VPX NO Shotgun MHF-1 vs Shotgun 5X vs 12 Gauge

For many supplement companies, the days of large-serving pre workouts are over. This is the result of the new feel-it-now mentality in workout supplements that gets so much attention. At the end of the day it’s not the muscle you built that you remember, but the experience you had building it. While this has brought forward some pretty insane small-dose stimulant pre workouts, it’s also left a lot of hard-gainers between a rock and a hard place when it comes to building muscle. It shouldn’t and it doesn’t have to be like this! Serving size, flavor, and texture should never have any significant bearing on whether or not long-term muscle building components should be included in a pre workout supplement.

Shotgun Pre Workouts

Luckily, there will always remain a small class of pre workouts that can get the job done in the energy department while seriously amping up your muscle growth ability. They may not taste like that wine cooler that so many want-to-be macho guys go bananas over, but they will do what matters to you – build you more muscle long-term if you put in the work. The pre workouts designed by VPX fulfils this requirement that we demand. We’re talking mega-doses that go beyond energy and focus on all the pre workout muscle building components.

So, we are going to compare the new VPX Shotgun 5X to the former NO Shotgun MHF-1 as well as the corollary VPX 12 Gauge pre workout. We believe that these are solid supplements for long-term muscle growth, and we’ll show you why. More so, we’ll touch on other large-serving pre workouts available that have building muscle as top priority, not taste and short-term energy.

VPX NO Shotgun MHF-1 Vs Shotgun 5X

With Shotgun 5X comes a moderate reformulation of the original NO Shotgun MHF-1 pre workout. What we know for sure is that there is now ‘some’ more disclosure about ingredient amounts and that the HCl version of Gamma-Butyrobetaine has been added. Beyond that, VPX is still not giving up their secrets as to the changes that have taken place between NO Shotgun MHF-1 and Shotgun 5X. For all we know, they may have entirely changed their proprietary amounts, but we have no way of knowing. What we do know, is that there has been a lot of positive reviews about Shotgun 5X, you still get 28 servings just like in MHF-1, and it’s a large 20.5 gram power packed serving.

NO Shotgun Vs shotgun 5X

VPX Shotgun 5X Muscle Growth Claims

VPX makes some very impressive claims about the muscle building potential of Shotgun 5X. This muscle growth affinity is made possible by the genetic expression that Shotgun 5X promotes. In several clinical studies, VPX Shotgun 5X was found to increase Myo-D, MHF-4, Myf5, and Myogenin; all which translate into a serious tendency to build muscle when under strain. In fact, on the label VPX directly claims that if used appropriately it is possible to gain up to 7 pounds of muscle in a month with Shotgun 5X. That’s a hefty claim to make!

VPX Shotgun 5X Burns Fat

In addition to supporting muscle growth during your workout, Shotgun 5X contains a significant fat burning complex derived directly from their Redline and Meltdown diet supplements. This is the source of the powerful energy burst Shotgun 5X offers as well as why users tend to lean up their midsection while they stack on muscle.

12 Gauge Shotgun Pre WorkoutVPX 12 Gauge Shotgun Pre Workout

Currently, you can get your hands on VPX Shotgun 5X and 12 Gauge. So, where does 12 Gauge fall in comparison to Shotgun 5X? Good question. In all, 12 Gauge is a completely distinct pre workout in comparison. 12 Gauge is loaded with 4 grams of carbohydrates and a creatine matrix for significant cellular energy production. In addition, 12 Gauge contains 5 separate fat burning energy ingredients totaling 500 milligrams which is larger than the industry average. Going further, there is a powerful pump matrix and along with beta-alanine and betaine for endurance and strength. Our take away from all this – 12 Gauge may not be as muscle-building directed but it is a great pre workout for cross-fit athletes and guys that demand serious energy.

VPX Pre Workouts Conclusion

We cannot explain why, but Shotgun 5X is a substantial upgrade from the original NO Shotgun MHF-1. Additionally, Shotgun 5X is has the potential to directly increase the amount of muscle you build. Alternatively, if you’re at such a loss for energy and cannot fully meet the expectations of your workout – VPX’s 12 Gauge Shotgun is a stimulant loaded pump monster that may not directly activate the same level of protein synthesis, but will allow you do lift the weights necessary to put growth in motion!

Other Large-dose muscle building pre workouts

This may surprise you but caffeine free pre workouts often contain larger serving sizes loaded with ingredients proven to build muscle. If you don’t mind missing out on some stimulants, and building muscle is your only concern, that’s a whole class of supplements worth checking out!

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