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NutraBio PRE Stim-Free Review

Big formula pre workouts are back and we’re loving it! Read our full NutraBio STIM-FREE pre workout review now for the real deal.

Caffeine is a blast, but sometimes you’ve got to take a breather and let your adrenals re-charge. During this period of ‘getting your juices back’, pre workouts are hard to replace.

During our recent month-long recharge session, we busted out the NutraBio PRE Stim-Free. We already tried the regular V5 NutraBio PRE and enjoyed it – so we felt pretty confident about Stim-Free being a good choose for our off-week. We chose good, real good.

NutraBio PRE Stim-Free is literally PRE without the caffeine and L-theanine.

That’s right, while taking NutraBio PRE stim-free we weren’t settling for some skeletonized Gatorade like bad excuse of a pre workout. Nah, we had the real deal!

Surprised? We were. Nowadays almost EVERY brand totally sells out with their stimulant free editions. Just look at Cellucor! Their stimulant free pre workout versions have an odd way of becoming “accessories” to their stimulated products… That’s what we call an up-sell ladies and gentlemen.

Nonetheless, let’s dive into our review of a legitimate stim-free product.

PS: You can view our NutraBio PRE review here for the caffeinated edition!

NutraBio PRE Stim-Free Quick Review: As you would expect from NutraBio, STIM-FREE does not cut any corners or let down their flagship PRE caffeinated version. We’re talking a large pump matrix and creatine cocktail combined… Overall we liked this pre workout a lot.

Quick Strengths: Large pump matrix, good creatine dosage, good beta alanine dosage (you WILL feel the TINGLES).

Quick Weaknesses: No BCAAs, only 20 servings, taste could be improved.

How to take NutraBio PRE Stim-Free: We found NutraBio PRE Stim-Free to kick in pretty fast. So, a 20-40 minute pre workout window would be good. Energy? This stuff still delivers a bit of it so don’t take it within 2 hours of sleep or else, you won’t be doing that!

NutraBio PRE Stim-FREE Ingredients Compared to Regular PRE

PRE Vs Pre Stim-FREEWhen you look at the labels, NutraBio PRE and NutraBio STIM-FREE are the exact same, minus the caffeine and l-theanine.

With that, you can expect to get everything you’d typically get out of PRE… Just without the caffeine fueled energy.

What does that mean? Well, while your brain isn’t getting that extra kick, and your emotions aren’t getting it either – your muscles will be. So as long as you can keep your mental priorities in check your body will follow suit.

Oh, here is the label for NutraBio Stim-Free. If you’d like to see a breakdown of the ingredients, just go over to our review of the caffeinated PRE we linked to above.

PRE Stim-FREE label

Experience Taking NutraBio PRE Stim-FREE

Like we expected, taking NutraBio STIM-FREE was a pleasure.

Correction: Well, it doesn’t taste that good… But the EXPERIENCE was a pleasure.

Upon taking NutraBio STIM-FREE you’re going to feel the tinges kick in. Going a bit farther, while there isn’t any caffeine… You are going to feel a bit of a Huperzine A and Agmatine rush. It’s a little teeny tiny bit like DMAA, without the heat.

Overall, while taking STIM-FREE we noticed the power effect most of all. When you’re on it, you’ve got it. Plain and simple.

Comparison to the Stim-Free Market

Compared to most other stimulant free pre workouts, NutraBio’s is awesome.

But, it doesn’t take the cake for best stimulant free pre workout. In the future, we can see it earning its rank around the #3-4 mark, but it’s going to take more time to compile that data.

In comparison though…

Here is what NutraBio PRE STIM-FREE does right:

  • Great pump ingredients
  • Creatine in a stim-free formula
  • Fully dosed

Where NutraBio could improve:

  • BCAAs
  • Citrulline Malate instead of straight Citrulline
  • 30 Servings

NutraBio Stim-Free Conclusion

Overall NutraBio PRE Stim-Free is a winning formula pre workout supplement. To this date, no mainstream companies can compete with the power of dedicated brands like NutraBio.

Though, as a reminder there are always improvements to be made. For instance: BCAAs, a better flavor, and more servings per container would be nice…

But hey, we understand that it’s not always possible. NutraBio has already packed so much value into this pre workout that inevitably the budget runs out. Of important note, mainstream brands wouldn’t dare adding nearly as much value as NutraBio has!

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