Stimulant Free Clutch Workout Powder Review

Workout Powder (yes that’s the name) is a brand new stimulant free pre workout introduced by Clutch Bodyshop. As a brand, Clutch Bodyshop brings a new philosophy to workout supplements – make supplements as health conscious as possible. Workout Powder is a good example of this philosophy. This pre workout meets the strength, endurance, and energy needs of the user; but it also is exceptionally responsible with no stimulants, no artificial dyes or sweeteners, and is even vegan friendly. Interesting, right?

So how does Workout Powder Stack Up, for Real

We’ve all taken our share of Clutch’s Workout Powder and there is solid positive light to shine on this stimulant free supplement. Despite the lack of any true stimulatory ingredients like caffeine or synephrine, Workout Powder pulls through strong in the energy department via DMAE, ginger root, ribose, and ElevATP.

These ingredients work in synchrony to fuel your focus and give you a burst of natural energy. This natural energy is one of the biggest you will find across the entire category of stimulant free options. Generally, in a stimulant free supplement you will not get a noticeable energy boost, only endurance and strength enhancement. This alone sets Workout Powder apart from the pack with this extra perk. So much so, that we have introduced Workout Powder to the #2 position on the Best Non-Stimulant Pre Workout Supplements List.

Energy isn’t All You Get

Workout Powder has a 13.5 gram serving size. Of that, only 0.8 grams is the energy complex. The rest, is the stuff that’s really going to work one-on-one with your muscles to fuel results. Within the cocktail, you will find 3 full grams of Carnosyn beta-alanine along with modest doses of betaine, creatine monohydrate, Glycerol, and L-carnitine. This anti muscle fatigue and lean muscle growth blend is complimented by a 625 mg blend of arginine and ornithine which acts as a pump matrix and allows your oxygen threshold to increase alongside nutrient delivery.

How This Translates in the Gym

In the gym, your performance will be enhanced above non-supplemented standards. For us, we noticed the benefits clearly but for a high stimulant pre workout kind of guy the lines might be blurred for a while until you equalize you’re body. Upon dosing, we immediately noticed the beta-alanine tingles and soon to follow focus increase. This persisted into the workout where additional energy took hold and endurance/strength felt solid. Pump wise, it did not feel as how a stand-alone pump supplement feels. However, I can personally always tell when circulation is enhanced, and that effect was present.

As a whole our workouts were solid, exactly what we would hope for in a stim-free supplement. The energy complex has a real focus quality to it, and that quality stuck with us throughout most of the day which felt advantageous. Not a keep you awake kind of thing, but definitely a help you get studying/work/problems sorted out. As a whole the experience was a pleasure all around.

For serious athletes, here is some additional information

While taking Workout Powder, you can still take creatine and other traditionally complimenting supplements. With this supplement, and many others, post workout is just as important as ever. You can either eat a good old solid meal after your workout or take some whey protein. Even some BCAAs afterwards will work out, but taking BCAAs during the intra workout window might not fair the best for this supplement unless you keep it light. This is because proper hydration really helps with the whole formula since it’s not force-fitted with heavy stimulants.

Workout Powder by Clutch

Quick Fact Points for Workout Powder:

  • Effective Stim Free Energy
  • Increased Performance
  • Large Beta-Alanine Dose
  • Vegan Friendly and No Artificiality
  • 15 Servings per Unit

Let us know how you enjoyed Workout Powder and tag below if you have any questions. This is sure to be a solid hitter in the stimulant free arena. We are very proud to be one of the first to have discovered it. The taste of this pre workout along with 15 servings per container are really the only downfalls here. But, to us they mean absolutely nothing. All that matters is the results and a safe formulation!

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