BPI Protein Review

BPI Best Protein

Best Protein is the newest protein addition to BPI Sports’ inventory. This line is exceptionally focused on great taste and quality, proving to be much more pleasurable than protein powders of the past.

We’ve reviewed BPI Best Protein firsthand, and here we are going to lay out our experience, the ingredients, as well as what others are saying about this protein powder.

Our Experience with BPI Protein

We personally enjoyed taking BPI Best Protein. It tasted great (Cookies and Cream), came with 28 servings, and mixed extremely well.

For a protein powder with 24 grams of whey per serving, that’s not bad at all. In fact, it’s better than what a lot of people are getting. Just plug this powder into your post workout window or times of protein deficit and your muscles will thank you for it. That’s what we did, and our gain progressions have stayed on point!BPI Best Protein Review

BPI Best Protein Breakdown

  • 100% Whey Protein
  • Micro filtered in Cold Temperatures
  • 24 Grams of Protein
  • 5.5 Grams naturally occurring BCAAS
  • Great Tasting Flavors

Our Recommendation on this Protein

If whey is a big part of your life, BPI Best Protein is a great tasting whey protein for your daily needs. Above all else, it tastes great. The Protein content is respectable, and the price isn’t too bad either. If you are extensively non-gmo and organic then there are better clean proteins out there. But, for the vast majority BPI Best Protein is a great choice for supplementation.

The best times of the day to utilize BPI’s protein is going to be post workout as well as throughout the day during times of protein deficit. For instance, as you get out of the gym you should include a Best Protein shake with your post workout meal. The shake itself shouldn’t be the only thing you eat though, as post workout is the best time of the day for a dieter or bodybuilder to get their carbs and fats.

Throughout the day, BPI’s protein can also be taken with meals that do not contain significant protein. This will allow you to keep your protein macros up and thus allow better growth and maintenance which leads to a better physique and a stronger physique.

How Best Protein compares to other BPI Proteins

As we mentioned before, Best Protein is one of BPI Sports protein options. While they named it “best protein”, it doesn’t quite make the cut for our best rated protein shakes. In addition to Best Protein there is Whey-HD and ISO-HD all manufactured by BPI as we’ll compare below.

Whey-HD is the standard whey protein made by BPI. It is the most unrefined option, containing both whey isolates and milk concentrates. This protein takes the longest to digest out of the 3, but also a more sustained release. This is the least expensive option BPI offers.

ISO-HD is the pure whey isolate protein made by BPI. This is essentially Best Protein taken to the next level of purity to ensure zero lactose, less fat, and less carbs. It’s a great option for those fasting or who need a rapid absorbing protein post workout. This is really not your throughout the day type of protein though. For those instances it’s better to take a fuller spectrum product. After all, fats and carbs are essential macros.

Bulk Muscle is the mass gaining protein made by BPI. It contains a huge 53 grams of protein per serving along with tons of fats and carbs to bring the total caloric count to approximately 630 per serving. This is the bulker or hard gainer’s protein.

Compared to Whey HD and ISO HD, BPI Best Protein fits right in the middle. It has both extra filtration as well as a more complex profile. It has a great premium taste but without the expensive premium price tag. It’s a protein that’s really going to appeal to a lot of different people, most likely even you. If you find yourself looking at this protein powder while it’s on a sale, and you typically take regular whey – we recommend that you try it out!

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