Isatori Pre-Gro Review – Pre-Gro Vs Pre-Gro MAX

Isatori Pre Gro Max

Back in 2015 Isatori released the game changing pre workout called Pre-Gro. This was the first pre workout to contain what they call “bioactive peptides”.

In addition to this new and novel component, Pre-Gro also contained a fully disclosed label containing glycerol, creatine, and a bunch of other great pre workout ingredients.

The old Isatori Pre-Gro – We liked it a lot.

As for this new Isatori Pre-Gro Max….

Well, let’s take a look at a label comparison here.

Isatori Pre-Gro Max Changes

As you can see, Isatori changed a whole lot. In our opinion, they went cheap and destroyed their pre workout just like Betancourt recently did with B-Nox.

In case you are on your phone and can’t really see the labels to compare them, this is what’s happened.

Differences between Pre-Gro and Pre-Gro Max:

  • Pre-Gro Max now has proprietary Formulas Masking Actual Ingredient Dosages.
  • Pre-Gro Max “Muscle Building Complex” reduced by over 25%.
  • Pre-Gro Max “Plasma Expansion Matrix” reduced by about 75%.
  • Pre-Gro Max “Core Focus Blend” relatively similar.

Our Conclusion on the new Pre-Gro Max

We really liked the original formula, it was new and had something to it. However, this new formula really strips down the product as a whole.

If you are new to pre workouts, yeah, you may like the new Pre-Gro Max.

But, if you’re like us… Then this product is no longer worth our time. More so, we are very sour about Isatori going back to proprietary blends and making this product weak.

Below, you can view our ORIGINAL Pre-Gro review from back in 2015… Before the reformulation.

Original Formula Isatori Pre-Gro Review

Pre-Gro by Isatori is proving to be one of the biggest pre workout releases of 2015, and for good reason: Innovation. Everything about Pre-Gro is pretty unique and novel. There is not a single pre workout out there that contains all the same ingredients. Not one, and that’s rare in the pre workout world.

Compared to other supplements, this pre workout is specifically geared towards building muscle. Yes, you’re going to get a great, swole, and focused workout with this supplement. But what really takes Pre-Gro to a whole new level is the introduction of colostrum based growth factors. Of these, fibroblast-GF is the most predominant. Essentially, what Pre-Gro has done is incorporated genetically specific chains of amino acids from colostrum that assist in more effectively signaling muscle growth in your body. Isn’t that what we’ve all been looking for?

This is big, considering that to date there have only been two options for a pre workout to take in order to increase muscle growth significantly. Either first, incorporate a ton of Leucine rich BCAAs; or second, incorporate test boosting ingredients. Pre-Gro has invented option #3, directly stimulate muscle tissue growth. Just imagine what would result if you were to take a top rated test booster while also taking Pre Gro with a leucine rich BCAA supplement all alongside a dedicated meal plan aimed at gains? Total transformation. But this isn’t all Pre-Gro has to offer. Colostrum aside, there is still a lot going on.

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Quick Fact Points for Pre-Gro

  • Creatine Monohydrate & Creatine HCl
  • Completely Legal Growth Factors
  • Excellent Multi-pathway Induced Pump
  • Great Stim Complex, Strong but not too strong
  • Product Will Clump, That’s OK
  • Mixes Well and Tastes Good

The Pre Workout in Pre-Gro

The growth factor benefits of Pre-Gro are immense, but they do not come at the expense of your pre workout enhanced bodybuilding experience. Not one bit. Colostrum aside, Pre-Gro still has a highly competitive and enjoyable formula for turning your lifts up to a blistering intensity.

Pump Thrives Here

In Pre-Gro, over 25% of the formula is directed at giving you a great pump. This is fulfilled by a powerful mixture of HydroMax glycerol, Citrulline, Nitrosigine, and AstraGin. Combine all of these, and you will have impressive vascularity while you lift. Vascularity that will fuel 1MR pushing pumps and muscle growth stimulating tears.

The Energy Blend in Pre-Gro is Solid and Crash Free

What personally took Pre-Gro from interesting and useful to truly favored is the energy blend. It’s not overbearing like many other supplements, but it is extremely well-balanced in our opinion. This balance allows for consistent long term use without burning out, ever.

In the mix, you will find caffeine taking the helm at 185 mg. That’s about what the new cellucor C4 has, and we consider it to be an effective dosage. Right behind caffeine though is what makes it all special – Hordenine HCL and Schisandra. Both of these ingredients have been found to have stimulant like and endurance boosting effects. To be more specific, Hordenine acts like caffeine except with a 90 minute delayed onset and Schisandra acts almost like a super-herb boosting power, endurance, and allowing people to push way past their normal limits. Schisandra is considered to be one of the 50 primary herbs in Chinese medicine.

What this all Means for Pre-Gro

Isatori Gro Stack

From top to bottom, we like this supplement. It’s really good. The guys at Isatori do say that you can take 2 scoops of you would like, but we have not taken that leap yet and do not suggest you to start with any more than 1 serving. Also, expect this stuff to be a little clumpy. The hydromax in Pre-Gro is one of those water loving molecules and that leads the product to clump. This could have been prevented, but only through adding some not-so-good ingredients to the mix to counteract. So, expect the clump, work around the clump, and eventually you will probably even start to love the clump. This pre workout is worth it.

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