ON Protein Energy Review

Protein Energy Review

Protein with caffeine is in, and Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Energy is leading the pack. Here is our review:

Protein Energy is the new whey protein option brought to us by Optimum Nutrition. As a whole, Protein Energy is a standard Optimum Nutrition blend similar to Gold Standard Whey.

However, Protein Energy also contains an energy matrix composed of caffeine and green tea extract.

When taken at the 2 scoop full serving size, this equates to 220 mg of caffeine plus green tea extract bringing forward energy slightly stronger than your typical serving of coffee.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy Profile

  • 20 grams of protein per 1-2 scoops (flavor dependent)
  • 26 full servings per container
  • Low carb, Low fat
  • 220 mg Caffeine + Green Tea Extract
  • Available Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon Bun, Mocha Cappuccino, Vanilla Latte.

Note – Cinnamon Bun Protein Energy is 2 scoops per serving while the other 3 flavors are 1 scoop per serving. Each offer 20 grams of protein per serving and 26 servings per unit.

Optimum Protein Energy Review

Protein Energy Review

We had a very pleasant experience reviewing Protein Energy by Optimum Nutrition. Going through 2 bags of Cinnamon Bun Protein Energy each, it’s safe to say that expectations were met.

For starters, taste. We did not have the chance to try chocolate, mocha cappuccino or vanilla latte; but cinnamon bun was completely on point. The powder mixed well (2 scoops) into a standard size shaker cup and was free of any clump or grit action. There was no artificial tastes present whatsoever and it definitely tasted like cinnamon bun when mixed with either milk or water. One of our reviewers compared the taste of Protein Energy to that of chai tea. It’s a subtle hint.

ON Protein Energy Review

A purposeful protein powder

Protein Energy is a solid whey supplement for the morning and mid-day hours. If you normally drink a cup or two of coffee during the day, that cup can easily be replaced with Protein Energy. In fact, the majority of our reviewers experienced more energy from this whey than from a single cup of coffee alone.

With that being said, Protein Energy makes an excellent breakfast addition (especially since it tastes great); but in our minds is not appropriate for post workout or night supplementation (for the pre workout user primarily). This is for a number of reasons that include: hydration, nutrient uptake, creatine uptake, and overall stimulant stacking. All of these factors, due to interactions with the caffeine present, may result in sub-optimal effects.

What Protein Energy is and what it is not

When you pick up Protein Energy, it’s going to be for morning protein supplementation. This is not a meal-replacement, it’s a meal addition. Granted, if you currently do not eat breakfast at all then Protein Energy is better than nothing. But, for both the bodybuilder and faster – taking only the 20 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 2 grams of carbs in Protein Energy for breakfast is not adequate. We recommend you supplement Protein Energy along with a foundation of complex carbohydrates and fatty protein sources in the morning. That’s what the pros do.

If you are currently taking a strong fat burner, Protein Energy may not be the protein powder for you. At least not on the same day. This is due to the caffeine in Protein Energy and your fat burner stacking and being too much to manage. If this case fits you, then check out some non-caffeinated protein powders to get your protein macros up!

We Do Recommend Optimum’s Protein Energy

We 100% recommend Protein Energy for men or women who are looking for a protein powder, need an extra boost, and find Protein Energy on a good deal. This trio makes Optimums Protein Energy a perfect solution to your protein needs. When we stocked up, we managed to get a buy 1 get 1 50% off which was perfect! However, you probably wouldn’t see us spending the full market price of $51.99 per bag for this product in particular. At least not at 26 servings.

Best and worst ways to take Protein Energy

So how and when should you take Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Energy powder?

Best Ways to Take Protein Energy

#1 As a morning coffee replacement OR as a morning coffee super-charger.

The infusion of caffeine in Protein Energy makes it ideal for regular coffee replacement, or simply giving you a kick-start.

#2 As a morning/mid-day appetite suppressant.

Caffeine is an effective appetite suppressant, and you can utilize protein energy to provide both appetite suppression as well as extra protein to fill your macros.

#3 As a pre or post workout pick-me-up.

Typically, we do not recommend protein immediately before exercise or protein with pre workout… But if you just take one serving of Protein Energy as your pre workout, then you should be good.

Wrong Ways to Take Protein Energy

#1 With a potent fat burner.

The caffeine in Protein Energy may take your fat burners energy too far. But, you can judge this for yourself.

#2 Late at night or before trying to sleep.

You wouldn’t drink coffee before going to bed, neither should you drink this before doing so.

#3 When you are dehydrated.

Caffeine plus dehydration often means a headache and becoming even more tired. Get hydrated, then enjoy this protein goodness.

Conclusion On Our Review of Protein Energy by Optimum Nutrition

If you haven’t noticed already, Protein Energy is the solution to quite a few problems. It helps with energy, dieting, protein delivery, and tastes fantastic. If it provided cleaner protein, we would have been happy to include it on our best protein powders article. However, it was just a hair under the requirements.

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