Size Slim Pre Workout Review

Size Slim Pre Workout Review

Learn more about Size Slim pre workout in this easy to digest review.

Over Black Friday we took advantage of sales and stocked up on a TON of workout supplements to review. In this massive purchase, were a few tubs of Size Slim’s Pre Workout Focus + Stamina.

Below, we’ve got our full review for you. Additionally, we’ve put together a comparison of Size Slims Pre Workout Focus + Stamina VS Size Slim Pre Workout (new version released for 2017). From the looks of it, they took out a few ingredients and added 20 mg caffeine per serving, but we’ll get to that below!

Size Slim Pre Workout Ingredient Breakdown

Here is our ingredient breakdown of the ORIGINAL Size Slim Pre Workout “Focus + Stamina”. Notice the label below for reference!

Size Slim PWO Ingredients

Proprietary Focus Blend (1.1 g)

  • Schizandra (Root) A: Made popular back in the day by the Russians as a performance enhancing herb, Schisandra chinensis (schizandra is the active extract) is both an adaptogen and mild endurance enhancer.
  • CDP Choline: This is a special and expensive form of Choline that passes the blood brain barrier efficiently to raise brain choline levels that aid focus, clarity, and a sense of metal energy. We like pre workouts that have choline in them.
  • Vimpocetine: This is a special Nootropic that very few pre workouts use. Mainly, because not all countries allow it to be legally used as a supplement. Despite this, Vimpocetine is a very effective cognitive enhancer that supports memory and provides a sense of well being.

Proprietary Stamina Blend (3.8 g)

  • Arginine: Considered the original Nitric Oxide booster, Arginine is the direct precursor that results in nitric oxide formation as Arginine is turned into L-citrulline in the body. The only con to arginine, is that your intestines are full of an enzyme, arginase, which breaks down arginine before it can participate to boost NO.
  • Beta-alanine: Beta-alanine is a fantastic pre workout ingredient. However, being in a 3.8 g proprietary formula guarantees that it doesn’t meet the clinical dosage required to beta-alanine benefits.
  • Citrulline Malate 2:1: While Citrulline is not a direct pre-cursor to nitric oxide, it does pass through the intestines without getting degraded by arginase. After this point, L-citrulline raises arginine levels which in turn allow for nitic oxide to be made. Citrulline Malate, is the best option for pairing pump and endurance. Check out these Citrulline Malate benefits here.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 180 mg: In the stamina proprietary blend, the ingredient caffeine, is transparently dosed at 180 mg. While this is much lower than most pre workouts, it perfectly complements the other energy and focus enhancers – leading to a better experience. Ever wonder how much caffeine is in pre workouts?
  • Norvaline: Norvaline, is a special compound that stops arginase from breaking down arginine. This allows for more arginine to participate in producing nitric oxide and thus ‘the pump’.
  • Synephrine HCL: Synephrine is one of our favorite supplements that both increases focus, energy, endurance, and burns fat! This stimulant perfectly complements caffeine as a powerful one-two punch.
  • Agmatine Sulfate: Agmatine Sulfate is known to increase nerve impulses, but, it’s also believed to increase nitric oxide levels since it is a metabolite of arginine. Little actual evidence supports this though.
  • Methyl-B12: If you are deficient in B12, as most people are, getting a hefty dose of quality methylated B12 provides instant-like energy.

Size Slim Pre Workout

Original Size Slim Pre Workout Review – Experience

Both in the gym and on a busy day, Size Slim’s Pre Workout is a great experience. It provides quality, feel-good energy that many supplements simply cannot match. Does it actually boost nitric oxide? Not a whole lot compared to clinical 6 gram citrulline malate dosages.

But, you’ll be taking this product for the energy, so that’s fine.

Original Size Slim Pre Workout Vs New Size Slim Pre Workout (2017 Reformulation)

After taking a ton of the original Size Slim pre workout, we realized that they are releasing a new formulation.

We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but, from the looks of the label – they took out some of the more expensive ingredients, while, raising amounts of others.

Here is our label comparison for you to see for yourself!

New vs old Size Slim Pre Workout

What’s Different?

  • Removed Ingredients: Arginine and Vimpocetine.
  • Added Ingredients: None.
  • Replaced Forms of Ingredients: Schizandra (Root) A for cheaper Schisandra Extract, CDP Choline for cheaper Choline Bitartrate.

Aside from these changes, Size Slim is now disclosing all of their ingredients. This is expected now in the marketplace.

Conclusion on Size Slim PWO

Overall, the original Size Slim Pre Workout was a great experience. So much so, that we would consider it to be better than Muscletech Anarchy, Cellucor C4, Neurocore, and other comparable products.

However, we do not know how this new formula is going to be, and that changes everything!!!

Once we get our hands on a few tubs of the new stuff, we will let you know. Until then, train hard and lift heavy friends.

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