VPX Bang pre workout review

VPX Bang Pre Workout Review

We went on a limb and reviewed VPX Master Blaster, here’s what we thought.

You’ve probably heard about VPX’s new Bang Master Blaster pre workout, either through advertisements, sponsored affiliate promotions, etc.

From the outside, it seems like there is a lot of excitement and hype surrounding this product. But, how does it all stack up?

To Summarize: VPX’s Pre Workout is heavily dosed with the basics, but it’s not intuitive or cutting edge.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, it means that there are some very heavy hitting ingredients in large, effective dosages… But they are combined without finesse, in a way that doesn’t create the ideal pre workout experience.

At least, not in the way you would expect based on how VPX eccentrically markets their product. But, we’ll get into that at the bottom.

Bang Master Blaster Quick Review: VPX BANG Master Blaster contains heavy clinical dosages of Citrulline Malate, BCAAs, Creatine, and Betaine – but then tops it off with a raw unsophisticated 350 mg of caffeine, under-dosed beta-alanine, and their special “Super creatine”. The result? While this pre workout definitely supports lean muscle growth, it’s a jittery and unrefined experience that you’d expect from a vintage pre workout.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Full Review

Energy Effects 6.5/10

This is our primary beef with the physical Bang pre workout product. The energy matrix is minimal effort – 350 mg raw caffeine anhydrous with nothing else. Even if they only added 175 to 700 mg of L-Theanine… That would be a monumental improvement to this product. Something that should be so clearly understood by any proper formulator (or as the owner of VPX calls himself… “Inventor”).

Strength Effects 9/10

For strength effects, BANG Master Blaster actually performs quite well. On day one taking this pre workout, it isn’t going to be crazy. But, if you consistently take BANG with every lift, that 5 gram Creatine Monohydrate dosage begins to stack upon itself, leading to noticeable gains compared to training without creatine.

Endurance Effects 7/10

If you can handle 350 mg of raw caffeine without anything in there to smooth it over… Then the 7,500 mg of BCAAs in Bang Master Blaster will keep your endurance up as long as you stay hydrated (again, all that caffeine is going to have you peeing a lot, at the same time as the creatine is leaching water from your blood to muscles). If you are a serious runner, this isn’t for you unless you cut the dosage in half for caffeine’s sake… But then of course you cut your BCAAs.

Crash/Aftermath Effects 6.5/10

The caffeine crash will be a nightmare if you sweat like crazy and do not rehydrate. With proper hydration, it can be kept under decent control though. In comparison, it’s not as bad as crashing from a DMAA pre workout.

Taste 8/10

We’ve read some reviews about Master Blaster not tasting very good, but ours tasted perfectly fine. It wasn’t a 10/10 awesome flavor, but it was good compared to other pre workouts, and especially good compared to other pre workouts that contain such a large serving size. Props to VPX on taste.

Price/Value 7/10

Bang only contains 20 servings per container, and retails for $45 on their home website… paying $2.25 per workout is madness, and for that dollar amount, we can get way better products with better stimulant complexes.

Pre workouts similar to VPX Bang

Scivation Quake 10.0 – Pretty much the same product just without creatine and with a better stimulant matrix.

Labrada Super Charged – Again, similar product, just with different pump ingredients and a better stimulant matrix.

VPX Bang pre workout Review Conclusion 7.3/10

While Bang Master Blaster is a good muscle builder, the experience greatly lacks as well as the overall price value. It’s too expensive, too jittery, and surrounded by too much marketing BS and hype. For those reasons, the product is “alright”, but we hate the brand.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Ingredients

Bang Pre Workout IngredientsAs you can see on the ingredient panel, this pre workout came so freaking close.

  • L-citrulline dosage, beautiful.
  • Betaine dosage, fantastic.
  • BCAAs dosage, one of the best!

However the raw stimulant blend paired with hardly soluble creatine monohydrate completely hamper the entire experience.

Bang Pre Workout Vs Bang Energy Drink

Bang Vs VPX Bang Pre Workout
Bang’s powdered pre workout and their canned energy drink are two entirely different products. One is a pre workout, and the other is nothing more than caffeine in a can.

For further explanation, check out our article on the differences between pre workout, energy drinks, and coffee!

Other Information

It’s quite clear that while Bang Master Blaster is a decent pre workout, we have something of a grudge against it.

This is because of how VPX advertises their products.

Here is our list of reasons why we don’t like VPX:

  1. Their founder proclaims he is an inventor
  2. Claims Bang is a “BREAKTHROUGH” pre workout (it’s not)
  3. Claims “Most potent and best tasting pre workout in history”
  4. Brow-beats proprietary blends, yet contains proprietary blends in other VPX products
  5. Boasts their “Super Creatine”… All 250 mg of it (severely under-dosed)

If they would simply cut the crap and be honest… It would do wonders for their reputation with us. But that’s probably never going to happen. Which is why we have to take an aggressive stance to ensure that people ask themselves – “are these claims legitimate”.

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