Nitraflex or PMP pre workout

GAT PMP VS NitraFlex Comparison Review

Find out exactly how GAT PMP compares with NitraFlex and which pre workout is better.

GAT (German American Technologies) has made its mark in the supplement industry as being one of the most hardcore (legally) sports nutrition companies in existence.

How they do this is very predominant in their pre workout supplements NitraFlex and PMP.

What’s the GAT edge?

Massive amounts of caffeine plus quick-hitting nutraceuticals.

While today this is a pretty normal practice, GAT was one of the first companies to start out putting 325 mgs of caffeine in pre workout supplements.

Back when NitraFlex was first released, 125 mg was a common amount, nearly 1/3 of what GAT was equipping!

Clearly, you can see why the hardcore bodybuilding crowd began resonating with GAT quickly, and that’s the same crowd that has continued taking GAT supplements up to the present.

GAT Pre Workouts: beyond the caffeine

Aside from the stimulant punch, GAT pre workouts contain modest pump matrixes which bring total formulations to roughly 6.5 grams and 8 grams active ingredients for PMP and NitraFlex respectively.

This isn’t on the high end, so we classify both GAT pre workouts as strictly high stimulant pre workout supplements as we will get into below.

GAT NitraFlex Pre Workout Review

NitraFlex is the original pre workout made by GAT, most critically known for packing 325 mg caffeine as well as a testosterone matrix. Back in the day, this was a big deal, as no supplement contained either to that degree.

In the gym, GAT NitraFlex is an intense pre workout to be on. The focus is laser sharp, and you have the power to push your body farther, farther, and farther. But, over constant use the caffeine content can really start getting to you.

For the hardcore bodybuilder, that’s a simple cost. But to the well-rounded bodybuilder – this can carry the risk of jeopardizing long term gains if not used properly (fading into adrenal fatigue).

Interesting, but we know your still thinking about that testosterone complex…

In NitraFlex, there is a special patented form of the mineral boron known as: Calcium fructopyranose borate (1). Essentially, this is boron on a fancy transport vector. Several clinical studies have found boron to raise testosterone levels in men. That’s why we see other pre workouts like Pre Series BULK contain it… Though this special form could use some more research (2).

Key Points of our NitraFlex Review

  • This is a heavy stimulant pre workout first and foremost.
  • It tastes decent and is creatine free.
  • There are some pump and endurance ingredients besides stimulants, but not significant amounts.
  • Very fast hitting pre workout

How does this compare to the new GAT PMP pre workout? Let’s take a look.

GAT PMP Review

In many respects, GAT PMP is just like NitraFlex. Its high stimulant, has beta alanine, and contains pump ingredients.

While some of these ingredients are different (pump matrix), the overall theme stays the same minus the boron.
In the gym – GAT PMP felt very similar to NitraFlex. The energy was off the chain, providing plenty of mental focus to power through lifts and ignore anything out of eyesight. But that’s where the experience begins and ends.

Comparing NitraFlex to PMP: What we found

GAT PMP and NitraFlex LabelsAfter taking both pre workouts with similar results, we set up a label comparison to evaluate the differences and similarities in the formulas of these two pre workouts.

As you can see, a lot stayed the same for the new GAT PMP. But, we’re sure it was meant to. After all, NitraFlex hasn’t faded in effectiveness, and GAT proudly prints ‘from the science of NitraFlex’ right on the PMP jug label.

Conclusion on GAT’s Two Pre Workouts

As a whole, PMP and NitraFlex are great pre workouts for guys looking for a quick pre workout drink that will hit hard with 325 mg caffeine. There isn’t any creatine in either one, so that can be taken after the lift with a meal like we prefer.

In addition to these two pre workouts, GAT produces a pretty popular BCAA called Muscle Marinade, the fat burner Jet Fuel (several variations), and nearly every other type of workout supplement. We’re sure that adding Muscle Marinade to your PMP or NitraFlex cycle is what the creators intend for you to do in order to get the most out of either.

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