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Supplements to take with a Pre Workout

So you take pre workouts, that’s great; but are you getting everything you need out of it? Depending on what goals you have, what type of person you are, and what pre workout you are taking – there are often additions that can be made to pre workout supplements.

For instance, if your goal is to burn fat – there are fat burners that can be taken with your pre workout. If your goal is to build more muscle or last longer in the gym – there are additional supplements that can be taken with your pre workout in the before workout time-frame.

As an example, the most common pre workout additions are supplements designed to increase pump in the gym (we will talk about these later).

Components of Bodybuilding

There are many bodybuilders that have a great understanding of mixing pre workout supplements with other workout supplements, but then there is the majority whom make terrible mistakes.

See, unless you know what you are doing, combining supplements can be dangerous, counter-productive, and a waste of money.

Here, on this page we will do our best to educate you on how to take additional supplements with your pre workout the right way. We take a complete science based approach to combining supplements, though we do not accept any liability for any combinations you may make; even if they are identical to what you see us discuss. This is because everyone’s anatomy is different and we cannot anticipate your genetics to react the same as ours. With that being said, the following is completely ‘hypothetical’ and for entertainment purposes.

Taking supplements with your pre workout

No matter your goal, when it comes to taking supplements alongside your pre workout – you need to evaluate your pre workout itself. This means, turning that container around and looking at the ingredients.

It doesn’t take very much research on the internet to be able to recognize what ingredients do what. By doing this, you will gain invaluable knowledge about pre workouts: meaning you will better understand what your pre workout offers you and what effects have room for improvement.

After all, the purpose of taking additional supplements with your pre workout is to maximize your time in the gym. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is take two-fold the needed stimulants in an effort to get better pump.

What’s In Pre Workouts?

Adding supplements to pre workout

If you are looking to get more out of your pre workout through adding additional supplements – it’s important that you recognize the factors that your pre workout may contain.

Generally, in a pre workout supplement you can find a few of the following things: Stimulant complex, amino acid complex, endurance complex, creatine complex, vasodilation/pump complex.

Therefore, if you love your pre workout, but your endurance is lousy- you can consider adding an amino acid complex rich in energy source directed amino acids. However, what you do not want to do, is buy an amino acid supplement that contains the exact same amino acids that are not giving you endurance in the first place; we want to add things that will work. We’ll get more into that later.

Another great benefit to researching individual ingredients in your pre workout and the clinical doses of these ingredients is that you may find that you are taking the wrong pre workout. Its unfortunate but true, there are a lot of pre workout supplements out there that do not contain effective ingredients or dosages for bodybuilding.

It is important that you are an intellectual consumer and buy the right pre workout in the first place rather than trying to improve from a poor base. You can view the most recommended pre workouts of 2018 to get a glimpse at what your pre workout could be.

Adding Supplements To Your Pre Workout

Now we’re going to get to the good stuff- adding supplements to your pre workout, or taking other supplements besides your pre workout to help you achieve your goals. While your reading this, do not forget that the following additions are also factors that you should consider when getting a pre workout in the first place.

Sometimes, you do not need to go and get another supplement to make up for a pre workouts short comings. But, there are a lot of situations where adding supplements to your pre workout regimen are the right move. So, take home message: 1.) use the following advice to base pre workouts off of; 2.) use the following advice for deciding on supplements to take with your pre workout.

Build More Muscle with Your Pre Workout

Naturally, the quality of your pre workout affects your performance which directly correlates with the amount of muscle you build. However, there are additional supplements that can have a big influence on the muscle building affinity that your body expresses.

The primary example is amino acids, particularly – leucine rich branch chain amino acids. Now, an important thing for you as a bodybuilder and a consumer to note is that muscle building amino acids like leucine and other branch chain amino acids do not take real effect until the recovery phase.

That means, you do not need to take additional BCAAs before your workout. But, you can safely and very effectively put on additional muscle mass by supplementing with these BCAAs (particularly leucine) right as your workout ends and the recovery phase begins.

Aminolytes Intra Workout SupplementFeatured Intra Workout

So, when it comes to building more muscle from your pre workout: if your pre workout contains BCAAs and leucine, that’s wonderful, just don’t think you need to add more during the pre workout time-frame. Instead, if you would like to build more muscle consider either adding BCAAs at the end of your workout or consider improving other aspects of your pre workout supplement that influences your performance.

Because after all, work-in equals muscle out! If you are really interested in maximizing your muscle building potential through BCAAs, BCAA Intra Workout Supplements are a great option to consider. These supplements often contain a hefty dose of amino acids as well as endurance enhancing ingredients.

