Myprotein Protein Chox Bar Review

When you’ve been moderating your diet as a bodybuilder or athlete for as long as we have, you quickly find new, exciting, and convenient ways to get your macros up into the ‘building muscle’ range. For myself personally, bars have never played a major role in this game. I’ve tried many and it’s always come down to the same basic problems: either they don’t have enough protein, they taste repulsive, or have too many toxic additives to be beneficial in the long run.

With this in mind, I recently tried Chox Bars by Myprotein (as well as Impact Whey) and put it all on the line. Even though I had slight bias and a pretty hefty expectation list – I quickly finished an entire box of these bars and now consider them an ideal addition to my protein and carb supplementation. Let me run you through everything that I looked into with these bars as well as the experience I had; and hopefully this will answer any questions you may have. If not, drop us a line at the bottom!

An Above Par Protein Bar

Protein Chox bar reviewFirst off is taste. From talking it up with countless folks in the gym, taste is always the primary concern with a bar. Well, I can tell you from experience that Chox bars are well above the industry average in terms of taste. I had a box of the Cookies and Cream which was delicious. But to be more specific… The cores were not rocks, so I did not labor in chewing like so many other bars demand. The sweetness of these bars are natural, definitely no weird sugar alcohol tinge. And overall the taste and texture was above average. Eating Chox bars was not a chore and I would even consider it to be a pleasure (even though when it comes down to it I’m willing to do whatever I gotta do to get my protein in. If I’m hungry in a nursery you better hide your baby).

Macros in Chox Bars

The bars I had sampled ranked in at 22 grams of protein and around 28 grams of carbs with moderate preservatives. To me, those are important numbers. The carbs are relatively fiber free, meaning that you should be assimilating all of those 28 grams and as a whole the nutrition was in check. Nothing was missing that you would need, and nothing was added that you should be getting else ware instead (false comforts).

Stacking up with the Competition

As a whole, the bar industry in my opinion is a mess. The claims are outspoken, the ingredients are often subpar, and the prices are straight criminal; but I would not group the Chox bars that I tried into this description. Rather, Chox breaks away from other bars in all of these categories and I for one appreciate that.

For the last 7 years, I have personally stuck to getting all of my protein from natural food sources and powdered protein. That has always been the most performance and cost effective route for me. Really, it was a simple numbers game. Back then and even now, you can either get a full serving of protein from powder for cheap, or a full serving of protein from a bar for 4 times that. But now things are getting better and Chox bars are starting a new transition.

You can see what I’m talking about over at Myprotein, the makers of Chox bars as well as a wide range of honestly priced sports supplements. If you have any questions or fruitful experiences, put them right below and share it with the world.

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