BPI Ketogenic Pre Workout Review

BPI has a brand new pre workout named BPI “best pre workout”. This status wasn’t awarded, it was named. This rubs our staff the wrong way, but we will still deliver an honest review and ingredient analysis of this pre workout.

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Why we don’t like this supplements name? In our opinion, it’s manipulative. “Best” is a judgement factor, not a naming factor… And the manipulation comes into play when people like you begin searching for reviews on the best pre workouts, and a branded name pops up instead… Suggesting it has that merit. It’s like a farm naming their cabbage ‘healthiest cabbage’. There isn’t a basis for it.

But aside from this, BPI’s new pre workout did interest us a lot. Mainly because of 7 specific grams containing a mixture of goBHB and Captex 70 MCTs. Which, as BPI suggests creates a ketogenic state in your body. The benefit of this ketogenic state is increased fat metabolism and decreased muscle catabolism, so they say.

Our only concern is… is a ketogenic state the creator of fat metabolism, or is fat metabolism the creator of a ketogenic state?

BPI Ketogenic Pre Workout Review

BPI Supplement Label

In the gym, BPI’s new pre workout was semi-standard to most small formula pre workouts out there. The energy was present, thanks to choline and caffeine – but that was the main perk.

  • Pump? Nonexistent.
  • Endurance? Not really.
  • Energy? Good, clean.
  • Overall experience? Disappointing.

Before taking BPI’s ‘best’ pre workout, we were expecting a really novel experience from this product. Theoretically, we anticipated laser focus and a fat burning ‘heat’ effect while lifting.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Instead, it was the sensation of simply taking some caffeine and choline before hitting the gym. Nothing else was noticeable. This is disappointing for a product costing over a dollar per serving.

The Science behind Captex MCTs and BHB beta-hydroxybutyrate derivatives

Well, there isn’t any.

At least BPI doesn’t have it on their website, and no records can be found on google scholar linking beta-hydroxybutyrate supplementation and fat metabolism. Little bit of a bust there.

What We Think About BPI’s New Pre Workout

It isn’t that special. But, there are a few things to consider when taking it. We will consider these questions for BPI.

  1. Would this pre workout be more effective taken in fasted state?
  2. Should BCAAs be taken intra workout with this pre workout for maximum effect?
  3. Do the ketogenic effects promote the burning of body fat or simply the MCTs as fuel?
  4. Why aren’t there more ingredients in this pre workout?

As a whole, we’ve looked for the good in this product but have fallen short. We’ll continue to take it more times, and archive reviews from readers like you – but so far is an enormous fail.

From top to bottom, there isn’t one clinically dosed ingredient in the product, except for maybe choline if we could see through the prop blend. That’s all. If you’ve tried this pre workout, please leave your experience below for other readers to check out!

Update 4/29/2016 – Some Redemption

So, BPI’s best pre workout is advertised as ‘the best pre workout’, and as a ketogenic pre workout. Since this really got to us, we continued our research and have finally come to some conclusions.

First off, BPI’s pre workout is meant for those partaking in a ketogenic diet.

According to deductions we made after digging a part 3 small articles BPI posted, it appears that their pre workout is meant to be taken by ketogenic dieters.

If you’re not dieting this way, its bust. But… They aren’t telling people that.

Second, the energy derived from BPI best pre workout isn’t based upon your fat being metabolized. See, it’s the ketones that get metabolized for energy, and well, the product contains a bunch of ketones to be used just for that.

So, in a nutshell: This pre workout may be very effective for ketogenic dieters.

If you are diving into a ketogenic diet, then this pre workout may offer you energy by supplying an influx of keto bodies. These, your body can then use as fuel, which compared to your normal keto energy levels will be a substantial increase in energy.

This is really cool for those doing the keto diet, but for the rest of us, you’ll want to stick with our top rated award winning pre workouts.

P.S – BPI, we’d love to get an email from you guys explaining some of these points, which we can then update and explain if we are missing something here. We do not enjoy giving supplements moderate or bad rankings, but it happens when the product doesn’t add up.

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