Anarchy Pre Workout Review

Anarchy comes in as Muscletech’s newest pre workout of the season. Like most pre workouts made by this brand, Anarchy focuses on a micro-dosed formula with plenty of stimulants.

Here we’re going to break down everything about this pre workout while explaining our experience in this anarchy pre workout review.

Taking Anarchy Pre Workout

We were very interested about the pre workout Anarchy, and once our order came in we dove into it immediately! Like other Muscletech pre workouts, Anarchy is heavily, heavily advertised.

Anarchy Pre Workout Review

That can mean one of two things:

Either the pre workout is Fantastic

Or, they want you to simply think it is

As we prepped for the gym, day one consisted of everybody taking one single serving of Anarchy. The first thing to note is that the powder was not rock solid, but certainly not a powder. It was like a ‘mass’ that broke gently with the scooper.

We’ve seen this before, so no one fret. And once we got it into some water, everything dissolved like standard protocol into a bright red fluid.

Taste wise – Anarchy tastes good like you would expect. We had both fruit punch and watermelon. Both were good, with a slight aftertaste that some people may notice more than us. But, as a whole drinking this stuff was not a chore at all. Easy to do, again and again.

Bodybuilding on Anarchy Pre Workout

Here is by far the most important component for any pre workout. Its performance in the gym.

Our 10 best pre workouts list is purely based upon this factor plus ingredient promoted gains. So, how does Anarchy perform where it’s meant to be tested the most?

To make things short and sweet: Muscletech Anarchy is much like Cellucor C4 in many ways.

Experience wise, Anarchy is mainly a stim-matrix. Depending on how you dose it, this can be a strong stim matrix (if you take two scoops), or it can be a moderate stim-matrix (one scoop) like guys that have never taken a pre workout before will really love.

Pump wise, Anarchy was pretty bleak. At two scoops, with the extra energy, there was some pump since the Nitrosigine dose was doubled. But, without taking two scoops pump was not present.

This is a letdown, considering that at one scoop serving, anarchy is a good deal, but at two scoops per serving Anarchy quickly becomes more expensive than even the top pre workouts out there.

Progressing into the lift, Anarchy’s stimulant matrix held strong.

Unfortunately, the lack of BCAAs and muscular endurance promoting ingredients did take its toll. Most guys aren’t going to notice this, or get taxed by it.

But if you do squats, deadlifts, and bench press in the gym – you will be gasping for air.

This happens to us (and you) with a lot of these micro-dosed pre workouts unless you’re taking a BCAA.

The energy is great, and you feel good. But once you start squatting or doing something seriously demanding, your body doesn’t recycle its nutrients and oxygen fast enough to keep you going like the larger clinically dosed pre workouts do.

Ingredients in Anarchy Pre Workout

As a whole, the Anarchy formula is small. This leads some ingredients to be severely under-dosed. But hey, this is a micro-dosed stimulant pre workout blend. That’s the IMO.

Muscletech Anarchy Review

Like all pre workouts, we have light to moderate dosed Beta-Alanine (read our guide).

A decent dose of Nitrosigine arginine inositol silicate paired up with Hydromax glycerol. In theory that should mean some serious pump, but for our real-world bodies pump only kicked in at the 2 scoops per serving mark.

And most importantly for energy.

Each scoop of Anarchy has 190 mg caffeine with some L-theanine and choline to smooth it over. This is a relatively clean and effective stimulant matrix.

But there is a risky herb in all this: Yohimbe.

Each serving of Anarchy pre workout has 20 mg of Yohimbe extract. This herb is sometimes used in fat burners and even testosterone products, and has an interesting rap sheet.

Yohimbe doubles as both a stimulant, and as a lipolysis/testosterone promoter. This, in theory makes it an awesome herb to include in things. However, realistically it comes with some side effects that tend to effect a large percentage of people.

Side effects from Yohimbe range from sweaty palms and heart palpitations to extreme anxiety. Specific guys on our team get pretty sweaty and uncomfortable when we take supplements with Yohimbe, and due to that we consider it to be a grey/black area ingredient.

Final Notes on our Anarchy Review

As a whole, this is a decent stimulant based pre workout. If you love C4, and want to mix things up, then perhaps this will suit you well. For everyone else, if you’re going to give it a try – try to take advantage of a good deal in case you find yourself needing to take 2 scoops for full effect.

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