Muscletech PRE BUILD Review

No matter what knowledge our expert review of PRE BUILD throws at you, you’re probably going to buy it anyways. For one reason… Gummy worms.

Muscletech isn’t new to making pre workout supplements. After all, they currently have 10+ if you include their Six Star brand.

How does Muscletech PRE BUILD stand out?

Honestly, PRE BUILD features a lot of the same old ingredients that Muscletech has been using year in and year out. But, there are a few key differences that make this product unique.

Primarily, the stimulant matrix – where they have combined the raw powers of the Hydroxycut line, with the intense focus of the Vapor X5 pre workout line.

Muscletech Pre Build Quick Review: PRE BUILD is exactly what we’d expect from Muscletech, and it reminds us of the original Nano Vapor more than the current Vapor 5X line. This pre workout is power-packed if you take two scoops, and will deliver serious focus and energy. Strength and pump on the other hand are not comparable to other high ranking pump pre workouts.

Quick Strengths: Laser-like high intensity energy at 2 scoops and the gummy worms flavor tastes great. If you’re looking for something to compete with 1MR and the like, this will do.

Quick Weaknesses: Not a true muscle building pre workout as advertised, this is an energy product. Label dosages are based off 2 servings and not one. At one serving, this is not a clinically dosed pre workout.

How to take Muscletech PRE BUILD: This pre workout hits really fast compared to other larger-formula pre workouts. Expect it to kick in within 5-10 minutes. Start with one scoop for your first time even if you are used to high stimulant pre workouts… There is a lot of Yohimbe in here that amps everything else up and will make you sweat / heartbeat double-time.

Muscletech PRE BUILD Ranking Factors

Energy Effects: 8.5/10

PRE BUILD is by design an energy machine. There are several stimulants at play here, ranging from caffeine all the way to Theacrine and Yohimbe. Even at 1 scoop, you’re going to experience way more energy than standard C4. At two scoops, you’re going to be competing with most super-stimulant pre workouts. So, it’s effective.

Strength Effects: 7/10

Strength wise, really didn’t feel a boost besides the stimulant strength. So, it’s going to make you feel stronger, but, it isn’t going to be “best of the best”. Does that mean it sucks? Absolutely not.

Endurance Effects: 7/10

If you are looking for a pre workout supplement as an endurance athlete or runner, this isn’t it. The stimulant cocktail in this product could potentially give you a heart attack.

But, if you are a bodybuilder looking to do a two-a-day or really long session… Then this pre workout brings the heat.

Crash / Aftermath Effects: 6/10 (Yohimbe)

Depending upon what else you consume during the day, your likelihood to crash and how you crash will vary. For instance, if your body responds to Yohimbe well, and you do not consume any other sources of caffeine – then you really won’t have a noticeable crash effect. However, if you are sensitive to Yohimbe, or consume other sources of caffeine (or theobromine rich chocolate), you may feel uncomfortable, get a headache, or find your hands and feet are cold while the rest of your body feels warm. While that sounds awful, it really isn’t THAT dramatic.

Taste: 9/10

Taste wise, Muscletech did some magical work on this pre workout! We had the sour candy flavor, and it was pretty spot on. While this may be ‘what you would expect’, to us it means way more because there is Theacrine in this pre workout… A lot of it! What’s the significance? Well, Theacrine is probably one of the nastiest tasting things there is. Super strong taste, more so than the nootropics noopept, etc. So, this product tasting good is seriously awesome.

Note: if you drink your PRE BUILD and then later add water to the ‘grit’ left over, you’ll see what we mean about Theacrine tasting bad. The flavoring will have all gone into liquid, however, a little Theacrine will remain in the bottom which you will now taste. It’s very bitter.

Price / Value: 7.5/10

PRE BUILD is roughly $35 for 30 servings. However, to get any sort of ‘build’ effect, you’re going to be taking double-servings bringing the cost to $35 per 15 servings… or over $2 per serving. This is rough, considering you can get PreSeries BULK for less, which is a true muscle building pre workout.

Similar Products:

The Theacrine paired with Yohimbe is relatively novel to pre workouts. However, the end-game effects are general “super-stim” material. Here are the pre workouts we consider to be comparable.

  • Vapor X5 – The Neuro version of Muscletech’s Vapor 5X is similar in sensation to one serving of PRE BUILD but slightly less intense.
  • Stimul8 – This may be stronger than PRE BUILD even at 2 scoops. A very crazy sensory experience.

Review Conclusions: 7.5/10 (Not Bad At All)

Overall, PRE BUILD is a beastly energy rush. But, it didn’t exactly have the same reliable effect every time we took it, which is a bummer.

So is it for you? If you want an energy rush, then this is a good fit. If you are going off of the “Build” label thinking this is a true muscle building pre workout, then you’re less likely to be satisfied. Bottom line, this is a energy focused pre workout.

Muscletech Pre BuildThe Ingredients in PRE BUILD

At two servings, PRE BUILD delivers 3.2 grams beta-alanine, 3 grams l-citrulline, and 2.5 grams betaine. These are the primary ingredients that give this pre workout its “build” name. Though, they are all standard and bare-boned compared to other true muscle building pre workouts.

For that reason, we are much more interested in the stimulant matrix. In all reality, PRE BUILD is a better fat burning pre workout than it is a muscle building pre workout, due to its stimulants.

The Stimulants in PRE BUILD:

  • Galangal Extract 150 mg – Galangal is of the same family as turmeric and ginger. As you would expect, it really isn’t a stimulant. However, it can reduce occurrences of motion sickness. We’d bet this ingredient has been included to reduce side effects caused by Yohimbe.
  • Choline Bitartrate 100 mg – Choline is awesome for improving alertness, focus, and mood. In particular, supplementing with choline can really help those on a strict diet or keto dieting. This is a good addition to any energy promoting supplement.
  • Sensori Ashwagandha 62.5 – A patented “specialized” extraction of Ashwagandha, which may or may not provide more potent active ingredients.

Note: The Nutraceutical realm is ruled by patent trolls with their own extraction processes that trump out other competitors.

  • Yohimbe Extract 20 mg – Interesting stimulant that can also have testosterone/aphrodisiac effects… As well as side effects. 20 mg is a large dosage, 40 mg at two scoops is huge.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 175 mg – Old faithful.
  • TeaCrine (Theacrine) 62.5 mg – Quite a large dosage in such a great tasting pre workout! Theacrine delivers energy and focus kind of like caffeine and choline combined. It is a good accessory to both.

Final Verdict on Muscletech Pre Build

Like nearly all Muscletech products, in PRE BUILD there are massive muscle building claims. Yes, these are exaggerated, but with this product you will still get what we’d expect – an awesome energy experience.

If there is one thing we know for sure in the bodybuilding industry, it is this:

  1. Every year Muscletech will release a new version of every product
  2. It will have huge claims
  3. The marketing will be insane
  4. At the end of the day, it will be a fantastically tasting, high energy supplement

PRE BUILD is no different!

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