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GAT Psychon Review

GAT has clearly been feeling guilty about all the under-dosing in their other pre workout supplements. Here, we reviewed Psychon – the loaded pre workout we’ve been waiting for!

Upon hearing about and trying GAT Psychon, we were very surprised. After all, we’ve reviewed other GAT pre workouts like NitraFlex and PMP, which honestly, weren’t that special.

Psychon however, it’s a completely new design. The formula is packed from top to bottom with real, performance enhancing and muscle growth stimulating ingredients. This pre workout is impressive.

Is this the start of a whole new GAT Supplements as we know it? Hope so!

GAT Psychon Quick Review:

GAT Psychon is an expensive pre workout, but we wouldn’t call it overpriced. Each serving is about 28 grams, which is about 7X more than your typical GNC bought pre workout. Psychon is a brute-strength 350 mg caffeine pre workout that backs itself up with huge citrulline, BCAA, beta-alanine, and betaine dosages. This pre workout is huge, mean, and impressive.

Quick Strengths: Massive dosages! Total citrulline complex is approximately 8.2 grams, full BCAA and beta-alanine dosages.

Quick Weaknesses: The stimulant department is rather raw, costs about $2 per serving which is a good value compared to mainstream weak pre workouts, but very expensive compared to premium specialist pre workouts like Transparent Labs Bulk who provide more for less.

How to take GAT Psychon: Since this is such a massive formula, a solid 30 minutes before exercise is recommended. Starting with half a serving wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

Ranking Factors

Energy Effects: 8.5/10

For energy, Psychon focuses on 350 mg caffeine paired with 500 mg choline. This is a large-dose approach, and is highly powerful. It would have been nice to see additional energy/nootropic ingredients to smooth over the experience… But the large-scoop nature of this pre workout has a time-release effect upon the caffeine which mild’s things out to a degree.

Strength Effects: 9/10

Psychon contains creatine, in addition to the citrulline concoction. This pre workout will give you a noticeable strength increase.

Endurance Effects: 8.5/10

The endurance ranking factor is the bane to many pre workouts when we review them. However, Psychon pulls through strong containing 6 grams BCAAs and 3.2 grams beta-alanine. The only fault here, is the massive caffeine dosage which isn’t recommended for endurance activities.

Crash / Aftermath Effects: 8/10

Crash wasn’t a huge deal with Psychon, however, with all 350 mg caffeine pre workouts – sleep will be difficult come nighttime.

Taste: 8/10

This pre workout tasted quite good. Especially compared to the hideous tasting Mind to Muscle pre workout we reviewed earlier in the month.

Price / Value: 8/10

Compared to skimpy pre workouts, the price per gram of active ingredient matches up well. However, when you compare to other value-driven large-scoop pre workouts… This one is quite expensive.

Similar Products:

Bang Masterblaster – GAT Psychon is the VPX Bang Master Blaster killer. While overall ingredient profiles and strategies are similar between these two products – GAT goes further with the energy complex which matters a lot in a pre workout. Masterblaster is a less pleasurable experience.

ON PRO PRE – ON PRO PRE is still a good pre workout, but Psychon takes things further with more value added. So, if you have the availability of both, choose Psychon. But if you don’t have that luxury, then you will still be happy lifting with PRO PRE.

Psychon Review Conclusions: 8.33/10 (Extremely Good)

Overall GAT Psychon was an unexpected surprise. The formula is well made, and full of value. Yes, they over-charge, as any large company will… But we’re happy to see the change taking place.

Psychon IngredientsIngredients in GAT Psychon

Citrulline Matrix:

  • L-citrulline 4.1 g – In your average pre workout, you’re lucky to get half this dosage.
  • L-citrulline malate 4.1 g – And then GAT went further, pair the l-citrulline malate dosage with the standard citrulline, and you have a pump and endurance powerhouse.

Strength and Endurance:

  • BCAA 2:1:1 6 g – The perfect pre workout BCAA dosage. Love it.
  • Beta-Alanine 3.2 g – A solid dose that 90% of pre workouts skimp out on.
  • Creatine Monohydrate 3 g – Typically 5 grams is the desired dosage, however, 5 grams paired with the caffeine in this product is not feasible in the slightest. So, this will work.

Energy and Focus:

  • Caffeine 350 mg – A Potent yet not too extreme caffeine dosage. If you’re not used to caffeine this will be too much. However, if you like caffeine, this will be just right, especially since the large serving size of this pre workout will slow down the ‘hit’.
  • Choline 500 mg – Caffeine’s best friend. Improves the experience, however, it doesn’t make up for a lack of l-theanine which Psychon is missing.
  • L-Ornithine HCL 500 mg – Typically, used to increase nitric oxide production. This dosage though is quite small. Granted not a lot will be necessary due to all that citrulline in Psychon.


  • Zinc 30 mg – Thirty milligrams of zinc is a hefty, powerful dose! At these levels, immunity and testosterone alike will be increased.
  • Magnesium 450 mg – This is also a strong dosage of magnesium, however, they make one huge mistake. Magnesium Oxide is the laxative form of magnesium… And this is a laxative grade dosage of it! You may run into problems, or, need to run quickly to avoid them!

Black Pepper Extract 5 mg – A standard ingredient that improves nutrient uptake.

GAT absolutely killed the ingredients and dosages here! We love it.

GAT Psychon Review Conclusion

The pre workout market is definitely being shaken up, as Psychon and ON PRO PRE both prove. Supplement companies are catching onto the fact that they can no longer out-compete clinically dosed pre workouts by using hype and sponsored athletes.

Psychon is on the pricey side, but it’s a step in the right direction. We prefer this over 1MR or other ‘concentrated’ small garbage formulas any day.

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