Burning Man Supplement Review

Staunch Nation Burning Man Review

Ready to light up your fat stores and burn them straight off? Ok, it won’t be that easy – but Burning Man by Staunch is a fat burner worthy of review!

There has been a lot of hype building around the American-Australian supplement brand Staunch Nation. Particularly, how Staunch is more of a like-minded cult than a ‘supplement company’. This has really caught our attention as we love to see change in the industry, and yeah, they are doing things different.

Here, we’re going to share our experience and team review of their non-typical fat burner named “Burning Man”. If it’s anything like their staunchly pre workout Koala Freak, we’re all in for an awesome ride!

Staunch Nation Burning Man Review

Burning man is… Intense!

Our whole team has taken it for 15 days straight thus far (it just came out), and we have collected a lot of data on this fat burner.

So far, all members have increased their weight loss. The most significant weight loss has occurred in guys who are practicing intermittent fasting. The Yohimbe/L-carnitine is an absolutely killer combination for activating hard-to-burn fat in the abdominals while exercising.

With that being said, we really recommend that you train fasted while taking Burning Man to get maximum results. Also, consider delaying your post workout recovery shake/meal a few hours to continue this highly-targeted burn.

Burning Man’s Formula Is Strong

The formula for burning man requires a whopping 3 pills. This is definitely a strong and effective formula!

With that being said, we believe that:

  • Individuals under 140 pounds should take a 2 pill serving
  • Individuals over 140 pounds can take the full 3 pill serving
  • Definitely take this in the morning before breakfast, and fast as long as possible
  • If you experience excess sweating, or too much energy – cut back a pill or two per serving

Only our lightest members experienced some excess sweating with Burning Man. All together, we each really enjoyed the Burning Man fat burner experience and results.

Again, this is the perfect fat burner for those of you practicing some form of intermittent fasting. It literally turbo charges it. If you don’t know what intermittent fasting is, then our advice is this:

    1. Take Burning Man first thing in the morning
    2. Hold off breakfast for as long as you reasonably can
    3. The goal here is for your insulin to drop, so that your body switches to fat metabolism. Once it switches, the L-carnitine, Yohimbe, and other ingredients will help your body to target hard-to-burn fat stores.

What’s in Burning Man Fat Burner?

The Staunch Burning Man fat burner formula is pretty loaded! The leading ingredient by weight is L-carnitine coming in at 1,000 mg per full 3 pill serving. When dieting, taking L-carnitine can really increase fat metabolism, energy, and ultimately results!

Next, you’ll find a polyphenol/EGCG focused green tea extract at 300 mg weight. There are several benefits to green tea, which we won’t get into here – but fat burning is one of them.

The rest of the formula is a transparently dosed blend of fat-targeting metabolism boosters composed of: Yohimbine HCL, Hordenine, Capsimax, Grains of Paradise, and ThermoDiamine.

As you would expect, there is also an energy boosting 200 mg of caffeine and 5 mg BioPerine to make sure it all uptakes maximally.

From top to bottom, we like this formula and consider it highly effective both speculatively and from our own results.

Final Conclusion on Burning Man by Calum Von Moger’s Staunch Nation

If you are looking for a fat burner that’s both highly effective and not overpriced – Burning Man is your best bet.

This fat burner is power-packed and very strong, so much so that you can probably get away with half-servings and still get great results.

But, like with any fat burner, you are going to need to monitor your caloric intake, calorie composition, and overall activity level. Not to mention, sleep is the foundation of all gains and physiques.

With that being said, we give Staunch’s Burning Man our seal of approval, and rank this fat burner as award-winning on our top rated and reviewed fat burners’ page.

Additional Notes Taken During Burning Man Review:

  1. Ensure there is at least 2 hours between taking Staunch Burning Man and Koala Freak pre workout. Burning Man contains 200 mg caffeine, along with Yohimbe; at the same time, Koala freak contains 360 mg of caffeine and another long list of goodies. If you need to, consider taking 1 Burning Man and ½ scoop of Koala Freak on days when you train and will be needing pre workout. Otherwise, consider the lesser-stim Staunch Nation PRE Original or Zero-Stim pre workout versions!
  2. Cut back on the coffee if you are a regular coffee drinker. We all went a couple days stacking Burning Man with our regular coffee schedule, and found that in some cases it was more caffeine than we needed. Burning Man is powerful on its own, and you can safely use it as a coffee replacement in the morning.
  3. Stay loyal to your diet and get the results you deserve. Burning Man is powerful in its own right, but it can only cancel out so many calories. If you try, you will easily out-eat the benefits of Burning Man, so don’t try. Instead, compliment Burning Man with a results conscious diet and watch those hard-to-hit body parts lean up real quick!

Where is the best place to get/buy Staunch Burning Man?

We got ours straight from www.StaunchNation.com. So far, it isn’t on amazon or other ‘mainstream’ supplement shops.

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