MTS Vasky Review


There has been a ton of talk about MTS Nutrition supplements over the last few years. It seems on all of our lists, shout outs come in regularly asking how MTS products rank in. Of all the MTS Nutrition supplements, VASKY is by far the most novel, interesting, and useful.

So much so, that we give it a mega impressive ranking on our Best Glycerol Supplements Review, since Hydromax Glycerol is the primary component of this nitric oxide / muscle fullness supplement.

MTS Vasky Supplement Uses

MTS Vasky is a multi-functional multi-applicable supplement useable for:

Stimulant Free Pre Workout: You can take a full dose of Vasky 30 minutes before hitting the weights for a pump-engorged training session.

Pre Workout Addition: Likewise, you can stack Vasky on top of most pre workouts for a supercharged energy and pump experience. Vasky will turn up your pump and vascularity significantly with nearly any (pump lacking) pre workout.

Endurance Super-hydrator Enhancer: Glycerol’s primary effect in the body is retaining fluids in and outside of the cells. Due to this, endurance athletes can benefit by thwarting off fatigue caused by dehydration, since, their water reserves will be higher. Just remember to supplement electrolytes during your activities and try to avoid taking caffeine when choosing supplements for runners.

Any-time Muscle Volumizer: During our Vasky review, we decided to take this supplement even on off days. And, what we found is that even if we do not go to the gym and lift- Vasky aids in muscle aesthetics. Better yet, an hour after taking Vasky, if you flex your muscles really hard, you can literally pump them up to gym-like volumes.

The staff has been joking around that this may be the best supplement to take before going to the club, as it makes us all look much better. Additionally, we are curious about the effects of HydroMax Glycerol super-hydration on alcohol intoxication mitigation. Perhaps it would make us into tanks!

The Ingredients in Vasky

Taurine – 3,000 mg

The amino acid taurine is commonly found in energy drinks and vitamins alike. But, never at a dosage this high. There are several benefits to taurine supplementation, including blood sugar control, GABA control, and energy production.

However, in Vasky, Taurine works as an osmolyte, like Glycerol, to further engorge muscle cells while encouraging improved circulation.

Hydromax Glycerol – 2,000 mg

Glycerol is serious osmolyte (water loving molecule), and as such has the ability to infuse cells and intracellular regions with extra fluids. The result of this is referred to as super hydration, and has the benefits of prolonged endurance as well as glorious pumps, muscle fullness, and overall vascularity.

Nitrosigine – 1,500 mg

Nitrosigine is a patented form of l-arginine mixed with silica, which, when consumed produces a greater nitric oxide response than taking l-arginine on its own. And, at a dose of 1,500 mg – that’s a serious nitric oxide boost.

Personally, we like L-Citrulline Malate much more in our pump products. However, we can see why MTS Nutrition opted for the smaller dose Nitrosigine when making an ultra-compact pump product like VASKY.

Vitamin C – 100 mg

Aside from being an anti-oxidant, vitamin C is helpful in the uptake of nutrients. Simple.

Final Review on VASKY by MTS

Marc Lobliner, the CEO of MTS Nutrition and Tiger Fitness, said that when they made VASKY, they aimed to produce the most potent, scientifically proven, 30 serving pump product for under $20 per container.

In our opinion, he did just that – and the final product is perfect.

Vasky is an awesome pump supplement, and is marketed as that – nothing more, nothing less. And that is some respectable advertising for a product priced at $20.

With that, we’ve grown to really respect MTS Nutrition and its values crafted by Marc.

If you want to give VASKY a go, check out any major online retailer and you should find 30 servings of VASKY for $20. For that price, we’re sure that you will be pretty happy with what you are getting.

After you give MTS VASKY a try, be sure to come back and visit us so that you can leave your personal review below. Let us know what you thought, pros and cons, as well as if you think VASKY is worth taking regularly. We always appreciate your feedback, and other readers will totally dig you for it too.

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