1MR Pre Workout Review

New BPI 1MR Pre Workout

1MR by BPI is a super-stimulant pre workout specifically designed for getting that extra rep that other pre workouts can’t offer.

The ideal user of BPI 1MR is someone who is very used to pre workout supplements and/or enjoys caffeine. As long as you can handle the stimulants, then this pre workout can help you harness serious power and energy to do great things in the gym.

Note: There has been at least 2 reformulations of BPI 1MR. We’re going to cover a review of each, plus comparisons below, starting with the newest edition.

1MR Pre Workout Review

Our Review of the New 1MR (2017 Edition)

The New 1MR carries on where the older edition 1MR’s left off.

Sheer stimulant energy.

This is not a pre workout for the light of heart, rookie to stimulants, or pump chasers…

Rather, this is a pre workout for energy and tunnel vision junkies who demand caffeine and stimulant galore.

Back in the day, 1MR stood alone with its massive energy blast. However now, there is aggressive competition for high energy pre workouts. Due to this, 1MR has lost some of its legendary status with us.

If you originally loved 1MR, and want to continue enjoying it – your most likely to still love this stuff. Yes, you will miss the DMAA if the original was your groove. But, this is still a high-stim pre workout.
New vs Old 1MR

New 2016-2017 1MR Formula Vs Last 1MR Edition

As you can see, the 1MR formula took a massive switch-up.

Nearly everything has changed. But, the energy remains. To us, it looks like a lot of the under dosed performance enhancers were removed to make way for more stimulant focused ingredients.

BTW – the new 1MR tastes delicious compared to previous formulations.

Our Review of the old 1MR Pre Workout

The first time we tried BPI 1MR was back in 2012 when the original formula was still on the shelf. Before giving it a go, we had heard many stories about how intense this pre workout was. Upon trying 1MR, we ultimately had to agree.

The sheer energy given off by this pre workout was out of control. With many pre workouts, you can take a serving and then not workout if something comes up.

But, with 1MR- once you take a serving, you better plan on going to the gym. After about 20 minutes when the energy starts kicking in, you will want to crank up your workout routine to new levels.

When the advertising for 1MR says ‘tunnel vision for the weights’ and all sorts of wild claims… They really mean it.

Difference between Original and New BPI 1MR

There is a noticeable difference between the original and new formula 1MR. The key difference being the pump matrix, which was not present in the original. Ingredient wise, the new formula is a complete reformulation with the exception of caffeine content. The original contained 1.3 DMAA and a massive dose of B Vitamins, while the new formula has a strong herbal base.

If you’ve taken the original 1MR and really liked the effects, then you should be satisfied with the new reformulation as long as DMAA doesn’t run your life. If you have never taken BPI 1MR before, then we caution you again regarding the high stimulant levels in this pre workout.

Quite frankly, not all guys can handle this level of stimulants. However, for a certain type of bodybuilder- this high stimulant rush is exactly what is needed to get a serious lift in the gym. Be sure to view the Top 10 Pre Workouts before you leave and post any questions or comments below.


BPI Sports has released another version of 1MR called 1MR Vortex.

This new pre workout is a completely different beast in terms of ingredients, though it offers a similar high stimulant energy driven workout. In our opinion, Vortex is a great switch-up to have on hand if you love the standard 1MR. This way, the standard will never get old to you and you have a decent replacement on your off months. You can see our 1MR and 1MR Vortex Comparison for more details.

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