Pro JYM Review

Jym Pro Jym Review

Before JYM supplements existed, many of our staff members and bodybuilders as a whole followed Jim Stoppani’s supplement and exercise advice. Now, that process is 10x easier with JYM supplements.

Pro Jym is the lean protein within the JYM line which can easily fall into place as a staple point for many guys and girls looking to build muscle, burn fat, or maintain their current form. Here, we’re going to give you our Pro Jym protein review so you can make your own judgement based on our experiences and research.
Pro JYM Protein Review

Pro Jym Quick Specs and Supplement Facts

  • 24 g Protein per Serving
  • Fast, Medium, Slow Digesting Proteins
  • 3.5 g Fat
  • 7 g Carbohydrates
  • 23 Servings (2 lbs.) or 46 Servings (4 lbs.)


Pro Jym Review by BWOSB

For our Pro Jym review, our staff was hooked up with 2 lbs. of Chocolate Cookie Crunch each. Overall, the flavor, mixture, and texture was overwhelmingly accepted and liked. Taking Pro Jym should not be a problem for you, and will most likely even be a pleasure. It certainly was for us, in comparison to memories of protein supplements 5+ years ago!

The blend in Pro Jym is a complex blend as opposed to a traditional all whey or all casein blend. In Pro Jym there is approximately 12.5 grams of casein, 9 grams of whey, and 2.5 grams of egg whites. This isn’t carb or fat free either, in Pro Jym you will be getting 2.5 grams of fat and 7 grams of carbs. This blend is intended to offer a full-spectrum muscle building response in your muscles, and from our experience appears to work pretty well.

When to Take Pro Jym

When you look at the Pro Jym directions, you will see that Stoppani recommends supplementation 30 minutes before exercise as well as within 30 minutes post workout. Additionally, you can supplement in-between meals as well as in the morning to help reach your protein macro needs.

To us, this wouldn’t be a bad thing. But, if your diet and intake is similar to ours, we advise the following. Take Pro-Jym primarily post workout when you get home from the gym. If you take a BCAA, like Post-Jym, take that immediately after you finish working out. From there, get plenty of whole-foods and if need be, use Pro Jym to supplement periods of protein intake deficiency. Doing this will significantly prolong the life of your protein while supporting gains, fat loss, and your overall pursuit of aesthetics.

Here are some protein timings to consider with Pro Jym

Breakfast – High protein and high fat meal with some carbs. Eat a true protein source like steak, chicken, or eggs. If you can’t get the protein source in and you are a cereal or waffle type of person – then take a serving of Pro Jym to stoke your muscles up.

Lunch – More meats, fats, and slightly more carbs than breakfast. As our rule of thumb, carbs are never a go-hard food type (except for post workout or for hard-gainers). But, there is significant research that suggests that carbohydrate intake supports testosterone which is essential to any male working towards a better physique.

Post Workout – After your workouts, you need carbs. You need carbs to the point that it’s not out of line to say that carbohydrates are as essential as protein. Here is what we typically do post workout. Right after finishing the lift, we take a BCAA (and something like Post Jym carbs if it’s on standby).

From there we drive home (7-15 minutes), take a protein powder if it’s on hand, and start cooking. We either cook pastas with a meat source, make burritos, or a pizza high in protein.

No matter what you do, it’s the real food meal that’s going to have the biggest impact on your gains. Taking Pro Jym (and optionally BCAAs) will significantly help the process. But, that real food meal is truly everything.

Dinner – For dinner, it’s all about protein and fats with minimal to moderate carbohydrates. Eat a meat, get some complex carbs, and get to bed at a decent time so you can sleep for 7+ hours.

Between these times, you can consider taking some additional Pro Jym if you feel the hunger or if you’re feeling exceptionally sore. But for the most part, your primary real food meals are going to carry your muscle building or fat leaning process.

How Pro Jym Compares to Other Protein Supplements

We’ve reviewed many other top protein brands on the market, and Pro Jym does quite well in comparison. For instance, Pro Jym is considerably better than BPI Best Protein and Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Energy to name a few.

Basically, for a moderately lean, multi-protein sourced powder – Pro Jym is top rated unless you care about additives and protein sourcing.

The Takeaway on Pro JYM Protein

Pro Jym is a high quality multi-phase protein supplement that is perfect for guys wanting to add protein powder to their post workout, or for guys looking for a new powder to substitute in. It tastes great, mixes easy, and is sure to aid your muscle building or fat burning process.

If you find Pro Jym on a great deal, or if it’s price-comparable to what you are currently taking, then it’s definitely worthwhile to try. We enjoyed this protein supplement and all the benefits it had to offer.

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