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Redcon1 Total War – Reviewed

Total War by Redcon 1 is one crazy pre workout. While reviewing this product, our experts went on multiple deployments to both the bathroom and then the gym. Beware of shellshock and fracking.

Redcon1 is a brand new supplement company that clearly has never taken to the word “modesty“.

Check out their pre workout for instance: TOTAL WAR.

The label paints the picture of a pure powerhouse killing machine! And yeah, after taking this bad boy that’s exactly what our review concludes.

But can you really blame them?

Redcon1 was founded by previous BlackStone Labs bigwigs.

If you’re not familiar, Blackstone Labs is famous for ‘guerilla-chemist-made-formulas’ like the absolutely insane Dust Extreme Pre workout.

Given this founding repertoire, what else would you expect?

For better or worse, we drank the cool-aide and here is our hardcore Total War pre workout adventure.

Total War Quick Review: Total War is by no means a one-size-fits-all type pre workout. The stimulants in this pre workout are insane, and there isn’t a single ingredient in here to smooth it over or add a euphoric happy effect. Nah, its pure WAR. What’s that mean? Well, the mega-hardcore 300+ mg caffeine lovers are going to fiend this. For everyone else, you best start with half a serving.

Quick Strengths: Very high stimulants (for those that like that) and a good dose of Citrulline Malate and Beta-Alanine.

Quick Weaknesses: Too much caffeine for 70% of users, no ingredients to smooth over the stimulant experience. Likely to make you have to hit the john soon after taking, be ready for that.

How to take Redcon1 Total War: This pre workout hits very fast. Take it 15 minutes before lifting and you’ll be ready to rocket. Start with half a scoop if you aren’t a stimulant freak, seriously.

Total War Review Ranking Factors

Energy Effects: 8.5/10 Berserker Grade

The stimulants in this pre workout are not a force to underestimate. Each serving of Total War brings with it 350 mg of caffeine, 150 mg of AMPiberry (definitely NOT DMHA), theobromine, and Naringin. What makes this combination even more rough around the edges and gnarly, is that there isn’t any L-Theanine or Macuna Pruriens in sight! That means that the energy is raw and rage filled in a take no hostages kind of way.

Strength Effects:  8/10 Neural-Based Enhancement (Meth, Proper?)

The stimulants in Total War bring back vivid memories to lifting with DUST Extreme as well as Finaflex Stimul8. Basically, its like doing meth, but socially acceptable politically correct meth… So you get complimented for your strength gains.

Endurance Effects: 7/10 Stay Hydrated My Friends

There is very little forgiveness in this pre workout, so once the stimulants crack you, you’re done. From an endurance point of view, staying hydrated should keep the good times rolling, unless you have a heart attack from rolling too hard on the stimulants. Totally reasonable.

Crash / Aftermath Effects: 7/10 You’re Done But Its Not Over, Sweetheart

Typically for a pre workout that gets you so #rekt afterwards, we’d give it a lower rating, but how do you brow-beat a PWO named TOTAL WAR for being hardcore? The correct answer is you don’t. Yes, you’re going to probably crash if you work out way to hard, have a low tolerance, didn’t drink enough water, or if its Monday. But this is war, nobody comes home in one piece.

Taste: 7.5/10 Its Okay

Typically sucralose containing pre workouts taste better than this one, but at least it tastes better than NutraBio PRE.

Price / Value: 7.5/10 Same Stick, Different Brand

It could be worse, but it could always be better.

Similar Products:

  • Straight up, Dust Extreme is a very close comparable (why work hard when you can rip your previous brands formula?)


Review Conclusions: 7.6 Stim-Junkie Don’t Care Though!

Overall, this pre workout could be better in a lot of ways. But, that’s not what this pre workout is aiming for. Instead, Total War brings a hail-Mary  celebration of stimulants, guaranteed to squeeze out any adrenaline left in your caffeine intolerant body. After all, this is war.

Image credit to @b_man-journey.

Post Review Total War Conclusion

Overall, Total War delivered on bringing way too much firepower to the party.

If you plan on lifting with your friends, and having a wicked x-factor hyped up time, then Total War will be a good addition to the day.

Also if you’re a straight up stimulant freak, then you can take this pre workout solo like a boss. Freak.

However let it be known, that this pre workout is stimulant overload. And quire frankly, you don’t need to take this much caffeine to get a good lift.

But we won’t blame Redcon1 for being Redcon1 as long as they’re honest about it. At least now we know… Our first experience with Redcon1 was jumping into Fade Out and that was a freaking trip. Seriously.

If you’ve taken Redcon1 Total War, or have anything to say about our sly wordplay, comment below and prepare to get roasted.

PS: Redcon1 comes in a lot of flavors.

Redcon1 Total War PWO

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