Mixing Pre Workouts

Stacking Pre Workouts

Stacking pre workouts is popular. Here we look at the different ways that people stack pre workouts with each other, or with completely different supplements.

Pre workout supplements are mega popular, you know this and we know this. Every day, hundreds of dudes are having their minds blown as they take their first pre workout serving and go to the gym. The energy, the focus, the power, the euphoria… It’s a new way to lift.

But after time, things change. That kick dies down, the pump isn’t what it could be, etc.

And from here, comes variation in the pre workout you take, as well as how you take it.

Stacking your pre workout is one of those variations that some guys and girls choose. It goes with the idea that: “hey, I like pre workout 1, and I like pre workout 2… So what happens when I add them together?”

Sometimes this combination is right, other times it can be quite dangerous. So, here we are going to go over some basics on stacking pre workouts.

This is intended to keep you out of trouble, however, we still must state that stacking pre workouts is all on you. We aren’t giving advice here, just some thoughts to think about and not execute.

Different Types of Pre Workout Stacking

On this page we will go over:

  • Stacking Pre Workouts with Nitric Oxide Boosters
  • Stacking Pre Workouts with BCAA Supplements
  • Stacking Pre Workouts with Other Pre Workouts

By the end, you should be a bit more versed on how to combine pre workouts with each other or entirely different supplements. At the bottom, you can comment to ask any questions or give feedback on what works well for you.

Stacking Pre Workouts with Nitric Oxide Boosters

Mix pre workout with NO

Nitric Oxide boosters are extremely popular additions to a pre workout supplement. Most commonly, we’re talking NO3 Chrome by Cellucor, but as a whole there are a lot of options when it comes to nitric oxide supplements.

For the majority of pre workouts out there, adding in a separate nitric oxide supplement is safe, and may even be recommended by the maker. However, it’s important to point out that not all pre workouts need it.

For instance, a pre workout like Transparent Labs BULK already has plenty of citrulline malate in it to take your nitric oxide levels to the limit. Any supplements added in after that won’t take on an effect. It’s already topped out!

Specific ways to stack Nitric Oxide Boosters with Pre Workout

As a whole, it’s pretty simple. You can either take the Nitric oxide booster daily as recommended, or take it alongside your pre workout before training. Very easy.

Stacking Pre Workouts with BCAA Supplements

Stacking pre workout with BCAA

Another heavy hitter for supplementation alongside pre workouts is BCAA supplements. This one can be extremely beneficial to endurance and recovery if you are training fasted, or training excessively.

To stack BCAAs with your pre workout, you can either take them together before training, or take your BCAAs intra workout (meaning while you lift). Both methods are great, but I prefer taking my BCAAs pre workout to get it over with so I can enjoy pure water during my lift.

Stacking Pre Workouts Together (Pre Workout with Pre Workout)

Yes, this is probably why you are here. You want to stack multiple pre workout supplements together. Be warned, this can be tricky business. So, here is our philosophy for your entertainment.

Stacking two stimulant pre workouts isn’t cool.

With the exception of Pro Supps Jekyll and Hyde, stacking two stimulant containing pre workouts isn’t safe. We can’t recommend that for you here. There is too much of a window for things to go wrong if one stimulant or another hits maximum levels.

Stacking a stimulant pre workout with a non-stimulant pre workout

This is a better option if you want to increase your endurance and power. Most stim-free pre workouts are loaded with BCAAs and nitric oxide boosters. So, if you combine a great stimulant pre workout with a non-stimulant pre workout – magic can happen. Hypothetically.

We know a ton of guys that do this, and are crazy about their ‘secret mixtures’ of different pre workout supplements.

Summing It All Up On Mixing Pre Workouts

Mixing or stacking your pre workouts is great, and can be a lot of fun when done right. But as pre workout gurus, we’ve got to say – if you are thinking you need to add things to you pre workouts, or even combine pre workouts… Maybe you’re taking the wrong pre workout from the start.

The times are changing, and now days while most pre workouts are simply stimulants, there are a few other options that are true heavy hitters. Reference? Check out Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK. That’s a pre workout and a half for building muscle. On the flipside, LEAN by the same company is a killer shredding pre workout.

Either way, we wish you the best in your workouts. Let us know below what crazy things you do with your pre workouts as well as ask any questions you got! We’ll get back to you eventually.

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