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Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme Review

We put Dust Extreme to the test in this months pre workout review. Overall for a DMAA pre workout its quite powerful and fits the super-stimulant category.

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Here at BWSB we’ve known about Blackstone Labs for a while. Throughout the past, we’ve questioned their overall brand value, as Blackstone products tend to lay in the legal/ethical grey area of supplement sales.

Lately, with the use of DMAA in many of their products, Blackstone Lab’s has greatly increased their exposure. Therefore, it’s only right that we begin adding their supplements to our review roster!

Dust Extreme Quick Review: Dust Extreme is a medium-scoop high stimulant pre workout that includes DMAA. Compared to other high stimulant pre workouts, Dust Extreme is actually mild in our opinion. But that doesn’t mean Dust is weak… Rather, it’s a clean high stimulant experience that lasts for quite some time.

Our Experience Reviewing Dust Extreme

While reviewing Dust Extreme, we found the overall experience to be very similar to that of APS Mesomorph.

Like Mesomorph, the pump wasn’t all that intense, but the DMAA focus and mind-muscle connection was quite prevalent.

This mind-muscle connection enhancement is incredibly awesome for back-days. However, for chest, shoulders, and legs – it can leave you dry and without a pump.

The first couple times taking DUST Extreme were amazing.

Though as we got acclimated to taking it, the duration of effectiveness reduced and the crash got worse.

BWSB Ranking Factors

Energy Effects – 8.5/10

The energy effects of Dust Extreme is just like APS mesomorph, with the slightest hint of more overall energy. It is a very DMAA energy experience… Meaning, you’re not going to get all feel-good happy like some other pre workouts do. Instead, you get really focused.

Strength Effects – 8/10

The DMAA does enhance both strength and the ability to really target specific muscles.

Endurance Effects 7/10

While there is beta-alanine in Dust, it’s at a suboptimal dose (2.5). Expect an endurance boost due to the stimulants, but if you work hard, it will come to an end as there is no real nutrition present to keep you going.

Crash / Aftermath Effects 6/10

With high caffeine + DMAA products, when the crash comes it comes on hard. While you are still new to DMAA, this crash won’t occur for several hours after consumption. However, as you become more tolerant to both caffeine and DMAA, the crash will speed up.

Price / Value 6/10

The cheapest price we found for Dust Extreme is $44.99 per 25 servings. This is incredibly expensive for a product that has less than 9 grams of active ingredients per serving… Basically you are paying close to $2 per serving, and they recommend you take it every single day.

This outrageous price (outrageously profitable for them) is likely due to the DMAA, as more reputable brands are not willing to sell it due to risks.

Taste 9/10

We tried the Dust Extreme flavor Sour Gummy Bear and it was one of the best tasting pre workouts we’ve ever had. Granted, it includes sucralose and artificial flavors. Regardless, fantastic taste. If it was naturally flavored, this would be a 10/10 no question.

Similar Products

The most similar products to Dust Extreme are APS Mesomorph and GenOne Old Jack. Both of these products contain DMAA.

Review Conclusion 7.4/10

Overall, if DMAA is a must for your pre workout supplement, then DUST Extreme is one of the most hardcore options available. It really doesn’t have any performance enhancing nutrients, or muscle growth stimulating nutrients… But it does have enough caffeine and DMAA to make you punch through a door.

Dust Extreme Pre Workout Ingredients

Dust Extreme

Citrulline Malate 4 grams – Promotes nitric oxide production, 2/3 clinical dose.

Beta-Alanine 2.5 grams – Promotes endurance, under-dosed as well.

Agmatine Sulfate 1 gram – Promotes nitric oxide via not fully understood pathways and is also a stimulant. Dosed strongly.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) 750 mg – A stimulant that effects choline action, dosed strongly.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 500 mg – Good for mood, focus, performance. Moderate dosage.

Caffeine Anhydrous 350 mg – Fast acting stimulant, very strong dosage.

Higenamine 75 mg – Stimulant that compliments caffeine, strong dosage.

DMAA 75 mg – Stimulant similar to meth/Adderall, dosed strongly.

Huperzine A 300 mcg – Enhances focus, good dosage.

Who Would Benefit Most From Dust?

Dust Extreme is definitely meant for DMAA fanatics. Results-wise, Dust will give you better workouts. On a body-effect level, Dust will help you cut water-weight – but it really won’t help you swell up your muscles to support maximum growth.

With that being said, if you have an immediate need to show more definition and harden your muscles, Dust Extreme is an advantageous pre workout to take if you like heavy DMAA and caffeine.

Feedback Welcome

We liked the experience of taking this pre workout a lot. The only problem was stimulant burn out, price, and DMAA side effects.

We’d really like to hear your feedback on Dust Extreme below. As well, this is a good place to discuss other DMAA pre workouts that you’ve tried, or general concerns around DMAA usage.

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