As a whole, workouts have been very strong with MYPRE. This is definitely a performance based pre workout and extends far beyond simple ‘energy to lift’ which is something we’ve really learned to respect on this website. I’ve been taking MYPRE for the last 2 weeks and getting tired in the gym has not existed. I’ve been able to push myself hard on every workout day (chest day, back, legs, shoulders, even a sporadic bicep triceps midnight lift). Really, if anything this pre workout will make you work so hard that you may cut out of abs at the end in fear of puking cause you gave it 120%; which isn’t bad.

After the Lift is Done

After workouts, I did crash; but I would attribute that to hard work and dehydration throughout the lift. This is what we classify as a high stimulant pre workout so you should definitely be aware of that going into it. From a muscle building perspective, this pre workout is still relevant. Each serving has around 2 grams of BCAAs which isn’t a whole ton; but definitely enough to increase your body’s anabolic tendencies during the workout window; from there all you’ve got to do is eat a big meal afterwards.

MYPRE Supplement Review Conclusion

Ingredient ListAs a whole, we liked MYPRE a lot. It provides a ton of energy, gets you through your workout from start to finish, is formulated for muscle growth, and tastes good. If it was up to us, we wouldn’t change a whole lot with this formulation.

If we had to pair MYPRE up with a bodybuilder, the ‘perfect’ criterion would go like this: 1) Wants to save money ($30 per can); 2) wants more energy than C4 offers (about the same energy as assault); 3) wants amino acids for building muscle; and 4) wants it to taste good. This pre workout will DEFINITELY be under consideration for the top 10 pre workouts list when we update for 2015, so sit tight!

As always, hit us up below with any questions or comments about this pre workout. We aim to educate and hook you up! Also, big thanks to the guys at Myprotein for allowing us to review a ton of their products. These guys put their money where their mouth is and offer immense value compared to other companies. You can view MYPRE on their direct website as well as look at some of the most affordable high-grade protein on the market known as ‘Impact Whey’.

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