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Evogen EVP Extreme Review

The truth is, most of the pre workouts we review suck. Evogen EVP Extreme was a kind and welcome vacation from the suckage. Read the full review!

Ask us 5 years ago, and Evogen EVP was the absolute gold standard for stim-free pre workouts. Since then though, the rest of the market really caught up.

Now, Evogen has revitalized EVP Plus (the with stimulants version) and enhanced it into EVP Extreme.

Upon quick inspection, all we really noticed was the addition of 350 mg caffeine… But after using this pre workout, the rest of the ingredients begin to shine.

EVP Extreme Quick Review: EVP Extreme is nothing like the classic EVP Plus. EVP Extreme not only includes a caffeine super-dose, but corollary stimulants that actually compliment caffeine, and very well. In addition, there is an alright dosage of Citrulline, Beta-alanine, and Betaine in the formula. Even more, EVP Extreme contains Yohimbe, but not enough to make your hands sweaty… Meaning EVP Extreme is cutting and bulking friendly! Overall, we’re very impressed and this pre workout surpassed expectations.

EVP Extreme Full Review

Energy Effects 9/10

EVP Extreme delivers very impactful and strong energy levels. For some, its going to be way too much! Luckily, there is still EVP Plus (lightly caffeinated) and standard EVP (stimulant-free) for those types. For those of you that frequently use 300+ mg caffeine pre workout supplements, EVP Extreme is a well-rounded stimulant experience. Less jitters, more functional energy, and all without DMAA.

Strength Effects 9/10

Each serving of EVP Extreme contains 2,000 mg of creatine anhydrous (yes, anhydrous and not monohydrate). This delivers some strength gains when using EVP Extreme regularly. Aside from this, there is noticeable strength gains from the caffeine rich stimulant matrix alone. Though, not a lot of pump-based support from the citrulline.

Endurance Effects 8.5/10

Since EVP Extreme is a well-balanced heavy-stimulant pre workout, its effects are going to last. This stimulant energy alone is going to fuel you to push farther. This is less like how BCAAs with Citrulline malate and beta-alanine fuels endurance, and more just a stimulant blast to the body.

Crash/Aftermath Effects 8.5/10

With all 300+ mg caffeine pre workouts, there is going to be a crash… Its just a matter of when. EVP Extreme’s crash isn’t nearly as bad as say, VPX Bang’s Master Blaster pre workout or even APS Mesomorph, but it will be there. Upon completing your lift, eating some food, and relaxing – know that there’s no shame to a quick cat-nap as your body recharges from all the plate slamming in the gym.

Taste 9.5/10

Compared to similar pre workouts, EVP Extreme tasted great! Though, this pre workout contains lower amounts of stronger tasting ingredients like citrulline malate and beta-alanine which gives the sucralose a much stronger starting point. None-the-less, taste will not disappoint!

Price/Value 8/10

Evogen is known for expensive products, and EVP Extreme is nothing new. For 24 servings of EVP Extreme, you’re going to be paying $50. That’s no joke, coming in at over $2 per serving. Is this price valid? We don’t think so. After all, you can get 30 servings of PreSeries BULK from Transparent Labs for the same price – and that’s a far superior pre workout with twice the active ingredients. So, does that mean EVP Extreme isn’t going to sell? Of course its going to sell! With Evogen being repped by both Hany Rambod and Buenda… Evogen is a beacon for supplement innovation that a lot of guys are willing to pay extra for (even if on paper it doesn’t add up to being the total best).

Similar Products

EVP Extreme’s closest rival is probably PES Prolific.

Going a step further, Legion Pulse and NutraBio PRE are very similar, just with larger dosages of citrulline malate.

If you’re looking for more creatine, then Labrada Super Charge has a comparable stimulant matrix with more creatine (as monohydrate).

Review Conclusion 8.75/10

EVP Extreme is a high quality product, there is no denying this. However, you’re going to be paying extra for that fact, even though we wouldn’t rate it ‘the best pre workout’ by any means. However, all hyper-critical rating and critiquing aside… This is a quality product that a lot of guys are going to love. Its only the guys like us writing this who have literally taken everything, who have a distinct taste for superior products.

EVP Extreme Ingredients

EVP Extreme Formula

In EVP Extreme, they really did a good job with the stimulant matrix. Its very powerful, yet also has a clean feeling to it unlike other pre workouts that make you feel cracked out.

The pillar ingredients though are a little disappointing:

  • Only 3,000 mg Citrulline Malate
  • Only 1,200 mg Beta-Alanine
  • and only 2,000 mg fermented Leucine (not a complete BCAA matrix)

With these dosages, you would have expected the stimulants to be lower, in favor of creating the option for taking 2 scoops to hit clinical levels. But this is not an option.

Despite this odd handicap, EVP Extreme still puts up well.

Comparing Evogen EVP Versions [classic, plus, and extreme]

Evogen EVP Compared

Compared to the original EVP and EVP Plus, EVP Extreme is a whole new monster.

Previous versions are identical, with the simple addition of stimulants to EVP Plus. However comparing the older EVPs to the new EVP Extreme, you see a completely re-thought approach aside from the fermented leucine.

In the new formula, full formula transparency is appreciated.

Other Information

Evogen, the makers of EVP pre workouts, currently sponsors bodybuilder Jeremy Buendia who recently won Mr. Olympia for the 4th time. His physique is very impressive and you can see Evogens demo of EVP Extreme featuring Buendia here on YouTube.

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