Labrada Super Charge Reviews

Labrada Super Charge and Super Charge Stim-Free

Labrada Nutrition has had a long time standing as a reputable sports nutrition company. Their two pre workouts, Super Charge and Super Charge Stim-Free are a testament to this. Each one, packs some big formulations alongside a powerhouse dose of 300 mg caffeine.

To be fair, this isn’t our favorite pre workout, but it is a pre workout that we really enjoy a lot more than others.

Labrada Super Charge Review

In the gym, Super Charge is a great asset. The caffeine is a bit high for our personal preferences but there is no denying the energy is powerful. Pair that with the 2 grams beta alanine (beta alanine guide) and 5 grams BCAA (BCAA guide) – now you can easily see this pre workouts on-paper potential. And, we can tell you with certainty of experience that it translates into a great lift at the gym.

The pump matrix in Super Charge is pretty decent. It’s not as powerful as 6 grams of citrulline malate offers.

But, for the price… It’s not a bad pump at all.

Really, the only negatives we have for Labrada Super Charge are the high caffeine dose, and the large creatine mono dose beside it.

First off, the large caffeine dose does cause a crash afterwards – which to us isn’t long-term acceptable. Second off, all that creatine with all that caffeine has a huge potential to mess up your stomach and compromise digestion (which then compromises gains).

Luckily, that big creatine dose is acceptable with Stim-Free Super Charge if you can get it to dissolve half decent.
Super Charge Comparison

Super Charge Stim-Free Review

Labrada’s Stim-Free Super Charge pre workout is a great example of a quality supplement without simulants. While there are not any actual stimulants in Stim-Free, there is still a certain focus offered. We attribute this to the nootropic Huperzine A.

Next to focus, Stim-Free is a strength powerhouse. There are pump ingredients, which as we described above are good enough; but the BCAAs and creatine are the true core of this pre workout. With each scoop, you’re getting 5 grams creatine monohydrate, and 5 grams BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio. This is pretty killer.

With all that creatine monohydrate though it is absolutely imperative that you get enough liquids into your body. Not to mention, you’ve got to mix this pre workout in a ton of liquid in order to allow all the creatine monohydrate to dissolve.

Across the internet there are a lot of reviews where guys are complaining about a ‘grittiness’ to this pre workout. This is 100% due to not using enough water and not mixing the pre workout properly. While doing our personal reviews on Labrada’s pre workouts, we consistently increased the amount of water used until we found the optimal amount or dissolving this pre workout.

The result? Use a large, full glass of water. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Starting your lift hydrated is one of the best performance boosters that ‘free’ has to offer. Plus, this hydration really maximizes the Super Charge pre workout (and any other pre workout as a matter of fact).

Summing Up Labrada’s Super Charge Pre Workouts

As a whole, Labrada has a pre workout duo that is going to make a lot of guys really happy. They’ve stuck to their roots, and that really adds to the trust factor in their brand. While we still reach for other pre workouts as our personal favorites, Labrada’s pre workouts are definitely something we consider taking, and enjoy. Really, the stims are just too high in their primary Super Charge; along with the massive creatine mono dose in both supplements.

Update 1/13/2018: Labrada Super Charge Pre Workouts Are Still Beastly

In the last two months we’ve review a crap ton of pre workouts. During this stimulant adventure, we re-touched on Labrada’s Supercharge and Supercharge stim-free.

While we initially gave Supercharge a tough review, its worth pointing out that it is still significantly better than new pre workouts being offered by the other top brands.

For instance, Supercharge is totally wrecking Cellucor, Musclepharm, and BPI.

With that being said, Labrada definitely deserves some props!


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