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NutraBio PRE – Full Review

Sometimes, you can predict how awesome a pre workout is based on how horrible it tastes. We call this the inverse relationship between pre workout taste and pre workout performance. Read our review to get the whole scoop.

Despite being a relatively small brand, NutraBio has quite the legacy in the bodybuilding supplement market.

Way before Pre-Jym, the first mainstream non-proprietary formulated pre workout, NutraBio had their very own fully-disclosed NutraBio Pre pre-workout. Yes, NutraBio was first – and back then, not even we knew about it!

With the rise in supplemental transparency and value in large-dose products – NutraBio has grown in popularity quite a bit!

Here, we share with you our review of NutraBio’s flagship pre-workout: PRE.

We will make a few notes to NutraBio’s other pre workouts: PRE Extreme and PRE STIM-FREE as well at the bottom.

NutraBio PRE Quick Review: NutraBio PRE is a large-scoop pre workout that’s going to be much more effective than most pre workouts out there. Each serving of NutraBIo PRE has serious caffeine (350 mg) along with quite the pump matrix (6 g Citrulline Malate, 1 g Agmatine, 750 mg Nitrosigine). Combine this all together, and your energy will be lit with pump on point. Micro-dose pre workouts can’t compete!

Quick Strengths: Serious pump matrix with pro-level stimulants from a manufacturer you can trust.

Quick Weaknesses: No BCAAs and over-stimulated for some.

How to take NutraBio PRE pre-workout: A solid 30 minutes before exercise is recommended. If you are doing cardio, or new to stimulants, lower the dosage to half a scoop for just the right amount of energy. Even at half dose, the pumps will be strong.

NutraBio Pre Full Review

Energy Effects 8.5/10

If you appreciate strong energy from your pre workouts, then you will truly enjoy NutraBio PRE. I wouldn’t say that the energy effects are “feel good” or “just right”, instead, its most accurately described as “strong”. Basically, if you end up not going to your gym session, god help you.

Strength Effects 9/10

The large caffeine shot paired with a complimentarily large dose of Agmatine and creatine does bring strength into the picture for NutraBio PRE. Your nerves will be firing so hard that extra pounds will be achievable more easily on the right day.

Endurance Effects 7/10

The endurance effects are great for strength training. However if you are a runner, the stimulants will make your heart pound out of your chest if you take a full serving. For that reason, as well as the lack of BCAAs and general long-lasting well-being feeling – NutraBio gets a 7.5 out of 10. Which, is still great compared to how we rate other pre workout supplements.

Crash/Aftermath 7.5/10

With all strong stimulant pre workouts, comes an inevitable crash. Compared to other 350 mg caffeine pre workouts, it could be worse though! NutraBio Includes 300 mg of L-theanine as well as 300 mg choline birtartate to smooth over caffeine’s effects for a more rounded experience during and after supplementation.

Taste 6/10

Really did not like the taste of this pre workout. I’ve had many bad tasting pre workouts before, ranging from tart and sour to over-flavored… But this was just too sucralose riddled.

Price/Value 6/10

While NutraBio PRE does contain more ingredients than most, you’re only getting 30 servings per container for $40 bucks. There are many other pre workouts that deliver the same/more ingredients with 30 servings at $45-49.

Similar Products

  • Koala Freak: More caffeine, beta-alanine, and ElevATP.
    NutraBio PRE Extreme: Same formula with added carbohydrates.
    Pre-Jym: Contains BCAAs and citrulline malate instead of citrulline.

PRE Review Conclusion 7.3/10

NutraBio PRE is a pro-grade pre workout experience that will satisfy the demands of most bodybuilders compared to mainstream products. It’s a bit high on the caffeine, which for some will be a turn off – but for others it’s just right. The formula is light on beta-alanine, and lacks BCAAs which is something to be wanted (as other competing pre workouts do include), however overall this is a mainstream PWO killer. Not the absolute best, but still seriously good.

NutraBio PRE Ingredients

NutraBIO PRE Ingredient LabelOf important note in the NutraBio PRE formula is the use of:

  • Fermented L-Citrulline instead of L-Citrulline Malate – more pump less endurance.
  • Only 2.5 grams beta-alanine – Again, less endurance.
  • A mix of Creatine HCL and Monohydrate – Solid strength gains.
  • Straight Leucine instead of BCAAs – Less endurance but more anabolic.

All around this formula is very novel and exactly what many want out of a pre workout after years of trying weak ‘concentrate’ products.

Additional Information

We’ve taken many of NutraBio’s products (though they have a TON), and we look forward to doing official reviews on more on their supplements. This is a solid brand, who value full transparency and are devoted to making “better supplements than the other guys”; much like Transparent Labs!

The only downer is the price tag, like you saw here with PRE.

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