Instant Oats Review

Instant Oats ReviewWhile bulking, clean bulking, and even trying to put on any muscle possible as a skinny guy; carb supplements have their role. It’s convenient, on the go, and gets the job done when it comes to extra calories via carbs (which can be paired with creatine to enhance creatine absorption too).

We recently got hooked up with Instant Oats made by Myprotein. This is the direct equivalent to carb loader supplements aka glycogen fuel, etc. But, there is one massive difference. Instead of being a simple sugar or maltodextrin source, these are a complex carb (healthier source) originating directly from good old oats.

Our Instant Oats Experience

To begin, I began taking Instant Oats directly after working out to supplement my post workout window while food is cooking. I’d take this alongside whey protein and depending on how much caffeine was still in my body I would throw in 5-10 grams of creatine monohydrate too. You can read about how we time creatine here.Instant Oats Carb Supplement

Drinkability for Instant Oats was so-so, but its purpose vastly outweighs any texture preference. As a whole, it’s a little thick and even gritty to some; but on the plus side you are literally downing oats, some of the best complex carbs you can take for bodybuilding. To make the experience pleasant, we paired it with protein to add flavor which went a long way and is necessary regardless in your post workout window.

Performance wise, I definitely felt more fortified for the next workout after taking Instant Oats post workout. More so than I typically do getting my carbs primarily from a post workout meal which takes longer to ingest. I also believe that my creatine absorption was boosted by the large carb presence that Instant Oats offered when taken in synchrony.

This was the first time that I have personally supplemented with a carb source and I did notice a difference. I do not know how this product would perform in comparison to other carbohydrate supplements, however I do know that Instant Oats is my number 1 choice due to the source of the carbs as well as the price point.

Most Affordable Carbohydrate Supplement We’ve Seen

Currently in the US, you can get an 11 pound bag of Instant Oats for around $12. That’s insane when you compare these 11 pounds to the nearest carbohydrate competitor which ranks in at about $40 for 4 pounds. That’s a very serious gap and I’m glad to be on the winning side. You can check out Instant Oats on Myprotein as well as view their other high quality and modestly priced sports supplements.

If bulking is your goal, instant outs is one of the most cost effective ways to do it. Since these are oats, you will be getting a steady carbohydrate source which will not aggressively spike insulin and interfere with growth hormone or trigger fat retention. Pair Instant Oats with Impact Whey and you have the most affordable mass gainer possible; and a healthy one too.

My personal opinion is that if I wanted to, I could add a solid 400-600 calories a day to my diet just by using Instant Oats. That’s a massive difference, and if I was in a heavy bulk I’d be all over it. For other guys, if you choose this route then just be sure that you’re getting your vitamins and minerals via a multi vitamin or veggies and fruits. Do that, and your whole picture is painted for nothing but gains!

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