In addition, by taking your BCAAs towards the middle of your workout, these super anabolic BCAAs will just begin cellular uptake as your workout ends and the recovery phase begins. That’s money.

Burn more Fat with Your Pre Workout

Burning more fat is an extremely hot topic with a lot of men and women who take pre workouts. This is also a risky topic if you do not know what you are doing. Because of that, we are happy you have the opportunity to read this and make reasonable ‘hypothetical’ decisions.

So, what makes this risky?

Well, many fat burners and pre workout supplements operate via the same stimulant mechanism. This can become very dangerous when you take a fat burner and then turn around and take a pre workout without knowing that they each contain hundreds of milligrams of caffeine respectively. This gets exponentially worse when you then go hop on a treadmill or start maxing out bench, accelerating your heart rate to ridiculous levels. This is how heart attacks happen in the gym, and we don’t want that for you.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner

So, instead – lets follow rule number one as noted way above and turn that pre workout label around. Evaluate what is in the bottle! Now, we will assume that your pre workout is pretty stimulant rich, and the following suggestions are stimulant free.

In many cases, the following ingredients can be added to a pre workout with the goal of burning more fat: L-carnitine, CLA (conjugated linoleic Aicd), Fish Oil, and any general stimulant free fat burner. These ingredients generally act not by increasing metabolism directly, but instead partitioning the metabolism of fat rather than other energy sources.

A great plus to this is that there is a lot of energy in fat, which translates into feel-good endurance and energy during your workout or cardio run!

By the way, you may be wondering what to do if you already have stimulant fat burners, right? Well, you can consider taking these on days that you do not go to the gym as a way of getting more calories burnt. After all, over half of people that take fat burners do so without going to the gym, and some actually lose a lot of weight with proper diets!

In addition, if you are dieting its pretty important that you know this- BCAA supplements and protein are very beneficial to people trying to lose some weight! Now, I know that part of your weight loss routine is focused heavily on cutting food out and not eating.

But, the thing is…

When you have BCAAs and protein – you are maintaining the muscle that then in turn ‘lives another day to burn fat’. That’s good right? Furthermore, if you’re a girl – you may be worried about waking up in the morning looking like the lady hulk. Well, don’t; women simply are not inclined to put on that kind of muscle; instead, you are more likely to put on some very desirable and firm curves.

Get More Pump with Your Pre Workout

Just search on Google “get more pump”, you’re going to find everybody and their mother seeking more pump or offering you something crazy to get it. If you are not getting great pump from your pre workout, there are a few things you can do, but we must emphasize evaluating your pre workout and resisting the gimmicks.

So, here are your options: 1.) if your pre workout doesn’t contain a pump matrix, change your pre workout; 2.) if you love your pre workout but it doesn’t contain a pump matrix, add in a pump supplement; 3.) If you’re not getting good pump, consider timing a carbohydrate meal a few hours before your workout or drink more water. There is a lot of science behind getting good pump in the gym, and there are a lot of routes to take.

Get more Power from Pre Workout Supplements

Whenever we hear power, we automatically think creatine. You can resist this judgment, but in nearly every situation creatine can produce some serious power. So, can you add creatine pre workout to increase your power? No, not exactly. See, creatine naturally does not absorb easily.

Therefore, if you want to have serious results, you need to take your creatine well before you plan on utilizing its benefits. There is an endless supply of articles attempting to educate you on creatine supplements, but we recommend our Best Creatine Supplements informative article and supplement ranking page.

Making Pre Workouts Better

As you can see, there are many approaches to increasing the effectiveness of a pre workout to meet your goals. But, it is incredibly important that you first evaluate your pre workout and pursue the most reasonable additions. As well, often these additions are best taken at times other than the before workout window.

When it comes to supplementation, timing is everything and you should take that seriously. You may notice that we left out stimulants in this article. That’s because we do not recommend dosing up stimulants to higher levels, it’s not safe at all. If you need a bigger stimulant push, don’t take more of the product and don’t add other stimulant products; instead consider taking a break from stimulants to restore your tolerance or seek a different pre workout with a better stimulant profile.

Got questions? Feel free to leave them here, we’ll gladly discuss supplementation with you, the only requirement is that you know how to do some simple math to pass our captcha test.

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  1. Hi, i have a big doubt here so i hope you can Help me. Usually I take Cobra Labs The Ripper as a Fat burner with stimulant, and recently i got MusclePharm Amino 1 (post-workout), but i was told that it could go better taking it during my training. Could be dangerous to take The Ripper and Amino 1 since both have stimulants like Taurine?

  2. Can you mix collagen and preworkout together?

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