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Ghost Lifestyle Legend Review

Christian Guzman is a pretty cool dude. Therefor, his pre workout Ghost Legend must be pretty cool too. If this logic holds true, then the more Ghost Legend you drink – the cooler and more like Christian you become?

With Ghost Lifestyle’s Legend pre workout hitting GNC shelves, we knew that it was time to do an official review.

When influencers come out and make their own brands, the actual products are often hit or miss (with an emphasis on miss).

After all, it’s typically companies like Blackstone Labs partnering up – who never made very good supplements to begin with.

Fortunately, Chris Guzman’s Ghost Lifestyle (maker of Legend) Turned out Pretty Good

Most likely, all thanks to Chris himself. After all, have you ever really seen him be a part of anything not at least better than average? Ex: Alphalete.

Regardless, let’s review Ghost Legend.

Legend Quick Review: Cool branding, labels, and marketing aside – Ghost Legend stands on its own against the average pre workout market. Compared to the mainstream winners like Cellucor C4 and BPI’s variation of the month, Legend contains more active ingredients that bodybuilders want, and less proprietary formulas that they don’t.

Wrap this up in 30 serving tubs with a variety of sucralose-sweetened flavors and clearly Legend isn’t going anywhere. While it’s expensive and cannot compete with the best of the best, it will surely be loved and good enough for the average gym-goer who doesn’t over-invest time into the optimization of supplementation.

Ghost Legend Pre Workout Full Review

Energy Effects: 7/10

Legend is very efficaciously dosed in terms of stimulants. Each serving contains a total of 202 mg of caffeine. Honestly, it felt like less than that too.

Because the caffeine levels are so low, those of you who love a serious energy kick are not going to get your thrills from Ghost Legend.

But if you are the type to get super revved up off of just one cup of coffee or Red bull, then this is going to be the jackpot for you.

Strength Effects: 6/10

Honestly, I really didn’t feel any strength gains from this product. However, it doesn’t make any strength claims either. Ghost Legend is intended for energy, pump, and more ‘good’ ingredients then you’ll get out of a run-of-the mill C4-like pre workout.

Endurance Effects: 6/10

Like strength, Ghost Legend really didn’t make me feel like I could go forever. The caffeine definitely helps, but there isn’t an X-factor here like you’ll find in competing pre workout supplements.

Crash/Aftermath: 10/10

Since Ghost Legend contains modest stimulants, the crash is literally non-existent. Will you be tired after your workout? Yeah most likely.

However, it is going to be your usual tired feeling after exertion… Not that dreaded central nervous system shutdown that happens when you take massive stimulant products. This is a serious perk, especially for those that easily lose sleep due to daily caffeine usage.

Taste: 9/10

Taste wise, Ghost Lifestyle nailed it. Not only do their flavors taste good, but they are unique.

The only downer is the inclusion of sucralose which we do prefer to avoid. However, not enough to skip out on reviewing a new pre workout!

Price/Value: 5/10

Alright, so the price kind of burns. The lowest price we found was $44 for 30 servings. Now, that is acceptable if you are getting a super-premium pre workout like BULK, Pre-Jym, or Koala Freak.
However with Ghost Legend, the ingredient label simply doesn’t add up to a $44 product. At least, not for the savvy and educated pre workout user.

Similar Products

The closest product to Legend has got to be your typical PWOs like: Cellucor C4 and Musclepharm Assault. In comparison, Legend is better although it may not be a better price value. For women, we recommend Cira Pre Game.

On the flipside, a product like Size-Slim PRE is comparable, and Dr. Jekyll by Pro Supps. Nitrosurge from Jacked Factory is another option, with over 10,000 reviews on amazon.

Legend Review Conclusion: 7.2/10 (Not Bad)

Overall, Legend is better than your run-of-the-mill mass marketed pre workout. Likewise, it’s a bit of a novelty product since it’s made by Chris Guzman’s Ghost Lifestyle.

However for the pre workout connoisseur, Ghost Legend has several flaws from under dosing to over pricing. This isn’t Legends particular fault, more so, a case of other products simply being stellar in comparison.

Based on this, if you want to try it go ahead. But if you are looking for the next big “best pre workout”, you won’t find this one on the list.

Ingredients in Ghost Legend

Legend Pre Workout ReviewGhost Legend contains a good selection of ingredients. Though, the dosages ultimately miss their marks and it doesn’t add up to an awesome experience.

We think that this is due to all of the sucralose in Ghost Legend, which is known for causing a bit of fatigue and brain fog.

Additional Information

Before Ghost Lifestyle released, we were pumped for it! The teasers were insane and we thought it was going to be “the next big thing”.

After launch, Ghost Lifestyle is still cool, but primarily in its own novelty effect.

What we mean is, it has a cool brand feel to it, and since Chris Guzman made it, it may seem like it makes you cool just for repping it.

The final verdict is simple:

Put me in a gym with only Ghost Legend, C4, or any BPI pre workout – and Legend is going to be my best friend.

However, when I can pick any pre workout off the internet… I’m not always going to pick Legend.


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