Psychotic Gold Review

Psychotic Gold Review

A pre workout made by cereal killers to turn cereal eaters into psychos. Because seriously, how else will you get all those fit chicks to leave you alone in the gym?

We heard about Psychotic nearly a year ago, as a few people (likely brand reps) spammed our comments sections with identical comments on different pages.

Though, we didn’t review it until now.


Because we didn’t want to die from something made by a brand called “Insane LabZ” selling products with fully proprietary blends and grotesque labeling.

You really can’t blame us for that.

One year later, we decided to see what the new Psychotic Gold is about… Because the people deserve an unbiased review.

First and foremost:

Psychotic Vs Psychotic Gold: Differences

We reviewed the newer Psychotic Gold. While the entire ingredient blend for both is proprietary (sketchy), we can tell that the only differences are:

Psychotic Gold doesn’t contain:

  • Creatine monohydrate

Psychotic Gold has the addition of:

  • Citrulline malate
  • Agmatine sulfate

Though notice that the entire formula caps out at about 4 grams… So we expect actual dosages to be significantly below necessary amounts (label stuffing).

Psychotic Gold Quick Review:

Psychotic Gold is a high-stimulant pre workout, and that’s it. Each serving is about 4 grams, and from the moment you take it until 6 hours later – you’re going to be feeling that caffeinated mix. If you’re always looking for MORE STIMS, then this pre workout should interest you. Likewise, if you’re wanting to burn fat while doing light cardio – this pre workout will do the trick… But for 80% of people, this pre workout is too little in total formula, and too much in the stimulants.

Quick Strengths: Tastes good, and is inexpensive when bought through third-parties.

Quick Weaknesses: Too many stimulants (basically, all this product is). High likelihood of sending you to the crapper. High likelihood of interfering with your sleep schedule. Lack of l-theanine and other nootropics may negatively affect anxiety prone individuals.

How to take Psychotic Gold: This pre workouts stimulants are strong and kick in fast. Start with ½ scoop unless you’re a stimulant freak, and then stay hydrated. Time frame – don’t worry too much, it won’t fade for a long time.

Psychotic Gold Rating Factors

Energy Effects: 8.5/10 Raw and Unpolished

This pre workout hits very fast, and doesn’t go anywhere for quite a while. Seriously, the caffeine and stimulant matrix is heavy.

Take a look:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Classic pure caffeine.
  • DMAE Bitartrate: A good nootropic and pre workout addition when in moderation.
  • Caffeine Citrate: The fastest hitting of all caffeine types.
  • AMPiBerry: Considered to be the new DMHA (which happens to be the new DMAA [which really is the new METH]). Just kidding. the trademark holders for AMPiBerry politely informed us that this statement would have legal consequences, so, we retract it. Anyone that previously read it, we completely take it back, its completely un-substantiated slang-riddled personal opinion. You can learn more about this ingredient on its trademark page, as we were reminded that it is trademarked intellectual property (we couldn’t find an official website for the ingredient, though).

These four ingredients are the main actives in this product.

Overall, the ‘energy’ experience wasn’t what I was looking for, but Insane Labz is pretty transparent about it only being for Psychos.

Strength Effects: 6.5/10 Weak Muscle Psycho

I didn’t feel any strength benefit from this pre workout, which unto itself was very strange. Typically, high stimulant pre workouts like Koala Freak or Total War bring out a meth-like strength. This didn’t happen, for me. You may have a better reaction.

Endurance Effects: 6/10 Heart-Rate Rocket

Again, heart rate was out of control from all the stimulants.

Crash / Aftermath Effects: 6/10 Ticking Time Bomb

The dreaded ‘crash’ won’t necessarily happen unless you let yourself get dehydrated. But messing with your sleep schedule will happen if you take it within 8 hours of bedtime.

Taste: 9/10: Crazy Delicious

The flavor guys did their job well.

Price / Value: 8.5/10 Cheap, Can’t Complain

I didn’t like this pre workout, but I only paid like $30 for 35 servings so… Its whatever, I’m not hurt. After all, it’s still a better value than the curse.

Similar Products:

Well, this is awkward…

Manson by Dark Metal Inc has a very similar proprietary blend and has the same address as Insane Labz.

Review Conclusions 7.4/10: Not My Kind of Pre Workout

No doubt, there are people out there who are going to feel ‘at home’ with all these stimulants (and nothing more). I’m not that type. I prefer well-rounded clinically backed pre workouts. It doesn’t mean I’m right and they are wrong, it’s just option.

The only thing that requires consideration, is who you most relate with. Do you want to push the limits of caffeine, or take a more science-backed approach that has you feeling more like an alpha than a psycho. That’s up to you.

Additional Ingredients In The Formula

We covered the stimulants, but Psychotic Gold also contains:

  • Beta-alanine: who knows how much, we don’t.
  • L-citrulline malate: Effective at increasing pump around 6 grams per serving…. Severely under-dosed here.
  • Agmatine sulfate: Another pump ingredient, it may or may not be properly dosed as you only need about 750 mg to feel it.
  • Oxygold: Aparently, improves ingredient uptake. Not sure, but the yohimbine in there makes me sweat like a MF.

Insane Labz Psychotic GOld Ingredients

Psychotic Conclusion

Overall, Psychotic Gold is a pre workout made for the stim-junkies who just want a good tasting pre workout.

Will I take it again? Nope.

Does Insane Labz earn respect?

For this pre workout, not so much… But we’ll be reviewing Schizo next, and have so far been enjoying their very nicely priced “Insane Creatine” with no complaints.


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