Kraken Extreme Pre Workout

Kraken Pre Workout Review

Ever wanted to take a nutraceutical supplement loaded with caffeine who’s brand and product name are both inspired by cinematic Greek sagas? Look no further fam.

Before receiving Kraken in the mail, I couldn’t imagine it being all that good.

Just look at the labels and the way its advertised, and it looks like just another over-stimulated, under formulated hype pre workout.

That turned out to be only half true. Despite not actually containing clinical dosages like Sparta Nutrition claims… Kraken doesn’t suck.

Note: Kraken Black is basically the same as Kraken Extreme, but with a bit more caffeine and the ingredient Phenylethylamine which makes you feel happy. Consider this review to be accurate, but Kraken Black will provide even more energy.

Kraken is moderate stims with pump sauce

As you’ll see, the ingredients in Kraken aren’t trend setting or ‘amazing’ by any means. But, they are dosed in a way that’s better than your typical C4.

This sets the stage for a good tasting, feel good pre workout that isn’t going to wreck you (but also isn’t going to make you LIT).

Here’s what we mean…

Kraken Quick Review:

Spartan Nutrition’s Kraken is marketed as an “extreme pre workout”, but the more appropriate tagline would be “a bit better than C4, mate”. The stimulants in this pre workout are reasonably dosed now that DMHA is no longer in the picture. One scoop is good for the average stimulant-sensitive bloke, but 2 scoops will be needed for anyone current with PWOs. Overall, pumps decent, energy is fun, but the taste is what makes this pre workout especially easy to reach for.

Quick Strengths: Not over stimulated, Decent Pump, incredibly affordable.

Quick Weaknesses: Over-marketed, best of ‘average’, not goal specific.

How to take: With Kraken you really can’t mess up. Take a scoop or two any time before lifting and you’ll be good. Likewise, take a scoop any time you need energy, it’s pretty guilt free.

Ranking Factor Considerations

Energy Effects: 9/10 Crisp and Clean

Energy, is the most basic need for a pre workout supplement. After all, when asked what a pre workout does, what else is there to say? For that, we’ve got to rank Kraken decently because it walks the fine line well. In Kraken, there are enough stimulants to really get you going, but there also aren’t too many. Meaning, you won’t crack out and have a stroke on the treadmill. This is a trait to be admired, something Total War and Dust Extreme should takes notes on…

Strength Effects: 7/10 Nothing Notable

This pre workout gives energy and pump, but that’s about it. It won’t make you into the HULK, but it will make the HULK have more energy, ya know?

Endurance Effects: 7/10 Pretty Average, But Won’t Compromise

The stimulants are right for good endurance, but there are not any true endurance boosting ingredients within this pre workout.

Crash / Aftermath Effects: 8/10 Clean and Crispy

With ethical stimulant dosages, comes no crash. What a surprise.

Taste: 9/10 Kool-aide generation

This pre workout will have even the pickiest sweet tooth at a lack of complaints. So yeah, it tastes good. Overall, taste appears to be priority #1 with Sparta Nutrition.

Price / Value: 7.5/10 If it’s Cheap, you can’t be Mad

Cheap compared to other pre workouts if you buy from resellers. Very overpriced if you buy direct.

Similar Products:

Honestly, C4 is kind of close. This pre workout walks a fine line.

Review Conclusions: 7.9/10 Perfect for “I just want some more energy”.

If you’re expecting Kraken to fulfill the muscle-building effects of large-dose pre workouts like PreSeries BULK, Master Blaster, Pulse, etc… It isn’t going to even come close. But, if you feel like taking some time off average class PWOs like C4, then Sparta Nutrition’s pre workout is right up your alley. Go get’em tiger.

Ingredients (based on single serving)

Kraken pre workout ingredients

As you can see, Sparta Nutrition makes a hard push towards two-scoop serving sizes. The ingredient breakdown below is based on a single serving.

Pump Components

  • L-Citrulline 2 grams: Could be worse, could be better.
  • Hydromax 1 gram: Not bad in addition to the L-citrulline.
  • Taurine 500 mg: Further aids cellular expansion.
  • Vaso-6 150 mg: This ingredient is kind of hype-like. However in addition to the others the whole pump complex pulls through.

Energy Components

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 125 mg: A very low dosage, signals the push towards taking 2 scoops.
  • Teacrine 125 mg: A new stimulant, seems to work well. This is a strong dosage of an expensive ingredient [1]!
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 250 mg: Mood enhancing.
  • N-Methyl-L-Tyromine HCL 15 mg: Energy enhancing fat burning ingredient.
  • Theobromine 25 mg: Kind of like caffeine.
  • Cocoabuterol 7.5 mg: Trade-marked fanciness.


  • Beta-alanine 1.6 grams: Again, clearly this dosage is based on the assumption that you’ll take double servings. Bringing your total servings per container down to 20.

Kraken Review Conclusion

Unless you’re trying to get the best pre workout supplement possible, Kraken isn’t going to make you unhappy. The energy is there, and it tastes good. Those are the two key factors that most people adore.

However, if your pre workout must-have list goes beyond that… Then you’re not going to be getting a steal with this cheap pre workout… Instead you’ll just have 20 days of ‘meh’. Same can be said for those of you who crave 300 + milligrams of caffeine.

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